Clubland Divas Live Coming to Powerhouse
Newcastle Times Square vigil for Orlando part 2
Newcastle Time square vigil for Orlando part 1. ( speeches start at 6 minutes in )
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Lou Gittins
· 8 hours ago
Me and my friends got given some £5 entry cards for powerhouse last Saturday night and we were literally given the cards round the corner from powerhouse. When we got there they asked for £15 entry!!!... When I questioned the voucher which clearly stated ‘£5 entry before 4am’ (we were there at 3am) the lad behind the desk couldn’t give me a straight answer and just kept asking for £15... then the bouncer got extremely aggressive and pushed me and my friend down the stairs -luckily we didn’t fall but I shall never ever be returning. See More
Barbara Gyarfas
· December 1, 2017
An absolute joke. At 3.30am they are still charging for £9 each. Ooh wait there... except if you are some sort of "special customer" and the "management" likes you they will let you in for £2. Really... unprofessional! Worst ever place/night club to visit in Newcastle. Disgusting!!! Used to be a good place to go tho. Sad! ��� See More
Adrian Martin
· January 1, 2018
I used to come in my Uni years, I loved it! Some friends from Spain were visiting for NYE so I though it would be amazing to take them there so we booked 8 tickets online. The ticket did specify we co...uld get there til 2, but the taxis that night were obviusly really busy so we got there 9 MINUTES late. Just 9 minutes and the 8 of us were not allowed to get in... They were asking us to pay extra 16 pounds. The staff was extremily rude and showed no empathy whatsoever. Didnt offer any other solution, not a discount, NOTHING. We texted them on Facebook and we got no solutions. I will not be coming back, so sad to see what it has become. So disapointed. (Btw, the amount of people who left the queue when they were asked to pay 16 pounds was massive, we know cause we got to wait in the freezing cold for at least 45 minutes). Happy 2018. See More
John Campbell
· September 8, 2017
Came out for my 24th birthday ( thursday 7/9/2017) Advertised as 90p entry and 90p drinks with 90s rewind thought this would go perfect for my birthday, gets there entry is 90p goes straight to the ba...r and asks which drinks are 90p? Was replied with a snarcy responce "oh only our VS bottles and bottles of woodpecker are only 90p" as if I was to know!!!so why advertise it as 90p drinks when only the alcopops are only 90p? £5.40 for a double are you mad? If we weren't let down by the drink prices enough there was the music, promise of 90s music to only be met by current chart music and remixes of chart songs!! What a load of crap!! Wish we stayed the whole night in Gotham at least the drinks and music were good there! Never again will any of us come back. Sort your advertising out!!!! See More
Amparo PG
· January 1, 2018
It was a dreadful experience. We bought 8 tickets for New Years Eve but because of the taxis not picking us up on time, we got there 8 minutes late and they didn’t let us get in.

It was unbelievable... how badly they treated us, not considering that it was a special night ans our delay was somenthing out of our hands.

They refused to help us and wanted us to pay an unreasonable amout of money to get in!


And... Happy new year!
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Myriam Fuster Martí
· January 1, 2018
My friends and I brought the tickets a couple of weeks before NYE, and when we tried to get in, they told us that we couldn't get in because we were 9 minuts later!!!
I do not recommend at all!
Ruben GC
· January 1, 2018
My friends and I came from spain to stay here in NYE and we can't get in the club cos we arrive 9 min late...
They treat us HORRIBLE.
Lily Malcolm
· February 5, 2018
excited to see sasha velour at powerhouse this evening, and i was at the door with valid id. i was told it wasnt valid, and not given any chance to explain myself or speak to anyone. the bouncers were... incredibly rude, and no one answered the phone when i was calling about the issue. if theres another event being hosted here i wont bother attending. See More
David Beltran Audi
· January 1, 2018
It was the worst experience I have ever had in UK. My friends & I bought the tickets a couple of weeks ago for New Year's Eve & they refused to let us get in because we arrived only 9 minutes late. I...t wasn't our fault because the taxi arrived so late.

