Added a thumb-steer extension to the Traxxas TRX-4’s TQi transmitter using a “split ball” from the craft store with a screw and some spacers from the parts bin. Works well!
Peeling off protective film is the best.
Ya boy Kev has the Traxxas UDR and is rippin’ wheelies

Lowe’s NASCAR paint and custom light bar for Project Losi Baja Rey coming up in RCCA.

Kevin Hetmanski added 2 photos and a video.
10 hrs

After a little design time I fired up my Stepcraft-2/840 CNC machine and made a custom light bar mount for the trophy truck. I could have made it out of aluminum but that’s boring. Carbon fiber for the win. It matches the curve of the body pretty well. I’ll be adding LEDs next.

Do you love Hot Wheels? Do you have $550? Good news, you can buy every 2017 Hot Wheels car all in one shot.
From our friends at Die Cast X Magazine

For the past 10 years or so, during the month of December, through its website, Mattel has been offering a complete Master Set of all its mainline Hot Wheels cars to the public for $549.99 plus shipping. They are offered in limited quantities; in past years, the quantity has....