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PulpRiot returns to the stage for a great cause in Chuckles for Children 2017!


The forces of PulpRiot are joined once again as Christopher Aurilio invites Anik K Sood to dinner in this very special engagement at the NYC Improv Fest! Sixth Annual!

Sat 5:30 PM EDTThe Peoples Improv TheaterNew York, NY
15 people interested

Chris and Anik saw Laurel & Hardy's legendary Way Out West dance and joked that they should recreate it for a show. It was a joke at first, because they have four left feet and haven't danced on stage in their adult lives. They decided to just do it anyway and put the time in with choreographer Zoe Farmingdale. They conquered that fear to pay this soft shoe tribute to the icons.

Chris Aurilio & Anik Sood channeling some Laurel & Hardy during the Aurilishow, 5/28/15 at The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) With choreography and movemen...

Chris Aurilio & Anik Sood return to the stage, performing their newest sketch show with friends from the New York City comedy scene. And may God have mercy on their souls.

Admission to this event will also include the roast of Philip Casale

Written by and Starring Christopher Aurilio, Anik K Sood and featuring their awesome friends Brad Stuart and Langston Belton!


Technical direction by Josh Krebs

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Sat 7:00 PM ESTNew York, New York
17 people went
PulpRiot added an event.

PulpRiot is Chris Aurilio & Anik Sood--close friends for the past 17 years. They are presenting a very special NYC Sketch Festival edition of their 2-person show. Be warned: you will be victims; the crime will be whimsy.

ALSO PERFORMING: Philadelphia's Cheat Code!

Fri 6:00 PM EDTThe Peoples Improv TheaterNew York, NY
19 people went

Sketch comedy from longtime friends and mischief-makers, Chris Aurilio and Anik Sood.

Richard Templeton guest stars!

"The PulpRiot sketch show is a life-changing experience." - Chris Aurilio

Fri 11:00 PM EDTThe Peoples Improv TheaterNew York, NY
20 people interested

Thanks to everyone who came to the show!

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Bring your own Bindle Sticks!

Sat 9:30 PM EDTThe Peoples Improv TheaterNew York, NY
21 people went

It's been 15 years since Chris and Anik first started performing together! We weren't PulpRiot then, but we sure are now!

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PulpRiot added 2 new photos to the album: Anniversary 2014 — with Christopher Aurilio and Anik K Sood.
April 23, 2014

Our video featured on WeMakeTheFunny!

Behind the scenes footage from the making of the overambitious Batman fan film ?Long Day for a Gotham Knight?, as well as some excerpts from the film itself.
PulpRiot added an event.

PulpRiot has joined forces with More Than Friends to create a sketch comedy super show for ONE. NIGHT. ONLY! This special engagement will consist of brand-new sketches from various collaborations in the comedy community of NYC. It will be huge! It will be enormously out of control! It will be a Little Tiny Show.

More Than Friends
is Jenn Roman, Taylor Newhall, Amy Clearwater, Abby Holland, Will Cooper, Etan Bednarsh Molly Gaebe, Aaron Burdette, Jess Sutich, Rachel Rosenthal, ...Philip Wolff, Julie Rosing

is Christopher Aurilio and Anik K Sood along with their close friends and collaborators. Y'know, like their bros.

Members of National Scandal may even be joining in on the fun!

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Sat 9:30 PM ESTThe Peoples Improv TheaterNew York, NY
27 people went

'Twas the Night Before Krampus

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the hovel
Not an urchin was stirring, with no coal to shovel.
The stockings were nailed by the chimney askew,...
In hopes that Saint Nick soon would come through.

My urchins were huddled in fear in their bed,
With threats of bloodshed spilling in their heads.
And mamma on top, with me on my rump,
Had just settled our behinds for a long winter’s hump.

When out front of the house there arose such a cackle,
I sprang naked from bed, waving rod and tackle.
Away to the window I flew for the kill,
Tore open the shutters and leaned over the sill.

The moon on the tits of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to some asshole below.
When, what in my bloodshot eyes did look back,
But a goat-hoof-ed devil, carrying a sack.

With a bound and a leap, creating a ruckus,
I knew at that moment it must be Lord Krampus.
More rapid than vultures his hooves they did thump,
And he whistled, and catcalled, and named me a chump!

"Now Maude! Now, Martha! now, Mary and Minnie!
On Nellie! On Gertrude! on Hattie and Effie!
I like them big and I like them small!
Bring! me! your! wives! and I’ll mount them all!

He was covered all in fur, from his head to his hoof,
With eyes and horns red, trailing clouds of soot.
A bundle of children he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a peddler, with his squirming pack.

His eyes-how they burned! his horns how they pointed!
His cheeks were like bellows, his tongue like a serpent’s!
His big fanged mouth was drawn up like a bow,
The color of his claws like blood on the snow.

He was tall and well-built, this Yule Lord from hell,
And I whimpered when I saw him, in spite of myself!
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Soon gave me to know I had much to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Smiling at my wife, who giggled, that jerk!
She laid a hand on my arm, and led me to the door.
With nary a warning, I found myself out in the snow!

Thus I waited, confused, for an hour or more.
Until at last came Krampus grinning out the door.
His sack was filled o’erflowing and wriggling a’fury
I knew my children were gone, to be stewed for a curry

I heard him cheerfully exclaim, ‘ere he leapt out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and I just fucked your wife!"

Merry Christmas!

Chris & Anik at PulpRiot

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PulpRiot shared an album.

Some pictures from after Chris and Anik and Phil performed in Welcome to Hell with Vincent Welles. Take a look at these beautiful people!

Anik K Sood added 15 new photos to the album: Welcome to Hell/Halloween 2013 — with Mehdi Barakchian and 3 others at The Peoples Improv Theater.

Let's get blintzed!

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PulpRiot is with Anik K Sood.

We're going HAM! Let these pancakes know who I AM!

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