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Jac Taylor
· June 15, 2017
Bouncers spat chewing gum in my friends hair and then continued to SURROUND her whilst all shining torches in her face. She is THE nicest person and the entire situation was totally unprovoked. Fortun...ately we hadn't had a lot to drink so things didn't escalate and we politely spoke to the manger inside who insisted he would check CCTV and come find us... Never did. Shocking and disturbing experience and none of us will be returning - These people are supposed to be there to protect the public not bully and intimidate women at the door. See More
Kieran Walsh
· October 4, 2017
Great night out. Brilliant atmosphere! Would be nice to know drinks prices in advance though as can be a bit pricey if buying the "wrong" ones
Dean Paul Ritchie
· September 3, 2017
WHAT A JOKE, paying £12 to get in then pay almost £10 for a drink, and the bottles u get have no date on and any that do are out by almost 6 months. Also when u tell the Glass collector/floor supervis...or that there's spew on the floor and point to it he says "oh well it can just stay there" what a major health and safety hazard this place is!!!!! See More
Lisa Simons
· March 12, 2017
Well where do i start . First of all we were up in newcastle from bristol for my friends 40th birthday 9 mature ladies which all have children and as u know to get a babysitter for a whole weekend very difficult . We were due to watch a strip show at tiger tiger but a last min email was sent and we were informed there was a venue change as tiger tiger didnt have a sex licence but the company are still advertising tiger tiger as there venue for this show . I however think because there were only 49 ladies booked they down sized due to lack of number's . Upon arrival we found the bar staff/ door unlocker very rude , after trying to walk up the most stickest steps we were greeted by a horrendous smell . We were told the toilets were up another flight of stairs . As we entered the ladies we were greeted with a over powering smell of bleach .( great we thought ) OH NO all they had done was pour bottles of bleach down the loos . No toilets seats no tissue dispenser sanitary bins over flowing , dont know if it was bleach urine water all over the floor, no soap hand dryers nit working and no tissue paper to dry our hands . Took lots of pics . Two vodkas were £12, i nearly fell to the floor . The strippers were more interested in getting there kit of for the bar men found them really rude and arrogant. As we were waiting just inside the door way for our taxis we were told to wait out in the rain as the doorman had to look the doors . Rang the company as soon as we came out and up to now they still havent contacted us .We paid £297 for this , appalling service and venue , would never recommend this company to anyone . See More
Stacey McKenna
· October 24, 2016
£11 just to get in was the first sign that I wasn't going to be a big fan, no idea how that kinda price can ever be justified, I was in an absolute state of shock after asking how much it'd be, but as... friends had paid and said it was a good place to be I thought maybe it'll be okay and get better.. It didn't, the rooms are all way too similar for me with the exact same music, no variety and not even good music either.. First experience of Powerhouse in years and I can't say I've missed it or that I ever want to go back! My advice, save your money and go elsewhere, you'll have a much better time! See More
Chris Vanderpijpen
· October 28, 2016
not a gay club full of chav scum needs a good scrub as dirty the roof terrace is vile. People running wild on cheap drink. What happened to the days when to owners of the Powerhouse cared ? The fact t...he 2010 X Factor poster is still hanging outside shows that they couldn't give a fuck and the lack of cleanliness inside is unacceptable. You are alienating the very people who made u in favour of scum who trash the place. Well done � See More
Ashley Coulter
· April 20, 2017
Sad times!!!! Powerhouse used to be the best end to every night out when I was young. Now......a broken dance floor, broken terrace, entrance fee for nothing!!!! No lady offering knock off perfume and... something to wipe your arse! Heartbroken is an understatement �. I'm off to the pink room! See More
Robyn Davis
· March 8, 2016
I normally really enjoy power house when I go but this time I didn't. I'm was absolutely disgusted at the way your doormen spoke to me on arriving. I was trying to calm a few friends down further awa...y from the venue and as I came up to the door without them I was told in an aggressive manner that I wasn't allowed in as i had been involved with them? When explaining that hat made no sense as I hadn't even done anything wrong your bouncer shouted at me in the most disgusting manor which brought me to tears telling me just fucking get inside will you. I think you need to have a word with your doormen on how to speak to people as I won't be coming back if that continues. See More
Katie Latimer
· November 20, 2017
Always a good night in purple room always bouncing!! Dj masters it ever time till the next time oi oi lol
Xavier Peris Fuertes
· January 1, 2018
A disappointment, I do not recommend it.
Emma Davy
· May 8, 2016
We are regulars in Newcastle and were severely disappointed by the attitude of the head bouncer. My friends and I fancied a night in power house but our night was rudely ruined by the bouncers. We ent...ered the establishment at 12:45 where my friends thought we had to sign the guest sheet. The head bouncer became very verbally aggressive straight away and was so rude to my friend calling her unintelligent. My friends tried to defend themselves and he asked us to leave and assisted my friend out even though she was not kicking off! I am disgusted by their attitude and will not be recommending people to go here! See More
Ryan Mason
· March 4, 2017
