Did you know the skinny kid in this band plays drums too? He's in a group called The Fuzz. They're putting out a record. Dig.

11 track album

Want to hear something new from us? Convince me.

We've been quiet. We are most dangerous when we are quiet. What are we planning?

Jason decided to live up to the band name yesterday and quit his job. Help feed him by buying record and shirts from Melting Records.

Hope you haven't forgotten about us. We haven't forgotten about you. There is an acoustic EP from Quit Your Job coming very soon.

We will blow your mind ..... Let me use your gun tho, don't want blood on ours

Check out some awesome Detroit music today. Gawker, Rose From The Ashes. More recommendations soon. Also, news. Soon.

In case anyone missed it yesterday, the show tonight is cancelled. Do not show up to The Elbow Room (Ypsilanti). We're gonna get busy retooling our songs, making merch, and recording, so you fine sheep have a CD to graciously give us all of your money for. Get excited.

Unfortunately, the show tomorrow The Elbow Room (Ypsilanti) has been cancelled. The Elbow Room has been closed until they relocate. My apologies to everyone. We'll be having an open practice at Jon's house tomorrow, so if you REALLY wanted to hear us play, feel free to come by and rock.

Show coming up. June 4th, with out friends Rose from the Ashes. More details coming. Soon. You better be there. We do this for you. So do this for us.

is curenently not giving a fuck nor taking request.... if you have a problem/ question be sure to write on a piece of paper and for return adress put YOUR ASS

You wanna know the best way to get laid? Tell all your friends about us. All of them. If they don't add us, they aren't a true friend. You know what else helps? Buying this:

3 track album

Count the days. Soon, we will rock your face like a tornado rocks Alabama. Too soon? Oh yeah.

It's our first practice in some time today and Jason will be learning new songs. What are you doing with your life?

It's our first practice in a while today and Jason is learning new songs. What are you doing with your life?

We're looking to jump on a few bills for the next month or two. Sup, Detroit bands? You might not regret it. Call Jon. 734 363 1961