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Ryan Thum
· January 16, 2018
I recently went to GA to chase some hogs. I used my X-Out body wash before heading out to the stand. I had deer within 50 yards of me. I made sure I sprayed my hat, boots and a quick spray on my pa...nts and shirt. I hit the stand and the wind was swirling and the deer still walked in to 50 yards. I left that stand to head to the stand I was hunting that night (thermal scope for hogs) It was warm so I was sweating a bit walking in and out of the woods, plus changing locations (drive in the truck). I sprayed down again before heading into the new location. Watched deer and raccoons at 50 yards and not paying any attention to me. Then a boar hog showed up about 20-30 yards off the lane I was sitting on. He walked in and never knew I was there. X-Out came through. See More
Glendon Mullins
· October 14, 2017
I have used alot of scent killer spays and scent eliminating body washes etc. All the others I still smelled "something"on me and my clothes, not with the Xout products. While using it last year I had... a Black Bear walk to within 8 yards of me while i was filming it, and it wouldn't have know i was even there until i jumped up and waved my arms at it because it was going to get closer than the 8 yards lol. This is great product, I highly recommend you trying it. See More
Jeremy Koerber
· October 9, 2017
There are a lot of great scent control products on the market but very few that give you the one two punch of scent control and dampens UV glow in low light conditions. Affordable and effective, you ...want to have Pure One products in your hunting arsenal. See More
Nicholas Lape
· October 9, 2017
As every Whitetail hunter knows, defeating a mature deer's nose is a never ending game. I've used all sorts of scent elimination products, but this weekend XOut 360 was put to the test. I had deer mov...e from up wind, directly under my stand to the down wind side... Guess what? Nothing. They didn't become alert, they didn't stick their nose up, they just fed. Never looked up or became alert. Had it been a big buck he'd have been in trouble. XOut now has a forever space in my hunting pack. Do yourself a favor, look beyond large box stores for your scent elimination needs. Check out Pure One Outdoors and XOut 360 See More
Mike Jensen - Gpo
· October 12, 2017
NO JOKE! X-out works. Had a mature buck walk directly under me, killed my first crossbow buck using this product. Any other deer would have winded me! Keep making this product, lots more deer will p...ay the consequence! � See More
David Enstad
· April 3, 2017
I don't hit the woods without my pure one products! I've gotten closer to several different types of wildlife since using the sprays on my hunting adventures, or even when I'm just out taking wildlife pics.
Aaron Long
· January 15, 2016
Best scent eliminator we i have used. It was a crucial part in me taking an early season doe on a windy day here in virginia!! She came in down wind an right away i was nervous because of the wind swi...rling but was sure an confindent we i had the right scent elimator on she came to 12 yards an got a rage through the cage!! Thanks pure one awesome product See More
Tim Lammonds
· November 4, 2015
Works great! I grunted in a 8pt buck at ground level in low light conditions and it never saw me or smelled me. I used the body spray and uv / sent eliminator . If you want to be more successful in ...the field use X-out hunting products. See More
Jeff Swafford
· June 26, 2015
I can not wait to use the Xout odor eliminator. It's a whole new breed of scent elimination. The "Doc" is a great guy and we are grateful to be part of the team at Pure One Outdoors. Jeff/Chasin' Game Outdoors
Kyle Settle
· December 3, 2016
X-Out has been instrumental in my season so far this year! I have harvested a buck, doe, and two gobblers. X-Out can also be used on furbearers!
Layton R. Fairchild III
· October 9, 2015
Great products by far. Had awesome success in the field.
Bradley Richmond
· August 27, 2015
Great product and customer service! You won't be dissapointed
Shawn T. Tyson
· January 20, 2015
Helps eliminate odors and deer walk in then boom!!!
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