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Betty Williams
· December 7, 2015
Bharat, I thought my computer was ready to be destroyed (killed). However, you brought it back and it is working better than ever. You have great customer service and a whole lot of patience. I wi...ll be recommending you and your company to all my friends. I have used your service for several years, but the service has gotten better. Today it was the best ever. Thanks for your help. Again, thanks for providing me such great service, but also helping me get a refund. See More
Shelley Shackelford
· January 21, 2016
Bharat, is ALWAYS who I request, because he is so helpful, efficient. intelligent, and polite. He has fixed every problem I have ever had and helped me set up everything from my one drive to simple sh...ortcuts.

Thank you Bharat for being so patient and for making my life SO much easier, so my business can run smoothly.
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Neva Birmelin
· November 13, 2015
Harjinder thank you for all your help in fixing my computer. You are awesome. I have spoken to 2 tech Harjinder and Mona, both were very helpful and friendly. Thanks to Hardjinder my computer is back ...up and running. I would recommend them to everyone who has a computer or network issue. Both have Excellent customer service skills. Thank you again for all your help. See More
Charlayne Putek
· October 21, 2015
Bharat, Thank you y very much for all of your help, you are a life saver. You have saved my computer and me. I would highly recommend you to everyone. Excellent service and very polite and patient. T...hanks to you I have Windows 7 back and my piece of mind See More
Nancy Tyrer Hendricks
· December 23, 2015
I am very pleased with the way my situation was handled. The gentleman explained things to me very well and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend these technicians.
John Declet
· March 16, 2016
soumya. is a fantastic lady who is very courteous, respectful and highly knowledgeable technician who helped this old man in explaining the ins and outs of her work that she provided. Thank you for ...the service that you've provided and I will recommend your services to other friends . See More
Suzan Lape
· September 29, 2015
Thank you Deepak for cleaning up my slow computer. It's running great! I appreciate the polite and efficient service you gave me and will recommend ProTech Squad to my friends.
Jack DiMaggio
· November 27, 2015
Excellent work with everyone that i dealt with today...sanchit, Peter ...Ashish...I was very happy and satisfied with every technician...I would highly recommend this service to all my friends.
Pat Wright Haile
· January 12, 2016
The help that I was given was very good. They not only told me what was wrong , but actually showed me before they started working on my computer. Everyone that I talked to was very helpful and easy talk to. See More
Cheryl Starks
· October 13, 2015
Bharat saved my life today!!! I know nothing about computers and he was able to resolve all of my computer/printer problems and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand it. Thanks... so much!!! See More

Do you love public Wi-Fi? If so, you are not alone! The problem is that it is not usually a very secure way to surf the web. This might seem cruel because everyone needs it to get their work done, but if you are not careful, you could be a victim of a hacker. Instead of getting caught, try these simple tips:

- Only use websites that are encrypted. This means that the website protects the information you are sending over despite you using public Wi-Fi. Simply look for websites... that start with https:// before browsing.
- Don’t use apps. It might be tempting or convenient to use an app, but more often than not they are not encrypted. Instead, go on the internet on your phone and access the https:// website to ensure the security of your information.

If you have any other questions about staying safe in a public Wi-Fi, call us at 855-410-4109.

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Are you missing the recovery CD that used to come with new computers? This recovery CD was used to help fix a computer in the event that it crashed. Just because new computers do not come with the CD does not mean that you cannot make one. There is a feature within Windows that you should use as soon as possible after your purchase of a new computer. This feature enables you to make an entire set of recovery CDs that will save you down the road should your computer stop working. It is best to do this when the computer is new and nothing else is put on the computer. This way if you need to use it down the road, you have a fresh install of Windows and if you backed up your information, you will have a computer that is good as new after a crash! Call 855-410-4109 for more tips!

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Every little thing you do on your computer has an impact on how it runs. Even when you think you are not saving anything on your computer, you probably are. If you want to ensure the speed and efficiency of your computer, a regular disk cleanup is essential. Even just surfing the internet every day puts temporary files on your computer that eventually take up space and make your computer work harder. A disk cleanup will help rid your computer of downloaded programs, temporary... files from surfing the internet, setup files, and any unnecessary backups. When your computer is able to recognize and remove these unnecessary files, you are able to have a computer that runs efficiently without any difficulty. A disk cleanup should be ran at least once a week in order to ensure optimal health of your PC. Call us at 855-410-4109 for more information!

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Do you talk to your kids about computer safety? It is important to start as soon as they start going online. There are many perpetrators out there just waiting for an innocent child to take their bait. Before you let your child go online, share these simple safety tactics with him:

- Never provide any personal information to anyone, even if you think you can trust them. You never know who is really behind that screen.
- Never post pictures of yourself or pictures of anyone, especially without their permission.
- Set up strong passwords that you and your parents know. Make sure to understand the importance of not sharing those passwords with anyone. If you think your password has been compromised, it is should be changed right away.
- Never download any software or click on any links without checking with your parents first.

