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Meet our 2018 Area Go Texan scholars! Today, these students walked away with nearly $1.6 million in scholarships from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Congratulations and welcome to the #RHScholar family! Read more here >>

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Ashley Martin Worthy
· March 19, 2018
I loved the rodeo and atmosphere! The volunteers were so nice and helpful. Garth Brooks was epic, as always. My biggest complaints are that the prices for food and drinks are outrageous and the room only areas (which is what we had tickets for) were overtaken by vendor carts and sign up tables for the kids’ rodeo events so most people couldn’t see because there wasn’t room for all who bought a ticket. Those vendor carts and sign-up tables need to be moved somewhere else so that people that are paying to see the rodeo and concert can actually see everything. And come down on the prices of food so people don’t go completely broke trying to enjoy family/friend time at the rodeo. Other than that it was a blast! See More
Lena Farias Turner
· March 19, 2018
The concerts are always so awesome! Carnivals prices were ridiculous!!! Every year it’s the same rides, games etc.... If they changed it up a little, maybe I’d be ok with it. I only recommend going on... Value Wednesdays!! Cost of food and drinks are overpriced but that’s just about anywhere if there is some type of concert. Over all- the Rodeo is awesome and I’ll never stop going!! If you want to go and miss the carnival, you won’t miss out on anything!! See More
Juda Brown Hammons
· April 29, 2018
I loved the rodeo the music everything. I love sitting around outside people watching meeting new people. But I must say black heritage night leaves a lot to be desired. The performers lately just not... getting it for me. My I suggest a Black Country western singer. I know they are slim but use what we have. I really don’t see why it had to be R & B. Personally I like count western at the rodeo anyway. Ijs. See More
Ali Salman
· March 20, 2018
It was fun to be there and spend time with family. The two down sides were, my 4 yo son cried a lot since he was denied for most of the carnival rides, I know safety and such thing but for some rides farris wheel there is no reason to deny him with both parents, and the other thing was the prices, I mean $4 for a bottled water and $10 for bud light is really over priced. See More
Dolores Trevino Sosa
· March 19, 2018
Thank you for Garth Brooks!! He was awesome and wished it didn’t have to end!
On a little downer...though I appreciate all the volunteers (and I know a few) I wish they were more considerate. I und...erstand they have to find empty seats but at another show I was lucky enough to score Action seats and they kept getting up and switching seats when all I wanted was to see the rodeo. We missed a lot of great moments because they couldn’t decide where to sit and were being disruptive. No consideration for those they were blocking the view. Disappointing. See More
Jennifer Stringer Grant
· March 19, 2018
I complained last year about the over flowing trash cans at the livestock show and carnival and I didn’t see that. Very happy to see that was taken care of.

This year I went to 2 shows and I have a m...ajor complaint - the cops directing traffic were so ridiculous. They emptied out an entire lot turning left in front of us while we were on Main St for 25 minutes. TWENTY FIVE minutes we sat on Main Street without moving with the cops directly in front of us emptying out a lot. Seriously?! What we’re they thinking? It took us over an hour to get to 59 from the yellow lot. If we’re going to be proud of breaking attendance records each there then we need to focus on making the guests that attend as comfortable as possible. See More
Joyce Rehm Eisler
· March 20, 2018
Loved the volunteers and workers. Loved seeing Brad Paisley (He is a great entertainer). Everyone was so nice and professional. We lost our keys and a volunteer found them and returned them. Howeve...r, NRG stadium seats are WAY TOO SMALL! Very uncomfortable even for someone not overweight. Add to that the fact that we had a heavyset person next to us and it was like being on a United Airlines flight for six hours. Unfortunately, we will not go to NRG again because of the small uncomfortable seats. Seems NRG would rather cram people in than have them be comfortable. See More
Maureen Liles
· March 19, 2018
Rodeo on closing night with Garth, how much better can it get!!!!! Making a date to go back and see Garth on the Rodeo’s 100th Anniversary! Why worry about the negative...prices, rude people, traffi...c, tomorrow is not promised. I am truly blessed to have been with my one and only Loving daughter and friends and the Best Entertainer ever Garth Brooks! 75,577 record holder! See More
Shanta Williams
· March 20, 2018
