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Paul Mc Laughlin
· February 6, 2018
Friendly place no request too much for the friendly staff
Cliviliscious Theman
· May 26, 2017
Really relaxed pub in the heart of Paris, great atmosphere and drinks, free Wi-Fi and sky sports tv. Quigley point is easily accessible via public transport and really a great little irish pub.
Clara Comme Les Maths
· June 9, 2017
Homophobic slur from the bartender at 3pm on thursday the 8th of june.

Seemed to think we were supposed to share his view on a customer who decided to not order coffee as the bartender was extremely... rude to him (the bartender was slouching on the bar and did also provide a less than amicable service when I ordered my drink and asked ab the flavours provided for fruit juices, but I lacked the courage to tell him he was rude).

Once the customer left, the bartender decided to shout and blab in english to the very few customers things like "he's gotta be fuking gay" , 'the fucker is gay", and started looking at me saying that. I asked him: " so what?" (coz, yeah. who gives a flying fuck?) and so he changed his remarks to "I don"t care if he's gay, but he's gotta be gay", still loud and clear.

My friend and I downed our too expensive sparkling water and walked away.
Never going back to this place. I suggest you go somewhere else, unless you support that kind of behaviour.
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Paddy Arbuckle
· January 28, 2018
Brilliant day and nite with the Harris family .. lovely greeting from Jack and and amazing staff
Mark Proulx
· July 24, 2017
A beer...a patio...spring time in Paris...what's not to like? Great prices and atmosphere and away from the touristy hustle and bustle.
Alison Kelly
· October 1, 2015
Have been coming here for the last three years. Always came to visit Kieran and his friends who always made me feel welcome. I would recommend this bar to anyone who enjoys fun and banter. Great atmos...phere . Have fun xx See More
Teresa Ward Valverde
· September 4, 2015
Best pint of Guinness I've had so far since moving to France. We were in Paris for the week. We live in the South of France but the Guinness down here is not good at all.
Ed Bear
· July 9, 2015
The owner of this rathole is a crook who thinks he's smarter than everyone. His 7,5€ Guinness pint tasted like piss and was certainly mixed with water. When I told him it was bad, pig face said "fuck". This despicable little thief couldn't even insult me in french. I hate dishonest people, I'll never set foot in that place again. See More
Arianna Zabriskie
· October 23, 2014
I was refused service by the bartender here because I am American. I was disrespected and ended up leaving after the bartender refused to make a cocktail. He refused to speak french to me and when I s...poke french, he told me I cant speak french and he wont make me a drink. I cant believe how disrespectful this bar is. It was a terrible experience and not estranger friendly. Worst experience in Paris so far and I live here! See More
Malachy Doherty
· July 4, 2016
Absolute shit hole . Stay well clear. Pints disgusting and toilets horrible.
Carmel Ward
· November 16, 2013
Lovely atmosphere, will be deffs back xx���
Christophe Meurisse
· August 31, 2013
I looove this place
Bastien Di Skellington
· March 17, 2017
Nous étions ( moi et mes ami(e)s ) de grands habitués de ce pub et on l'appréciait vraiment beaucoup mais depuis que la nouvelle équipe a était mis en place , c'est une catastrophe .
Barman qui prend... de haut , j'ai voulu savoir si l'on pouvait réserver pour le soir même au téléphone, il m'a traité de fou avant de me raccrocher au nez . Aucune sympathie , c'est dommage vous venez de perdre une 20aine de client :/ See More
Flo CaliKen
· September 10, 2016
Pub cher, pas vraiment bon et accueil aléatoire. Pour autant, on est pas à l'abris d'y passer un bon moment, de tomber sur un serveur super sympa. Idéalement placé, en face de l'église et de la sortie... Place Carrée du Forum des Halles. Compter au moins une douzaine d'euros pour une salade, bien garnie certes, et des burgers assez bon.

Gros point positif : tous les jeudi, des joueurs de console "Nintendo 3DS" s'y réunissent lors des soirées DS in Paris. Une super ambiance à l'étage pour un rassemblement gratuit (il suffit de prendre une consommation) !
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Quentin Moulard
· April 22, 2017
Le Pub de Paris. On se marche pas dessus. Mais le pub est réellement tenu par des Irlandais. Aux pieds de saint Eustache. A vivre !
Marc Denieau
· July 25, 2017
Bat agréable avec de bonnes bières

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