These simple steps will help to keep your child and your computer safe! Call us at 855-410-4109 for more tips.

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Do you keep up to date with the security patches on your computer? Do you even know what they are? If you are not sure or cannot remember the last time you updated them, your computer could be at risk for a virus or being hacked. Security patches are sent out periodically in order to fix a vulnerability in any system. They are not reserved for Windows alone, there are patches sent out for anti-virus programs and even other software programs you use on your computer on a daily basis. They are created as vulnerabilities are found and oftentimes are in response to a widespread virus that has just come about. If you get notification that there is a patch available for any of your software, make sure that you install it right away. If you are unsure how or need more help, call us at 855-410-4109.

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Do you back up your data on a regular basis? You are doing the right thing! Now you need to know what to do should you be unable to gain access to that information. There is no worse feeling that being unable to open documents that you know were backed up and your computer is now no longer functioning. Here are a few reasons why this may happen:
- The files are corrupted. This can happen from a virus, spyware, or just a freak occurrence. It does not mean all hope is lost howe...ver. We can help you recover those files in most situations. Call us at 855-410-4109 to find out how we can help.
- All files are in one folder. Sometimes people worry that their files are not there when in fact they are in one backup folder. Try clicking on all folders in the backup utility to see where yours may be hiding.

These two reasons could be why you cannot see your files. Call us for help today!

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Are you guilty of leaving applications open long after you are done using them? It is time to stop; you are putting your computer at risk! The best habit to keep is to shut down every application after you are done using it. This limits the risk of the network connection from causing problems with your application. In reality, some programs that require a network connection can cause you to lose an entire day’s, week’s, or month’s work just because you did not close it! It is... not worth the risk. Learn how to properly close every program that you use, ensuring that the information you input is saved in order to prevent many headaches down the road. This is true for personal users as well as business users – everyone needs to close their applications. If you have suffered information loss because of improperly leaving applications open, call us at 855-410-4109.

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Did you know that a few simple maintenance tricks can help to prolong your laptop’s battery? It’s true, the better your laptop runs, the less draining it becomes on the battery. This means that consistently defragmenting and clean up your disc drive is essential to the proper use of your battery’s life. The less time your laptop has to spend searching for things that it needs the less battery it will use. It does not take long to set up weekly maintenance, which can enhance y...our laptop’s performance as well as battery in the long run. You can either run these tasks manually when you have time, taking care to do it once a week, or set them up to run automatically by adjusting the settings in each program on your laptop. This consistent maintenance will net you a much longer running battery! Call us at 855-410-4109 to get your laptop optimized!

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Did you know that Google keeps track of everything that you search? Many people think of their cache and assume once it is emptied, their search history is gone, but this is not the case. Google has a history of everything that you have ever searched ever since your very first use of the search engine. If this thought makes you a little uneasy, there is a very easy way to delete it.

- Sign into your Google account (if you have one)
- Go to
- Click ...on the three dots at the top
- Choose delete and then advanced
- Choose the time period you want to delete your history from (all time is recommended)

That is all it takes to erase your search history! This might seem like a nuisance at first because you will need to reenter anything that you had saved before, but it is for your own safety. Call us at 855-410-4109 for more tips!

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Cookies are tracking what you do online and are even stored in your profile. Do you really want something out there showing your internet usage? What about those ads that seem to be watching your every move because they advertise exactly what you were just looking for a few minutes ago? If you are tired of feeling like you are followed, you need to disable third-party cookies at the very least, but for the utmost security, first-party cookies should be deleted as well. cookies are those that are used by the website you are visiting. They remember your actions/preferences, such as what you have in your shopping cart or your high game score. Third-party cookies are used by advertisers and are the ones that follow you around long after you are done searching. Do you want to get rid of cookies? Call us at 855-410-4109 so we can help you.

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Do you log off of your computer or do you let it sit? If you are guilty of not logging off, you could be putting yourself in danger of being hacked. This risk is the same if you do not log out of your computer and if you do not log out of websites. Every time you log into a website with your user ID and password, cookies are stored. When you log off, those cookies are deleted. However, if you do not log off and keep your session active, the sites are easily hacked. Some even open right up for the user without the need to put in a password. Because cookies are not usually encrypted, you are providing easy access even if the website requires the password to be reentered. Keep this in mind the next time you just want to walk away from your computer and call us at 855-410-4109 with any questions or problems.

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The resource monitor on your computer will tell you what is making your computer run so slow, but when you look at it, you might think it looks a little foreign, to say the least. While you could go through every app you are running one by one to see if they are causing the problem, there is an easier solution. You may just need more RAM. Call us to at 855-410-4109 so that we can help you figure out if your computer is caching information to the disk itself or to RAM. If it is to the disk, your computer is running needlessly slow. You may just need to add more RAM. Suddenly, your computer will be up and running at its old speed in no time! Don’t waste time with a slow computer – call us so that we can help you fix the problem!

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