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Bring the whole family out for one more day of FUN on the carnival! 🎡🎢

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CHEESIN' because the Dairy Cattle Show is today at RODEOHOUSTON!

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Donna Lee
· 20 hours ago
The calf event was very sad it was obvious the animals were drugged! Two just dropped and it looked like they had to give the calf's something to come out of it. Getting out after the Chris Stapelton was very concerning when they stopped people from leaving out the doors to get to the ramps and escalators. I felt very anxious and nervous with no where to go! Horrible people control it was something I never experienced at any events I have ever attended! If there would have been any type of emergency they're would have been serious issues of stampedes and injuries! Not a pleasant experience to say the least! See More
Christina Peppin
· 18 hours ago
Great experience - we loved it - except our after-the-concert experience. 75k people leaving the venue at one time is a little crazy - especially when there are those who’ve had a few - would it be wo...rth trying those line guides like they use at DIA & other airports to guide crowds through security checks? If it works at the airport, wouldn’t it work at the nrg venue? Just a thought! Thanks for a great time! See More
Sarah Mays
· 19 hours ago
I love the rodeo, I think it’s a wonderful experience and I give so much kudos to all of the volunteers to bust their rumps to make it as amazing as it is!!!!

With that said.........

Really?? $20 for a TURKEY LEG???? $15 for a darn sausage on a stick?!?! Can we not come down out of the rafters with the price of this food?!?!
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Elisabeth De Chavez
· 16 hours ago
Had a great time at the Rodeo, only complaint I have is how rude the attendant at the Disco Ride was! She had no right to push my child to the side and say move because fast pass is coming through . T...hat was in called for and need the Carnival needs to do a better job in hiring people with manners. See More
Kelly King
· 7 hours ago
HLSRodeo is a Houston tradition, it is amazing, magical & nostalgic. I love the western heritage, culture, and fashion!

I've been going since I was 3 years old in my pink cowgirl boots & hat....

Love #RodeoHouston though there are way too many people trying to exit at one time...please consider staggering the mass exodus by sandwiching the concert mid-rodeo (I think I remember it used to be that way before?)
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Ron Wooten
· 16 hours ago
So much energy, so much good for the youth across this state! Great concerts, crazy good carnival food everywhere, butdarn expensive drinks though...bring a wad of cash and try to remember that the mo...ney you spend is tax deductible and goes to the education of tomorrow's leaders.... See More
Kim Korenek
· 18 hours ago
My Rookie year as a volunteer has been incredible! I’ve always wanted to help the youth of Texas by volunteering at HLSR and I finally was able to! It’s been a nice change of pace from rebuilding ou...r house after Harvey! Thank you to all that give so much of their time and energy to such a worthy cause!!! I cant wait until next year! See More
Deena Nicole Cornwall
· 18 hours ago
As always the rodeo rocked it once again this year! So much to see & do!!! I got to see Cody Johnson again this year :) can’t wait to see him next year! I also saw Chris Stapleton for the first time! ...Really enjoyed him to. And always enjoy the cowboys & cowgirls & them competing in the rodeo! Those gals & guys are amazing & very brave! Can’t wait till next year’s rodeo!!! See More
Ashley Victoria Farr
· 15 hours ago
Went to see Chris Stapleton bought tickets online a month in advance in the 500's seating ended up with SRO tickets somehow even though I picked the seating. We got there at 11:30am so we had plenty o...f time for everything. Paid $10 per beer $50 for tickets for the carnival, turns out a lot of the rides are 10 tickets and the games start at 12 tickets. Tried speaking with management about the ticket confusion after spending $400+ dollars, was told there was nothing that could be done and that I should have gotten there sooner. The first manager that I tried speaking with calmly ended up not listening to a word I said then called security on my 4 foot nothing self. Really really need to work on customer service. Also get the tickets correct. We left before we even got to see the concert. My 9yo left crying because all the wanted was to see her favorite singer in the seats we paid for. STOP over selling seats and give people what they paid for. See More
Joyce Inserni Pedrotti
· 14 hours ago
Great time at the Chris Stapleton concert. I wanted to buy a true green Houston Rodeo shirt for St. Patrick’s day and was surprised to hear that only olive green and a light fluorescent green were This was my first experience at the Houston Rodeo and I loved it. Great volunteers! Great show, great shopping, great experience. See More
Jack W Smithll
· 5 hours ago
Had a great time with my son's yesterday . Safe , fun for all , educational, and entertaining. A must for the family . Go early and make a day of it. Thx Rodeo Houston . Only complaint was the food... prices inside the stadium. 25.00 for a 2 hotdog and a large drink combo is outrageous. That's the only complaint. See More
Abel Gonzalez
· 2 hours ago
The people are friendly and it’s always nice to go and enjoy something different from the regular day to day routine and I enjoy it a lot.
Sean Hodder
· 18 hours ago
The show was awesome.
Getting out of the building after was a mess.
There was a black female volunteer with gold glitter nails, gold and black glittery braids, wearing a maroon livestock show and ro...deo vest. The H was black with the white had. She refused to give her name. Tattoos on her neck. Talked ghetto and trashy. She was pushing and shoving her way thru the metro rail line almost pushed over a 35 week pregnant woman cussed the ladies husband several times and was trying to pick a fight with the guy then the same thing with an elderly couple. Couldnt get any security or metro officers to deal with her. EVERYONE AROUN was askin her to stop and be an adult and act like one and she continued in front everyone INCLUDING children even after she was asked to stop doing that. Dont yall screen these volunteers. See More
Yvette Custis
· 23 hours ago
I am here from Maryland to bring my grandbaby! The rodeo was the absolute best! There was so many activities geared toward little kids. Everything was amazing! I will be back!
Binni Bowling
· 14 hours ago
This is my second year attending the rodeo!! I love it!! My daughter moved out here we are from Ohio!! As long as she lives out here I’ll be back every year!! I just enjoy the atmosphere and I love th...e entertainment I’ve seen each year!! I’m a cowgirl at heart!! See More
Josephine Victorian
· about an hour ago
Had a blast love the wide variety of food choices line wete long but moved fast except for baggage check overall a good time was had!!
Jacqueline Assey
· 2 hours ago
I always enjoy the rodeo but they have anyone I wanted to see at the concert. Not everyone is into country music �
Food was too salty�
Jesus Ariel Vazquez
· 13 hours ago
the food system is horrible you line up to get a bread and then another row for the meat the rest I think this cordial
Karen Wilson Zimpfer
· 5 hours ago
All good except for getting to parking! The rail system stops lights too often - holds up traffic c on feeder trying to get to lots!! I believe more police need to be directing traffic keeping it flowing
Debbie Lucas
· 20 hours ago
Awesome time!! Loved the shopping, the rodeo events, Chris Stapleton and the food. Very thankful for all the volunteers!!