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Cori Maiden
· August 3, 2017
Before I met Dr. Pedersen, I was extremely reluctant to even consider going to a chiropractor. After taking his anatomy course for my yoga teacher training and hearing the wonderful outcomes he was ab...le to provide my friends with pain, the day my back went out and I couldn't sit, move, or walk without being in extreme pain, I knew exactly whom to call. He always takes care of me and helps me to prevent further injuries. Anytime my body is signaling pain, Dr. Pedersen is always able to provide immediate and long sustaining relief in just 20-30 minutes. I highly recommend Dr. Pedersen and his friendly staff! See More
Jennifer Nicol
· January 26, 2016
It all starts at the beginning! A friendly, enthusiastic voice, good information, a happy smile upon entering a new place, helpful management of paperwork and pre-appointment assessments, and a with a genuine question of "how are you doing?". This is the office manager, Laura. She has mastered the ability to make you feel welcome and cared for before you even meet the doctors while she handles all of the back end office work for Positive motion. She is a rare form of office manager and one that will truly enhance your experience here at Positive Motion. See More
Matt Fuller
· January 27, 2016
It's rare to find an office that makes you feel welcomed and cared about from the moment you arrive. This is that office! Laura welcomes you with a contagious smile that puts your worries and stress ease. Dr. Pedersen and Dr. Nordin listen to your concerns and really care about getting you out of pain and back to your regular life. If you want to get out of pain, go see them! See More
Kevin Humble
· April 11, 2017
Dr. Nordin is a highly skilled professional. She deserves 6 stars but the system only lets me give her 5 stars. Seriously, if you need a chiropractor, your search is over.
Kathy Flynn Kilmer
April 16, 2012
Dr. Pedersen has been my chiropractor for 7 years now. He is definitely the best chiropractor I have ever had! He consistently gives great treatments that are geared toward my needs. He prides himself... on treating each patient as an individual case, addressing overall health and well being. Spinal adjustments are only a part of what he does, unlike other chiropractors I experienced where it was "crack, crack" and I was out the door! I highly recommend Dr. Pedersen to anyone who wants to have a great experience each time time they walk into his office! ---Kathy Kilmer Fitness See More
R.j. Abeytia
· January 26, 2016
Great experience, and Laura Gongwer's professionalism and manner were the highlights of my visit!!
Navigating the bounce house

Brant Pedersen in Arizona (no not at Spring Training) learning from the wizards at SixthDivision how to improve the Positive Motion Chiropractic patient experience. Thanks Justin, Greg, and the whole crew!

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More and more information coming out daily about opioid usage and prescribing in the US. So sad. More important than ever for the public to know there are, many times, non-drug options (ex: chiropractic) for treating and fixing the cause of their pain. ~ Dr. Pedersen…/prescription-opioid-paymen…/index.html

The more money a physician receives from an opioid manufacturer, the more likely he or she is to prescribe opioids, according to an exclusive analysis by CNN and researchers at Harvard University's schools of medicine and public health.