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Jeanette Wesley Wilson
· January 1, 2018
I purchased a new living room set from Pruitts in Oct 2016. I've had problems with an Accent chair being defective.

My emails with photos of defects were not acknowledged or returned. I placed numer...ous calls and either no response. Finally spoke w/someone assured me a missing item (decorative pillow) would be ordered yet no acknowledgement on email about chair.

Finally received missing decorative pillow to me Dec 28, 2017. Only after me calling to see if it's ever being received.

I had to make 3 drives to their warehouse to pickup a replacement chair. Only to get them home and discover worse defect than the one I exchanged. Since it's over a 2 hour drive one way to warehouse when I called the store on Thomas I requested the item inspected prior to leaving the warehouse. Upon my arrival they opened the box again was worse than what I had returned. They had 1 more in inventory it worse!

The warehouse gave option of trying to fix, did best they could. The men working in the warehouse were more accommodating trying to find a resolve than the store. Gave them 30 minutes o attempt to fix the defects.

I contacted the store talked with manager to address my ongoing concerns. Asked if just replace with chair on the floor? Well, they would BUT the chair on the floor has a paint stain!

Needless to say I did not callback to take a chair with a paint spot that may or may not come out. The guys at the warehouse did they best they could to attempt to fix the chair, not great but better than what it was.

Not at anytime was their any customer service concern on maintaining a customer or to make this issue right. I took the chair still unsatisfied as the set I bought does not work without the chair.
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Erin Pacella Harshman
· February 21, 2018
I've purchased most of my furniture here for all of my homes in AZ. I bought a new sectional in Dec of 2016, and the fabric was ripped and coming apart 6 months later. I bought ...the extended warranty, which the salesman told me would "fix or replace the unit for any reason". I called in December after I noticed the fabric was unraveling in many different areas of the couch, and the repair man came on 12/16/17. Said the new covers/fabric would be ordered.
FINALLY tonight I spoke to Pam, who after 3 calls in to people over the last 30 days who were of no help, told me that the parts weren't ordered until 12/30 due to the holiday (2wks after service call??)and she should hopefully hear back from the manufacturer tomorrow. Heard that before. 6-8 wks usually for parts because they come from China.
AND---- the ottoman that goes with will be exchanged, but I am going to have to load up the bad one, drive it to the warehouse, and exchange it. So because of the crappy quality of this ottoman which I paid for and bought the warranty for, means *I* get to take a half a day and borrow or rent a truck to replace it.
Terrible, terrible customer service. I'll never buy from Pruitt's again. I liked that it was a local family business, but I'm betting the bigger chains would be easier to deal with, should a problem arise. So disappointed.
As a real estate agent, I will steer all clients away from this business also. I'd be embarrassed if this happened to anyone I referred there.
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Brandy Earnshaw
· August 3, 2017
I have went from loving it to hating it. Last year in August I spent almost $4000 on furnishings from here. We had difficulty with delivery but Pruitts worked it out for us. We bought a couch with a l...ifetime warranty. Well in June one of the couch cushions zipper broke. I contacted pruitts and it took 2 days just for them to find and approve my warranty. They ordered the new cushion cover and I still have not received it. The customer service person I was dealing with stopped answering emails so I switched to their Facebook page. The customer service on fb seemed to reply quickly and said my cover would be in the following week and we would be contacted. Well it's been 3 more weeks and nothing. So I called them today and was told that the cover hasn't arrived and it may be another month before they receive. I messaged through Facebook and now am not being answered through there either. I guess they have my money so now there is no need for customer service. See More
Mark Spencer
· September 18, 2017
Sets the standards for selection, service, quality and pricing with an incredible selection of furniture to choose from. Have been and will continue to shop at Pruitt's.
Katie Heck
· November 13, 2017
Love when I’m able to go to Pruitt’s and get something new! To Smitty the sales man (treats you like family) and even to the delivery guys... never had a complaint!
Richard Garcia
· March 30, 2017
The GF and I bought a couch at a reasonable price and was given a date on when it should be ready for pick up. Unfortunately the manufacturer changed the date and it was going to be another month of w...aiting which didn't work for us. We went back into the store and found a couch we like even better. We couldn't be happier the customer service was fantastic and we really appreciated the help from the owner. They will be getting our business in the future. Thank you Pruitt's for our new couch. See More
Alex Guevara
· April 22, 2017
While we have to see how the couch holds up, my wife and I were very impressed with the service and the price! Don our salesman was AWESOME! Attentive and welcoming he didn't rush us and answered ever...y dumb question I had.