Seems the gay community have been muscled out by absolute scum, full of chav straight girls and aggressive coked up lads who'd be in Destiny if it stayed open as late. Bring the closing time forward t...o keep these people out the gay scene. See More
Steve Proudman
· May 10, 2017
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED. Had my favourite jacket stolen in here tonight, including my wallet which had debit cards and my driving licence inside. When asking the door staff for assistance I was told to " one" until the next day, when I could "put it on Facebook". So much for the "safe and friendly community" that I've been going on about. Will not be returning, and will be advising anyone I can to stay away. Would give 0 if possible. See More
Cammy Stewart
· January 31, 2016
Whoever thought a gay club would discriminate? Powerhouse night club in Newcastle decided to turn me away because of my tattoos, do gay men not have tattoos theses days? Did I not look camp enough? Wa...s it because Geordie shore was getting filmed in there? How many of them have tattoos? And how many of them are actually gay? A free world.... As long as you look like everyone else..... I have no faith in humanity...... See More
Ellie Dobson
· January 19, 2016
I haven't been to a powerhouse Monday in a long time due to work commitments so I was extremely looking forward to this night out and reunion with powerhouse to be greeted by a disgusting man on the d...oor throwing my 2 friends out after they had paid the entry fee because she had slipped on ice outside my house before we left and had a small bit of dirt on her shirt. She was crying after the way the bouncer had spoken to her so I asked what the matter was for me to also get thrown out too. They called the police he is an absolute joke, the comments he was making was absolutely disgusting See More
Olaya Thiel
· January 1, 2016
The staff was really rude and treated us like twats, the prices for the cheap vodka were shocking, the whole place smelt of urin and I don't even wanna mention the toilets, they were open for an hour ...when we went there and the place was an actual clip!!! Sold out in drinks already and being funny about it! The blonde bouncer woman was shouting at everyone for absolutely no reason! See More
Susie Bennison
· April 24, 2016
Horrific. Door staff are atrocious. Rude, aggressive and need to learn first aid. Telling me I couldn't help some poor guy on the floor because I had had a drink where the door staff tried to drag him... off the floor after he had just smashed his head on it. Will never ever go back. Save your money people. See More
Àngels Pérez Núñez
· January 1, 2018
My friends and I received a nefarious treatment. I don't recommend it.
Krzysztof Raburski
· September 6, 2016
it was my first night in the Powerhouse and not the last!!!! was amazing , nice staff , nice ppl to dance with ! well if you have been in the 5th of september you know who I am xdxdxdxd (crazy, blond... , tall ,i was wearing black
leather jacket XD) Hahahah was fun!
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Carrie A Noble
· January 8, 2017
Very very disappointed, had to pay £11 to enter a place that stunk and my shoes kept sticking to the carpet (glad they weren't expensive) music was crap staff need to learn how to serve customers inst...ead of chatting to each other and need to learn how to do it with a smile. When I was leaving the place the bloke bouncer didn't catch a name as I needed fresh air due the smell of the place had a stinking attitude towards paying customers not very professional in my eyes can safely say I will never return to this nightclub even if it was free See More
Esther FP
· January 1, 2018
We paid the entrance and they wouldn't let us in.
Philip Gibbeson
· December 11, 2016
I don't like paying to get into clubs. So fiver in. Once inside it's really old reminds me a bit of the tuxedo princess/ royale quite 1990's people only go there because it's open late it's in serious... need of a revamp. See More
Mark Wilson
· January 1, 2016
Such a let down powerhouse totally gone down hill. The attitude of staff and door staff was shocking beyond words the prices where shocking to think this was the place to go I had freinds here from Ge...rmany for the new year and powerhouse ruined are night. See More
Shane Court
· December 14, 2016
I love the place, loads of plenty friendly people who are easy to get along with with also staff are friendly I go every Saturday night and Monday night.
Jord Moore
· July 24, 2017
ever planning a trip for a night out in newcastle powerhouse /pink room is the place to be!!
Evan Evanov
· November 3, 2017
Perfect music good drinks be back again loved it !!! ♡
Steven Robert Mitchell
· July 9, 2017
First time here last night had a fantastic night and will be returning without a doubt!
Craig Wright
· January 4, 2017
I really do think something needs to happen to the bouncer staff at this bar reading all the comments and feedback off people are clearly not right and something should be done and your staff spoken t...o and I also see that you have not replied back to one comment this needs to be sorted before this place ends up getting shut down See More
Nicole Hammond
· January 1, 2016
Staff were horrible shouting at everyone, sober friend got accused of being to drunk to get in staff giving snide comments all night, deffo would never go back and the price of the drinks is ridiculou...s £6 for the cheapest vodka going! See More
Gemma Mccartney
· September 2, 2017
Shittttttest club ever! Daft Ed Sheeran wanker staff!!!! Total tosser!!! Nobody ever drink here!!!!
Jordan Heatley
· May 11, 2017
Abs love Powerhouse! Perfect opportunity for an Irish guy like me who is new to the city to meet single guys from Newcastle! Love love love
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Tonight we are back with 90p drinks and 90p guest list entry before 12.30am

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