Addison is waking up from her MRI.
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Hi Everyone.... This is Addison's mom. I want to apologize to each of your for not updating on Addison in a ling time. Things have been very crazy for us. We are home schooling. Daddy got a new job.
Addison is doing very good. She had her MRI today. We go to the doctor oct 11th. I spoke withher doctor and she said if they dont call before then , that just means everything looks good. I promise to each of you i will share more of Addison with you all. We really cant Thank You all enough for all the prayer, love , and support over the past 4 years. I will share Addison with you all more i promise. Love to you all. I will update very soon

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Addison is having her MRI today. She is very nervous. Please pray for a calmness to come over her. We pray for the Doctors and nurses that God will lead and guide them in taking care of our angel. Thank you all for lifting Addison and her famiy up in your prayers. We will update with her results.

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6 Years ago Today around this time i starting going into labor 13 hours later our sweet and beautiful Addison Jayde Compton was born. she weighed 6pds 9oz and was 17 1/2 inches long. She has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives from the day we found out I was pregnant. Addison has been through so much in her short life but she has never let it get in her way. Today we celebrate her Birthday but also Today We celebrate her life and that She is truly a miracle from ...God. Addison is very sweet and loving, she is beautfile inside and out, she is strong and brave. On the other hand she is a tough girl. We love watching her grow everyday and to watch her personality change. We Thank God everyday For our sweet baby girl. She is a blessing to everyone that knows her. I am a little emotional because our baby is growing up so fast but I am so happy that we get to see her grow up. Lord, Thank You for healing Our Sweet Addison and for choosing Adam and I to be her parents. Thank You Lord for allowing us to beable to watch her grow and teach her about you and life. We give you all the praise and Glory for Our Sweet Miracle that you have blessed us with.

Happy 6th Birthday!!!! I can not believe that you are 6 years old. You are growing up so fast. Just know Mommy and Daddy love you very much. We are so very proud of you. You mean the world to us. I want you to enjoy today...Play,laugh,and have fun on your birthday!!! You are a true Miracle.
Mommy & Daddy Love you so very much!!!!!

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Hi Everyone. This is Addisons Mom. I am so sorry I havent been able to update on Addison much. Since We Started her home school things have been really busy around here. Also, Addison has been in the hospital for the past week with a UTI and a bacteria growing in her GI tract. She is doing a little better. She could really use some prayers for her stomach and her headaches that she has been battling. She had her MRI about 2 weeks ago. Her brain MRI is unchanged which is good.... so everything is still stable.
Addison is growing up so fast. She has really opened up in the past month month. Her attitude and everything is changing. She doesnt look like a baby anymore. But she will always be my baby.
SHe finally talked me and daddy into getting her a puupy. This dog is her bestfriend.Addison wanted to name her puupy Miracle. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever.
Addison will be 6 years old in May. i cant believe how far she has come since she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She is the sweetest and most loving little girl ever.
I promise I will start updating on Addison more and sharing more of her life with all of you again. I am so sorry i havent been doing that. but i will start back sharing Addison's ;ife and journey with all of you. i wil post ,ore pictures so you can see her growing up.
We love you all so very much and Thank all of you for the orayer,love,& support through the years.

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Update from Addison's mom Samantha:

We are here for Addison's MRI, the one scheduled for last week got canceled. Prayers for good results.

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Brother/ Sister love. I love my 2 babies more than anything in this world. Addison is doing good. We have taken her out of school to home school her. If you have any suggestions for play groups or anything in the rome area for home school kids please let me know. She need some kid interaction and play time.

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Addison MRI looks good. Tumor is stable. They are going to be running some test on some other things. Please be in prayer. God knows all about it. I will update about the other test when i can.

We are going to atlanta this morning to get Addisons MRI results. Her doctor normally tells us the results over the phone.he wouldnt this time. Please be in prayer for Addison and our family. And for great results. I will update as soon as i know the results! Thanks and we love you all!

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Addison & Noah had fun at the park today!!

Addison lost her first tooth last night

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We really arent sure why Addison keeps getting sick. As soon as she starts to get over one thing something else pops up. All we can figure is her immune system. Is wipped out from the 2 flus that she had. Now she has an ear infection. Then last night while giving her a bath i noticed these red bumps popping up all over her....well you have probably guessed it....she has the chicken baby is miserable. She cant catch a break. All I can do is keep her as comfortable as I ...can and Pray really hard for a complete healing. I hate to see ger sick and so miserable. She is still trying to adjust to the seizure medicine plus fighting ear infection and chicken pox and still getting over the 2 flus. Please continue to pray for Addison. Thank You all so much for all the prayers, love & support. We love you all so very much!! I will update on how she is doing daily. Any suggestions on keeping her comfortable through the chicken pox would be great!

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Please pray for Addison. She now has a really bad ear infection. My poor baby cant catch a break. She also has strep on her skin. We are having the carpet removed from our home in hopes that will help with her being sick and her skin problems. They are also sending her to an allergy doctor. Then she is still having the Kepra rages from her seizure meds. Her doctor called me a few mins ago we are going to go down on the kepra meds some if that dont help we are going to try a new seizure medicine. She is still unable to attend school. Thanks for all the prayers and love. Keep the prayers coming.

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Addison is home from the hospital. She is feeling much better. She had 2 different types of flu. So it really took everything out of her. But she is slowly getting back to herself. They did up her seizure medicine which is causing her to have bad " kepra rages" please be praying her body will adjust fast to the high dose of seizure meds. Thank You all for the prayers, love & support.

Please continue to pray for Addison. She is being transfered to Atlanta. Will update as soon as we can. Thanks in advance.

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