The store on Thomas is massive. Since we were on a mission to get a specific piece of furniture, we didn't get to check out the rest of the store. However, we will be back!
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Cristin Sougstad
· March 10, 2016
I am absolutely disappointed and angry with the quality of the furniture and customer service I have received. I purchased a couch less than a month ago and it is already falling apart. This was to be my third service call on this particular couch. When I called, the man I spoke with was very nice and accommodating. He offered to have a replacement couch delivered the next day. Great! I called the next morning as instructed by Pruitts. I told the woman on the phone I was to receive an exchange couch this morning. She then proceeded to argue with me. She tells me I have to pick up and exchange the couch myself since we did not pay the $70 delivery fee originally (which is ridiculous anyway). I told her that I was already told it would be delivered by a fellow employee of hers and that regardless if he was misinformed that it should be delivered due to all the issues we have had with it and that's what I was already told. She tells me that they have no room for my couch on their truck. She places me on hold and finally gets approval for the delivery but of course the delivery time frame is something absolutely absurd. We will have it delivered to you from 3pm to midnight. MIDNIGHT?! That's just plain odd. I then receive a call from a manager basically calling to just let me know how much they are going out of there way for us and I'm lucky they are even delivering a couch to us. Really?! That's great customer service. We have spent several thousands of dollars with them in the last 6 months and this is how they treat a customer. Get over yourself and your $70 delivery fee. If I would of known ahead of time that by not paying the $70 delivery fee meant getting terrible customer service and poor quality furniture I would have gone somewhere else. The delivery fee should be waived with a certain dollar amount being spent. In the end, I find it unfortunate that I will no longer shop at Pruitts. I like to shop local and family owned but this has left a bad taste in my mouth. See More
Pamela Wilson
· November 4, 2017
Nice selection of Furniture! Took way to long to check out...
Amanda Barnes
· May 26, 2016
We just ordered and received the Sonoma Saddle Sectional from here. Not only were the sales people helpful and non-pushy (and we were a little indecisive), the delivery people were amazing. They in the Sectional and set it up perfectly. The couch was a great price and the delivery fee included set up and all. This is a great place to shop! I wish I had heard about them earlier. See More
Andrea Moss
· July 24, 2016
I went to the Phoenix store today with my 4 daughters to purchase a living room set for my eldest's daughter's 1st apartment. We walked the entire store for over 45 minutes & not one salesperson/emplo...yee spoke to us. Yet every other person that came in the store was heartily greeted. After we walked around for a while we actually stood at the front door hoping someone would speak to us. Then another family came in & 3 salespeople practically ran over to them. Normally I don't say that someone is racist but I will say this...I am African American...and the other families/potential customers were not.

