A poster from a year ago. Before Trump went and actually attended a midnight torch rally for a group of ranting teens wearing pseudo-military clothing.

Merry Cancermas, everyone!

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The Propaganda Remix Project

Wheeeee! Cancer for Christmas!

I thought Joe Camel was bad until I stumbled onto one of these ads a few days ago. Extensive research turned up so many that it ...was difficult to choose just a few.

This is a 1920x1200 widescreen desktop image, courtesy of the Propaganda Remix Project at -- if you'd like a larger poster for your wall, you can purchase them at:

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Did you need a calendar for 2017? Make sure you have a new calendar so you can mark down all of the new holidays like "Freedom From Thought Day" and "Patriot Day" and "Deportation Day" and Der Gropenführer's Birthday!

I made this poster today while ruminating on Trump's flag burning nonsense and the ensuing media storm which drowned out all other news like the fact that Trump nominated for Secretary Of Labor a fast food CEO who pays himself more in one day than his workers earn all year. It's the ultimate diversion and the corporate media falls for it every time; these scum gave Trump $3B in free airtime. They didn't factcheck him until far too late. They broke into real news to show his s...tump speeches live. They covered his every rally even as they ignored bigger ones Sanders had. They destroyed Clinton's reputation even as they were unable to dent his. On and on and on with these people. And it wasn't an accident; the chairman of CBS, Les Moonves bragged his earnings, saying that "Trump is terrible for America but great for CBS." The corporate media elected this asshole and they still haven't admitted it or even attempted to come to grips with how to prevent themselves from continuing the free ride they've been giving him. Today proves yet again that all Trump has to do is yell "Squirrel!" and his lapdogs in the corporate press will eagerly race off to chase nonsense, ignoring the real stories screaming in their face. Either that, or they eagerly cooperate with his agenda in order to make money. I'm not sure which is worse.

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It saddens me to know I called Trump's win in January of last year.

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The Propaganda Remix Project

I've held off wasting my time with this guy because I thought he was just another dummy who would rise in the polls briefly like Gingrich or Huckabee or Carson,... and then vanish overnight and drop out like he did in 2012. It's clear now, though, that he's probably going the distance, so now my gloves come off. If you creeps want to nominate a racist fascist, go right ahead, but don't expect the rest of us to vote for him. #DumpTrump #DonaldTrump

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We never had to worry that Mitt Romney was going to use a terrorist attack to set himself up as permanent dictator. Then along comes Donald Trump, thrall to a man who did exactly that. Damn these people for making us long for the good old days of brilliant statesmen like Sarah Palin & George W. Bush.

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Trumpsgiving: lawsuits, healthcare cancellation, and war for everyone. LIKE & SHARE to help spread the news about this awesome new holiday. #HappyTrumpsgiving

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There's also t-shirts, mugs, calendars, posters and more for sale of these images. If you've a favorite which isn't here, just let us know and I'll make it available.

Just a reminder; there are entire books of this stuff available for purchase:

Stunning, hilarious, and politically incendiary, this full-color poster book reworks classic American World War I and II propaganda into commentaries on war, peace, and patriotism for the post-September 11 era. The forty one-sided posters make fun of war mentality, the Bush White House, Homeland ...

Steve Bannon, Trump White House alt-right Chief Strategist.
Alt = Neo
Right = Nazi
It's just the same old race hatred. The faster we stop using their preferred term, the faster everyone else will catch on. Like & Share to push through Facebook's pay-to-play system of screwing indie creators. #altright #TrumpCabinet #Trump2016 #VoteKlan

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So Trump has appointed an "alt-right" leader as his White House head of strategy. Although it sounds new and relatively harmless, "Alt Right" is actually a corporate rebranding of something you've definitely heard of and long been familiar with: White Supremacy. It's the Klan, just without the funny robes. Plus a website. There's nothing new here but the new, less threatening-sounding name. Oh, and that it's been invited into the White House, that's new. There hasn't been an explicitly pro-Klan president since Woodrow Wilson had a stroke. #VoteTrump #VoteKlan

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Not satisfied with winning, Trump's fans demand nothing less than complete obeisance. I use that word because it's too fancy for them to understand, get upset by, and kill me for using. #PresidentTrump #Trump2016

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In January, Trump will control 4,500 nuclear weapons. When briefed on them 6 months ago, he asked three times "if we have them why can't we use them?"

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November 8th, a day which will go down in infamy.

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SAFE! You're going to be SAFE! From THEM! The teeming hordes of brown folks who want to take your job and your life! #Trump2016

Will you feel "safe" in Trump's America?�

I'm SO excited that this movie is finally out on Blu-Ray so I can scan every frame looking for the second shooter in the bushes!

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