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Tabitha Chaffee
· April 20, 2017
There was a miscommunication at the Hammond location about my appointment. I got upset and was rude and that was uncalled for. Even with me being unpleasant the... ladies still treated me with respect and handled themselves very professionally. I would like to apologize once more for my rudeness and thank you ladies. See More
Abigail Jackson
· March 12, 2015
I have been waiting with my friend for an hour now for her appointment which was at 3 30. I have an appointment as well at my obgyn and when we informed them o...f this the receptionist was rude to us and they still did nothing to get us back here sooner. We now have to rush from here to my Dr appointment and I will never recommend this place to anyone. See More
Dan McLean
· December 12, 2014
Dr. Kurani and his staff saved my life. Came to the office with uncontrolled blood sugars, high blood pressure, high cholesterol , you name it I had it. Dr. Gav...e me the tools I needed to save my life. I've taken my A1C from 14.8% down to 7.8%, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are right where they should be. I have the lab records to prove it. Thank you Dr.Kurani for giving me my life back. See More
MeMe DeVine
· March 16, 2015
The Office staff were VERY rude. The time I spent in waiting room was 1 hour and 15 minutes. When I questioned as to when I might be seen I was told the paper w...ork takes an hour. WHAT?? I work in local office and contact insurance carriers everyday. This process takes 15 minutes MAX! The program really is no different than you can find online (Medifast) or at local diet centers. Save your time and money. See More
Arthur Lee Lacy Jr.
· June 14, 2016
Nice place - helpful staff- love this place- thank you
Denise Murphy Coakley
· May 19, 2016
I loved it .definitely loss weight .But it but me in the hospital twice. Once I had to have surgery .
Juli Andresen- Howard
· August 6, 2014
I have learned today to stay in the moment. That I will do. Thank you
Julie Malmen Logan
· April 11, 2014
Speaking with Dr Kurani and the staff keeps me motivated to lose the weight
Tasita Chiquita Weissel
· January 29, 2014
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