I came prepared to purchase a $1200 living room set with cash. Yet I was treated like crap...not worthy of even speaking to. I will NOT be back.
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Majlinda Kasapi-Vuthi
· September 26, 2016
I have tee shirts that last longer and keep better shape than the furniture that I purchased at this store took back the cushion of the leather sofa to the store to show them in what condition is afte...r not even 2 years of purchase it has been 2 months no replacement no phone call no interest making the customer happy very disappointed See More
Ashley Hood
· April 12, 2014
Took me forever to convince my boyfriend that we needed to get a new couch. We went to the Gilbert store last week on Sunday. We were there for about an hour and we were treated like their friends! We... scheduled the delivery for the following day. I was told to call at 9 to see about when we would be on the delivery schedule. They said late morning to early afternoon. The delivery guys were here around 10 and then they were gone 15 minutes later and my couch was all set up. I am so happy to have a new couch and will be going back to get the furniture for my spare bedroom very soon! See More
Ana Vega Tantalean
· September 2, 2017
Caution when shopping here. Please take caution at this place!
Marilyn Foss
· February 18, 2015
Told us four to six weeks for our furniture.took them eight weeks then the dropped one of our chairs and damaged it. So only received two of our three pieces when promised. We were told once our damag...ed piece can in we would get same day delivery but when it came in they didn't want to deliver for two days after it came in. This was the first time we bought from them and we see no reason to return. They could not even apologies once. See More
Gadget Goodier
· February 2, 2015
After purchasing a sofa and love seat and had it delivered to find out that each one has a defect. when I called the store for them to come out and look at the problem. they can not come out when it i...s convevion for me. now I have to wait until feb 14th a holiday that leaves me home waiting with no set time. wow had I know that I was sent a defected living room set I would have purchased it from a difference store. See More
Cheryl Woods
· September 12, 2015
Waiting to hear how our friends and neighbors, the Molvin's are helped with the couch they purchased from you two years ago and is now falling apart at the seams...
They are a good - upstanding family... in our community and they deserve good customer service. Be fair! Thank you. See More
Jeff Cayton
· March 31, 2016
This place sucks. Our bed broke in less the 22 months and after many attempts by myself to fix it when I finally went to the store on Thomas I was told by a Pam that it wasn't covered. They finally ...gave me a new part but charged me $60 plus tax after spending $3300 there. Wouldn't go there again. Lots of other good furniture stores in the valley!!! See More
Irais Fernandez
· February 6, 2016
This place is huge and has everything you need, prices and quality are great too! If you stop by ask for Smitty he's the BEST!!! He's helpful and he gives you great advice. If he's busy with another c...ustomer WAIT for him, he's worth the wait! I will never buy furniture from any other places but here! See More
Rui Pereira
· November 19, 2016
If you want to receive the worst customer service in the Valley, go to this store. Actually, they would be a great case study for how to not treat your customers. Kyle, the manager sets the tone. They... prey on older people and give them the run around when they complain. Never shop this stover ever!!!! Stay away! See More
Lena Gonzales-McEachern
· September 26, 2016
I absolutely LOVE Pruitt's. This will always be my go to furniture store! The staff is exceptional and very helpful. I've always received everything on time and set up to my standards. Couldn't ask fo...r more! Thank you for serving my furniture needs! See More
Veronica Rivera
· September 25, 2016
After 12 months of buying our leather sectional and ottoman I noticed everything falling apart. Our ottoman has broke right in the middle so if the kids would try to sit on it they'd fall in. Now our ...leather sofas are peeling they look horrible I would never recommend anyone to buy here. And these weren't cheap they were up there in price now we're stuck with ugly peeling sofa until we can afford to buy new ones!! See More
Maricela Madrid
· November 11, 2014
Bought 3 piece leather sofa loveseat and recliner..they give me a used sad..they need to give me a new one..pruitts furniture it doesnt matter if u delete this post like u deleted my husb...ands as i made a screenshot of this review and already reported you to the better business bureau so please ensure that i get a replacement new recliner as soon as possible since i paid $541.48 for a new product not a used one. See More
David Vasquez
· March 18, 2017
