Pseudo Kids- Pretend

Hey there dudettes and dudes. Long time no see! Would like to take this time to announce that we are literally getting the band back together after a 2+ year hiatus for a one-time-only (probably...maybe?) show in Gainesville. Stay tuned for more deets.

This is a really nice interview with former pseud and forever best friend- Dante Lima. Check it out and listen to the record, which all of the pseud's played on. Tiiiight.

Year of the Ox: Dante Lima on Songwriting, Marriage, Americana, and His Locally Famous Friends By Celia AlmeidaThey say spring is the season for love. The birds chirp, the flowers bloom, the snow melts. Maybe it’s because I’m from South Florida where we don’t see the seasons change, but this has nev…

"We built monuments to cigarettes and buttholes."

from the album We Weren't Scared At All

Yo, indefinite hiatus.

Yo, somehow we lost about 40 "likes." Is this a sign? Tell your friends, or unlike us like your friends probably did.

HEY. Remember when we made this album? Yeah, it was a little bit ago, but it still exists, somehow. Help maintain its existence by listening to it... it ain't all bad.

10 track album

Hey babies, come to this.

Hey guys, thanks for listening to the first five songs off of this little guy, but who doesn't have time to listen to five more? Give that back half a try. Seriously, it's less than 40 minutes long in it's entirety. That's shorter than a reality show or a bubble bath. You don't have 36 minutes to listen to some tunes? Nonsense.

10 track album

Hey! What the hell? Did you forget to do something? Yeah, you forgot to start your week with this damn album, that's what. Now I don't want to have to threaten you, but I will, and I am. Listen to it, like it, damn it.

10 track album

Holy Moly! Thanks Benjamin Booker for playing such a great show and having us tag along. Also, bronze nipple was delightful.

Hot damn, kids! The new album is finally up and ready for a listen or ten. You can download the whole darn thing for free on bandcamp, or just stream it, you decide. Take a gander!

10 track album

Hey kids, tomorrow is a big day for us, we're finally releasing an album that took almost two years to make. That's a long time to work on anything. But until tomorrow, maybe take a trip down old-song-lane, and listen to our discography for free. Also, I'm pretty sure you can download everything for $Free.99. Here's our first album that we kinda tried to sweep under the rug.

9 track album

Hey yo, there's a new song up from the album on bandcamp. The entire album will be available for streaming on Thursday! That's Halloween Eve, so spooky-time central. Tell your neighbors and friendly acquaintances!

Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine by Pseudo Kids, released 27 October 2014

Hey stragglers, in case you didn't see this yesterday, here it is. It's a brand spankin' new Pseudo Kids tune that you can share with the whole family! Or just the ones you like, or the ones that are in the room with you. Or you could skype, that'd work too. Anyways, make sure your mommas and poppas get their ears on this situation.

Pseudo Kids We believe in pop music. We believe in our friendships. It helps us stay glad. --Pseudo Kids Family Tree, released 21 October 2014

Hey kids, we finally have the album finished. Here's a taste.

Family Tree by Pseudo Kids, released 21 October 2014

Hey gang, I know it's late, but we've got some shit coming up that we think you should know about: sept. 26 we're playing at looseys with flat land and the head. Also, on October 17 we are playing with Morningbell somewhere. And then on October 30th with Benjamin Booker. Also the full length album should be done at some point between now and eternity . K, thanx.