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Shino Lim
· November 2, 2017
i bring my friend from Hong Kong to. visit, is morning 8.30am, they only serve 3 type of noodles, no more dim sum, abit disappointed. travel so far just got 3 type noodles to choose, is wan tan mee an...d duck mee. taste so so only, no special. will not come again. See More
Quentin Louis
· September 23, 2017
The Wan Tan Mee was not up to expectations and of course, it isn't cheap. The Duck Soup was just like it used to be. There's another shop down the road at the corner which also serves up the same but ...tastes better. See More
Andrew Kay El
· February 11, 2018
It's a pit stop. The taste was average to good. But I could taste that they were not heavy handed with MSG which is a Big Plus for me. Would I go again, probably Yes . What can you find to eat in the... afternoon of a small town. Be realistic. A dollar for a dollar quality. See More
James Hay
· December 20, 2017
Rm10.80 per bowl now� and the mee is so-so. But the soup taste delicious to me.
James Ng
· February 20, 2018
The service is really bad and they don’t even remember us ordering our drinks. The noodles tastes bad and soup is cold.
Gary Ng
· December 15, 2017
Food still ok. Just have to wait quite long for the food every time I visit. That's all
Guat Poh Lim
· June 20, 2017
I feel the noodles are a bit overpriced. We can get tastier noodles elsewhere for less that price! The duck soup was RM 8.80 per bowl ! Not worth the trip if go purposely for the food but for the h...ungry should be alright. See More
Lily Ye
· August 5, 2017
The yam horn 芋角is very nice... Crunchy outside n soft inside... The content inside of yam horn is just nice... Not shredded but chewable. The duck noodle is OK but a bit pricey... The fish ball is nic...e also... Coffee is standard good loh... Will continue support if passby here See More
Chan Kong Art
· February 12, 2018
Total fail.. soup is cold noodle is cold.. and the service sucks..
Tse Yuen Lim
· August 10, 2017
Extremely overpriced for a small town. Been a loyal fan for years but ain't worth the trip here anymore. Plus, some younger workers here are just rude
Jon Pestana
· August 4, 2017
The food is famous for its excellence. The reviews always forget to mention about the fantastic biscuits you can also purchase here.
Ng Kok Ping
· October 13, 2017
The Wantan Noodle not up to expectations and overpriced. Definitely not worth coming back here.
Alex Chong
· April 12, 2017
Really disappointed. Used to be very nice with their herbal duck noodle in my childhood days but not anymore. The duck meat was too soft, the noodle sauce was too dark. And don't ever try the coffee, simply taste weird!! Never come back again. See More
Jason Lee
· February 19, 2017
convenient stopover if you need to grab a bite, coffee & get some perak cookies, without detouring into ipoh which can be rather busy on weekends. wan tan mee & herbal duck are the must haves. white c...offee too. the fruits cost more than Cold Storage and they push older rotting ones first, pick your own if you must buy any, bring enough cash See More
Ca Shin
· March 10, 2017
The herbal duck soup noddle and roaster duck dried noddle for the price a bit high at a small town compare to KL city. The biscuits in the shop a bit high too
Mindy Chong
· October 12, 2017
Below average roast pork & char siew rice. Way too overpriced. Definitely not worth coming back here.
Gary Gan Huan You
· May 15, 2016
Please double check your own total and change that has been given by the cashier.

Bought some milk tea and chicken biscuits and added up in my head to a total of RM52. Price tags were clearly pasted ...on the packets. Cashier punched in random numbers in her calculator and pressed the "C" button to put in 56. When asked why and showed her the price tags, she apologised and said "Oh I thought this item is RM15 not RM11".

Gave a RM100 note and expected change of RM48. She gave RM40. Short-changed of RM8. Again I asked for the correct change, she tried to give me an additional packet to "make up for it". Price tag on the packet shows RM5.50. Kicked up a fuss on how dishonest cashier was and finally got the correct amount.

Very blatant and shameless.
See More
Andrew Ng
· June 5, 2017
Food quality is really so so and price is too high for a small town, even more expensive compared to KL. Waited for 40 mins for my wanton noodles.
Evon Sunshine
· April 13, 2017
The wanton noodles is hard and the char siew looks dry and leftover. I ate only half although I was hungry. For a stopover to fill stomach is okay but if this taste open in Penang. It will.close down ...very soon. See More
Yoganantha Arumugam
· April 3, 2017
The duck soup was superbly fantastic. The wantan mien was good though the char siew is a tad bit dry. Loved the wontons accompanying the individual dishes. Superbly big, juicy and tasty. A sure must v...isit again port in future. See More
This is the traditional method of making wanton egg noodle in Pun Chun. With man labor and bamboo sticks in different sizes to soften the dough which takes a lot of time and effort. The outcome is noodle with real taste of egg. Can't find it anywhere in Malaysia. Like us if you try it before.
Traditional method of making Shat Kek Ma.
Pun Chun Restaurant's authentic wonton egg noodle. One of a kind in Malaysia. You can't find anywhere else.

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Duck soup noodles or duck leg noodles (simplified Chinese: 鸭腿麺线; traditional Chinese: 鴨腿麺線; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: ah-thuí-mī-suànn; also spelt ak-twee-mee-sua) is a st...

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Pun Chun Restaurant's authentic wonton egg noodle. One of a kind in Malaysia. You can't find anywhere else.

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Traditional method of making Shat Kek Ma.

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Dear Loyal Patron,
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Pun Chun Restaurant was reviewed by Gerry Ko, food and travel critic. Watch this video and for information about visiting Bidor, Perak.

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Memorable moment pictures taken in 1988 during the celebration of 50th Anniversary at Pun Chun Restaurant, Bidor.