Terrible if u want your furniture delivered to you in all pieces and delivered in a timely matter you might as well go pick it up your self so you can make sure you have it all
Christina Taylor
· June 14, 2015
My mom always bought us furniture from Pruitt's when we were younger for our family home! Now I'm a mom and our family is furnishing our home with Pruitt's too! Pruitt's definitely has great quality p...roducts as well as customer service! Definitely check them out See More
Bobby L Agetro
· March 2, 2015
here is a most recent review. No comment on how long lasting my furniture will be, so quality wise not in question, YET!!! delivery charge is more than $60 with a window of 9 - 5pm. thats a whole wor...k shift. rep at the store was helpful in contacting driver, unfortunetely had no useful info. - delivery was at 355pm, and the workers removed my front door to get the couch in. Door frame was measured to make sure it will fit.... very disappointing. If you are gonna charge a fee for delivery, a time stamp window should be withn several hours, not 8 hours. This isnt a state to state mail delivery, this is a delivery literally blocks away. I WONT BE SHOPPING THERE AGAIN!! Now i have to wait to see how long lasting the quality is - expect another feed back See More
Hank Gallo
· April 30, 2017
We began purchasing from Pruitt's when we moved to AZ in 1994. We just purchased a new couch and love seat. Great price, our salesman Tom Z was awesome to work with and they delivered it the next day.... Very pleased. See More
Kim Abunada
· March 13, 2014
We furnished our house when we moved in to it 13 going on 14 years ago. The furniture is the best I've ever had in my house and when it comes time to replace it, we will go back and get it from them.
Sheila Stiles
· January 1, 2016
Today my grown daughter just became a 3rd generation Pruitt's Customer!!! Thank you Pruitt's for quality reasonable priced merchandise. Plus, you can shop with out "the Vultures" circling you.
Angelle Denee Stidham
· July 4, 2017
Been waiting over 8 months for a part to come in to fix the recliners in my couch. This is crazy.
Betsy McKaig
· March 12, 2015
If I could put zero stars I would! What terrible customer service, probably some of the worst I have ever experienced. These people tell you nothing but lies that is of course when you can finally get... a hold of someone. Victoria aka Vickie Block has got to be one of the most dumbest people I have ever encountered. What an absolute flake!! After waiting over 8 weeks for a piece of furniture that I was told would be ready within 4 to 6 weeks I had to go through numerous people and numerous phone calls to finally be told that I was told incorrectly and the sales associate (vickie) should have told me 8 weeks. Such terrible communication. It has been over 8 weeks and I still do not have my furniture!! I will never buy anything from this store again. What a sad unfortunate place. Be warned DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PLACE. See More
Christopher J Albrecht
· January 27, 2017
I feel I was lied to about when our new purchase would arrive. We would not have made the purchase if we knew it would take this long as we gave our other couch to the Salvation Army. Lied to make the sale.
Marla Hays Molvin
· September 16, 2015
Very happy that Pruitt's called to see what they could do to remedy the situation with our sofa. Justin was extremely nice and made arrangements to have the sofa repaired. All is well.
Noelle Sullivan
· April 6, 2017
The store salesman followed me and my husband around the whole store and treated us like we were going to steal something. We probably would have bought furniture but we didn't appreciate being stalke...d after we asked 5 times to leave us alone. See More
Anne Thompson
· February 24, 2016
A++ Great customer service I spoke with a very nice girl over the phone about a question I had with a recent purchase. She was knowledgeable and very kind. I am hard of hearing so she was patient whil...e we spoke. I will definitely be a return customer, they work very hard for their customers satisfaction. See More
Gloria Lawrence
· March 22, 2014
We went for 1st time today was amazed, picked out our entire new home furniture for when we move on a few weeks. Love the solid wood and quality. Made in USA items are great.
Joy Hacker
· July 14, 2015
The furniture there is cheaply made, I bought a sofa, loveseat, chair combo, a little over a year ago and it's been falling apart since day one. I will never purchase from them again!. $2500.00 down t...he drain. Pisses me off See More
MikeandBonnie DeMuro
· August 3, 2013
we Love every thing we bought from ...... Pruitt's ... Wish they would move back to the west side ... now I have to go elsewhere ... they to far from us now:(
LaKesha McDougle
· April 10, 2015
I love this store prices are very reasonable. I have been shopping here since 2006 and I will not shop anywhere else.
Jared Cranford
· February 23, 2017
Kyle was super helpful and very accomadting. Made furniture shopping fun and easy

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