From city councilor Phil Lakin:

Phil Lakin

Question: Oklahoma teacher raises seem very important to just about everyone I know in Tulsa. Since the OK Legislature hasn't been able to fix this for years,... what if we stepped up and did it ourselves? Rather than paying for raises via mandatory taxes (income, gasoline, etc.), would you make a voluntary charitable donation (tax deductible) to support teacher raises or bonuses? Adriane and I would gladly donate $5K to help our teachers. Would you -- at any amount? If so, just type "I'M IN" below. If there are enough of us who would contribute (any amount), then I'll set up a fund at Tulsa Community Foundation to collect funds and get those funds to Tulsa-area teachers. Share this with others. If this idea gets enough traction, maybe we can make a real difference for those who want to stay in Tulsa, teaching our kids and protecting them in their time of greatest need. If not, then I'll continue to look for other solutions. Though this is a short-term solution, and we need to continue to press our legislature to fix our revenue and expense issues, I'm tired of waiting and want to send a very clear message to our teachers that they are valued and valuable. This is heavy on my heart and mind.

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This new building on 21st looks bigger than just the old Goldie's location.

Demolition and construction at the site of the recently closed Goldie's Patio Grill will begin this spring with completion set for the first quarter of 2019.
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Bill Leighty
· December 7, 2016
For nearly 10 years, Preserve Midtown has been a stellar grassroots, non-partisan, volunteer community based organization advocating for property owners and neighborhoods in the city of Tulsa. By pro...viding a unified voice and serving as a watchdog on development and other relevant issues, Preserve Midtown has helped neighborhood organizations throughout the city enjoy an increased level of credibility among our city’s leaders and elected officials. That has resulted in policy making favorable to the preservation and protection of our highly valued single family neighborhoods. Thank you, Preserve Midtown. See More
Barbara Davis VanHanken
February 28, 2013
Utica Midtown Corridor Small Area Plan
South Area - Status Report
February 28, 2013...

This overview updates the “Utica Midtown Corridor Small Area Plan” (Utica SAP) planning process and presents a tentative timeline for continuing plan development.

The Utica SAP participatory planning activities have included four Citizen Advisory Team (CAT) meetings in the North Area and five CAT meetings in the South Area. In addition, a Visioning Workshop event was held on September 8 at Tulsa City Hall and included participation by stakeholders from both North and South Areas. Participants at the Visioning Workshop from the South Area included eight area CAT team members, twenty-two members of the public, five City of Tulsa staff, one TMAPC staff and five architects of the AIA Eastern Oklahoma Chapter.

The last meeting of South Area stakeholders was held December 19, 2012 and next meeting(s) remain to be determined with the subject to be product review.

The City’s team leader changed in early January 2013 from Patrick Fox to Stephen Carr. Farr & Associates continues preparation for the North Area component of the Utica SAP and the City continues development of the South Area component.

The final Utica SAP document is anticipated to have three major plan components: the North Area, the South Area and Linkage. The Linkage component is for common features connecting the North and South Areas. Each plan component will essentially follow the format set forth by the Tulsa Comprehensive Plan for small area plans as follows:

North and South Area

Chapter 1 Executive Summary
North Area
South Area

Chapter 2 North Area
Community Participation
Existing Conditions
Plan Recommendations
Implementation Matrix

Chapter 3 South Area
Community Participation
Existing Conditions
Plan Recommendations
Implementation Matrix

Chapter 4 Linkage
Community Participation
Existing Conditions
Plan Recommendations
Implementation Matrix


To date, DRAFT South Area plan preparations include:
• Community Participation – remaining meetings to be scheduled and input received.
• Existing Conditions – remains to be formatted for plan document.
• Vision – Draft text formulated; exhibits in preparation/refinement; draft to be distributed; review & formulation of final statement by CAT & stakeholders;
• Plan Recommendations - Draft text formulated; exhibits in preparation/refinement; draft to be distributed; review of draft and formulation of final recommendations by CAT & stakeholders.

