When I first heard Jack Quinlan behind the mike doing pbp during the 1960 World Series, I had goose bumps all over. I didn't even know he'd done the pbp of, arguably, the most exciting WS in history---until I began research for my cd's "Jack Quinlan/ Forgotten Greatness". Here was a 32-year old broadcasting this extraordinary World Series between the Yankees and Pirates and bringing his own extraordinary skills to the worldwide radio microphone. Cue the goose bumps! It's game #3, bottom of the fourth, and the Yankees are dropping bombs on the Bucs. Jack Quinlan (and President Herbert Hoover) are there as excitement reigns!
Remember to vote online every day at: It appears the HOF has gotten its act together, finally. Meantime, please listen to the first two chapters of my audio book: "Jack Quinlan/Forgotten Greatness". I hope it'll give you the incentive to vote every day this month and join the quest! Thanks!
I've had several requests for lengthier, uninterrupted pbp with Jack Quinlan broadcasting a Cubs' game. So, as spring training has commenced, I invite you to listen to several innings of Mr. Q calling a spring tilt between the Cubs and Indians. This recording is a one-of-a-kind and very aptly proves that Jack Quinlan was superb anytime he was behind the Cubs/WGN mike. The game is circa 1963-64, I believe. Enjoy! Go Cubs!

This lovely article which I discovered in the Chicago Tribune years ago set me on the Jack Quinlan journey. Alan Ehrenhalt, like so many of us, was a kid who knew Jack Quinlan was a magical part of our boyhoods---and girlhoods.

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Here's a reminder to those of you who may be among our newer visitors. If you click on the 'Videos' link (on the left side of your screen), you can access all kinds of Mr. Quinlan's pbp we've added to the site over the years. Enjoy!


I really got a kick out of talking to Dennis Fitzpatrick in Phoenix today. A great guy, and like so many of us an avid Jack Quinlan fan. Dennis sent me this letter he got as an 8-year old boy who'd written the Cubs in 1954 asking how he could become a Cubs' batboy. You'll really enjoy the response he got!

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There are so many games I'd love to have heard Jack Quinlan behind the WGN-Radio/Cubs' mike. Here's one for sure. I have some (hopefully) major news on our journey to get Jack Quinlan into the Baseball Broadcasters' Hall of Fame. Please keep visiting.

Phillies and Cubs go crazy at Wrigley

Like Ernie said so well: "Wrigley Field is still one of the wonders of the world".

A glimpse of Opening Days at Wrigley Field in 1955 and 1964, as veteran Cub players and fans reminisce about bygone days at the Friendly Confines.

I have discovered some fantastic pbp of Jack and Lou broadcasting a Cubs' sweep of a double-header with the Giants. Coming soon. Meantime, here's a replay of an interview Bob Sirott did with Jack's beautiful daughter Susie. Stay tuned, everybody. The game's afoot! Never quit! Susie, thanks for being such an amazing member of the quest.

He was one of the greatest Cubs announcers whose life ended too soon. Sirott and Murciano talk to the daughter of the late Jack Quinlan about her quest to get her father in the Hall of Fame.

Another Jack Quinlan treat as we roar into the 2018 season. This is Jack's pbp of the 1960 All-Star Game in Kansas City. Pick up his on-air presentation at 31:55 into the audio. Back then, the radio pbp broadcasters almost invariably did their share of the game on their own, with very little, if any color support from a second banana. They were on their own, which makes a broadcast like this one (w/Merle Harmon) a wonderful listening adventure.

If you're a Baby Boomer and Chicagoland native like me, you're going to really enjoy this S.I. issue from nearly 60 years ago. It details the Cubs' roster in 1958 and is so much fun to read. Note their reference to the young broadcaster, Jack Quinlan getting "too excited" at times. Little did they know this then 30-year old was well on his way to becoming, perhaps, the greatest sports broadcaster in history. Enjoy!

People tend to mock the Cubs. In Chicago the newspapermen like to call them the Cubbies, to demonstrate how ineffectual they are. Possibly it's true. Possibly the Cubs this year are just as bad as ever. But do not forget that there are some very fine ballplayers on this otherwise weak team

It is at this time of year every year I become one of the least popular denizens of St. Louis, but my skin is thick. Go Cubbies!
Keep visiting for important, breaking news on our ongoing efforts to get Jack Quinlan elected into the HOF.

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Nowhere in major league baseball is the 7th inning stretch more fun than Wrigley Field, is there? I think it started when President Taft stood up in the 7th inning. Everyone else HAD to stand up to see the action on the field!…/flu-like-symptoms-sev…/

Exploring the history of a baseball tradition.

Note the tribute to Jack Quinlan. FYI, I just spoke to Bob Costas (who called from Paris while on vacay). He said, again, Jack Quinlan was one of the 10 greatest baseball broadcasters who ever lived. Bobby told me he's 100% behind our never-ending efforts to get Mr. Q into the HOF, a fantastic conversation. Stay tuned, everyone, we're going to make this happen. More fantastic news coming soon. Never quit!…/ct-spt-cubs-gold-announcers…

The Cubs have been blessed in the broadcast booth with some of baseball's most distinctive announcers.

It was Jack Brickhouse who paved the way for Jack Quinlan to embark on one of the greatest, tragically short pbp careers in MLB history.
Jack Brickhouse said that, "had he lived, Jack Quinlan would have become, quite possibly, the greatest sports broadcaster who ever got behind a mike".
Our fight to get Jack Quinlan his righteous place in the Hall of Fame continues.
Stay tuned! Go Cubs!!

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The widow of legendary Cubs announcer Jack Brickhouse looks back at the broadcaster's long, illustrious career and we hear some of his famous calls in the bo...

As 2018 dawns on the world, we still have a shot at getting one of the greatest broadcasters in history, Jack Quinlan, his long overdue election to the Baseball Broadcasters' Hall of Fame. Stay tuned, and in the meantime we reprise Jack and Lou at the massive coliseum in L.A. in 1958 in this rare broadcast. You'll love every minute! Happy New Year!…/1958-audio-1st-cubs-game-…

This is an outstanding historical find.

Let's finally get Jack Quinlan his long overdue place in the Baseball Broadcasters' Hall of Fame!
Here is the link to the Vineline article.…/jack-quinlan-fea…

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And, we must never forget it was Jack Brickhouse who said, without a vestige of doubt, that, had he lived, Jack Quinlan would have been, perhaps, the greatest baseball pbp broadcaster who ever lived. Look it up!…/ct-cubs-jack-brickhouse-spt…

It takes a special evangelist to convince a flock not to give up when for years things seem hopeless.

Glad the boys could (finally) accommodate you, Mabel. God love you and keep you.…/108-year-old-cubs-fan-dies-days-af…

Mabel Ball waited her whole life to see the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

I'm probably pushing it, but I'd sure love to see Susie Quinlan get a ring in memoriam for her dad and her family. Jack Quinlan was the brilliant flame who brought so many of us 'moths' into his beautiful lair, and there isn't a one of us still standing who doesn't so lovingly remember it. One for the Brickhouse family, too, without a doubt.…/here-are-the-guys-you-probably-…/

Brian Matusz and Joel Peralta might get World Series rings