People experience six distinct stages of turning adversity into growth. These stages apply to organizations, families, communities and individuals.

It's not unusual for high achieving scholarship recipients to receive honors and awards for a job well done, but there's a local scholarship program that's getting some national attention. ABC7's Kellye Lynn shows us more in the video above.

Words that work

To build resilience, seek out the emotions today that you might need to manage tomorrow.

In the 16th century, people deliberately practiced feeling sad, hoping it would strengthen their coping skills for when something bad happened.

The words we use to describe our emotions affect how we feel, says historian Tiffany Watt Smith, and they've often changed (sometimes very dramatically) in response to new cultural expectations and ideas. Take nostalgia, for instance: first defined in 1688 as an illness and considered deadly, today�...


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per capita based on the population with a credit report (average)
Up 4.64% from previous year
The average debt per capita owed on credit cards.

If you're not already addicted to podcasts, make it your resolution for 2018.

My favorites include Malcolm Gladwell, Krista Tippett, Invisibilia, Esther Perel, Radiolab Podcast, This American Life. What are yours?

The shows that kept listeners refreshing their apps this year

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