Tentative Schedule for South Area:

• March 13: DRAFT Vision and Plan Recommendations plan content distributed to CAT.
• March 19/20 CAT Meeting to review Vision and Plan Recommendations.
• March 27: Recommended edits to Vision and Plan Recommendations.
• April 10: Final draft plan content
• April 17: Final draft plan distributed to CAT
• April 23: CAT Meeting to review final draft
• May 7: Open house to debut final plan
• May: Begin adoption process

Utica Midtown Corridor Small Area Plan South Area - Status Report Page 1 of 2
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Another great preservation moment. Chip Atkins and John Ruffing moved this Craftsman kit house from Forest Orchard to Swan Lake. 15 other houses were not so lucky. This house has been around for 100 years and will enjoy at least another100 years in its' new location. Purchase amount: very minimal Moving cost: $18,000 Value to Tulsa/Swan Lake: Priceless

Thank you to Dunkin Donuts for helping to preserve our oceans!

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Barbara Davis VanHanken

This small announcement today about Dunkin’ Donuts is groundbreaking news for our environment.
They are phasing out all foam cups from all its stores by 2020!!!

Tell your favorite drink place to do the same and save our oceans and sea life!

Should there be a moratorium on dollar stores in north Tulsa?

The city of Tulsa is asking for your feedback

Should we limit the number of new Small Box Discount Stores in parts of northern Tulsa? The City of Tulsa wants your input.

Very yummy queso! Definitely give it a try.

The menu features a wide assortment of big, tasty tacos from the Austin-based restaurant.
Preserve Midtown updated their cover photo.
January 19
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Thought this was a novel concept to inform residents about city Board and Commission vacancies

The City is looking for a few good… board members. Interested?  The City of Pearland depends on specialized boards and commissions, staffed and operated by residents, to assist and advise the City Council and the Administration on the community issues affecting Pearland. Please feel free to atte...

Well, looks like Tulsa didn't make the cut...

Amazon said it will spend $5 billion in the city where it builds its second headquarters, and will employ 50,000 there.

Love our midtown owls!

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Barred Owls of Midtown Tulsa

Sunny "This edible? Do I stand on it? I'll take it to mom n dad."

Is the Page Belcher buidling in the wrong location or the BOK?

Looking forward to seeing solutions/ideas from the Ohio-based planning team.

City officials say the “Arena District” plan will provide a long-sought-after roadmap for how to spur commercial development in the area, add attractive public spaces, connect the district with other

Anyone know what is happening to the old Mazzio's at 41st and Peoria?

An important meeting for anyone in the Brookside area!

All PM wants for Christmas is a little more information.

Does the TW know why Reasor's is no longer part of this proposed downtown project?

Might be useful information from a successful grocer who knows the Tulsa market.

A grocery store is still apparently part of the plans for The Annex, a 12-story project that's supposed to be built on the Performing Arts Center's parking lot at Second

What???? Special election on Tuesday to change the city's charter????


Take some time to read Michael Bate's analysis of the proposed charter changes and be an informed voter

Next Tuesday is a City of Tulsa special election, with seven proposed charter amendments on the ballot. For each ballot item, I've posted the actual charter lan...guage that would change if approved, along with my commentary. I've written about six of the seven propositions; hope to finish the last one tomorrow. The linked introduction has links to individual articles about each proposition, plus a timeline of changes to Tulsa's city election process.

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It may come as some surprise to you that the City of Tulsa is holding a special election four weeks from today, Tuesday, November 14, 2017. There won't be any names on the ballot, nor any taxes or general obligation bonds. The ballot will consist of seven proposed amendments to the City Charter whic...
Nathan Pickard

I am co-leading a group at the city which is asking if our city's cultural and recreational opportunities helped you come to Tulsa or will help you remain in Tulsa and asking where our gaps might be. Your input would be very helpful.

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