Well last year i enjoyed myself a whole lot more then dis year hell last year me and my family went at least 4 time's cuz da price 2 get in wuz reasonable 2 get in now dis year 15 dollars a person i had paid 80 dollars just 2 get in then turned around and spunt another 100 on tickets which went so quick we only got a chance 2 ride 2 rides a piece and dat wuz it then bought food which cost me another 90 sumthing dollars then da restrooms were so nasty and dirty then 2 top it off they even charges u a dollar just 4 a cup of ice when u already have ur own cup but all i do know is if them prices go up next year just 2 get in i will not be attending cuz dat is ridiculous 2 a single woman who is barley making ends meet. See More
Brad Luis
· March 20, 2018
I felt cheated
The seats were great but the value that I paid Vs how long the concert was absolutely sucked. That stadium staff was rude and inconsiderate of the crowd size for this event. The face va...lue of the tickets were only $30 and yet I paid almost $1200 including fees and inflated seat prices. This will be our first and last Houston rodeo concert. See More
Ashley Jones Beauregard
· March 19, 2018
Love the rodeo...prices are outrageous for the carnival. Kids were very disappointed they only got to play 2 games each-3 kids...$40 total spent. Games probably average about $6-$7 each. Consession p...rices were high too!! Would love to be able to go more if it was more affordable. See More
Annabelle Martinez
· March 19, 2018
I loved watching Garth Brooks perform. He is an awesome entertainer. It was a treat to also see his wife perform. I would give him 5 �. The carnival itself is over priced and over rated, the reason fo...r 3 �. Some of the games weren't working properly. I've been to the rodeo for several years and I don't remember the games looking so sad. My son wanted to play skee ball, which he eventually did but he had to wait for a lane that worked. I agree the carnival rides as well as the food, both at carnival and in the stadium, are too expensive.....and not that good. It would be great if the food/drink prices were lowered. See More
Frank Butkiewicz
· March 21, 2018
The food selection in both the carnival and the stadium are getting better!!!
The drink prices need to drop a bit... $4.00 waters and $9.25 beers are a bit much...
The concert and the new stage were b...oth awesome! Hope Garth returns... See More
Tonda Urbanowski
· March 22, 2018
I personally think the most awesome part of HLSR is the opportunities given to those trying to get somewhere. Whether that is the students showing animals and hoping to gain assistance for college or... the aspired entertainment on the Stars over Texas Stage Madison Paige entertained a total of 3 times and I know this girl will someday be on that big stage. Her drive, talent, look everything about her is show quality. She did an amazing job on the stage and represented HLSR proud. I really hope until she makes the ticket sales BIG stage that HLSR brings her back again in 2019. This girl is adorable and oh so talented!!! See More
Melissa Esquibel
· March 20, 2018
Last day there I went with my kids and hadron park far away it was 20$ !! Then as we are crossing the street this cop singles us out and yells do y’all have tickets I’m like yes he stops what he doing... which was directing traffic to come and make sure I do !! He was rude there was people passing by and he ask nothing from them just us !! Then we get to the gate they don’t even check my purse not good with everything going on in this world !! Prices for the rides was too much 20 tickets for a ride crazy !! See More
Cindy Martin
· March 20, 2018
Always a great experience when I go. Was a very nice surprise to see a new stage for the performers. I loved how they opened up the show with it. Killen's barbecue was a real treat. Best pulled pork s...andwich I think I've ever had. Had a wonderful time. See More
Marcy Meszaros Cross
· March 20, 2018
When I purchased the tickets I clicked on actual seats. What we got was SRO. Contacted the rodeo by phone to try to rectify the situation and was told to contact Flash Tickets which was a joke. No one... ever picked up the phone or returned my emails. Decided ok, well we will still have fun, after all it's Garth. The available SRO was five to seven people deep. Had the vendors all moved forward six feet there would have been much more room for SROs to actually see. Security told us we could go to a higher level to try to get better views. The 300 level had plenty of room against the rails but security wouldn't let us stay, but were nice enough to escort us to the escalator and suggesting we go higher. We went up the 500 level and stood against the wall. We had a pretty decent view and were joined by other people also standing against the wall where we remained through the end of the rodeo part. Just before Garth started security came and told us we had to leave, go back down to the 100 level because the Fire Marshall woudn't allow us to stay against the wall. With us standing against the wall there was more than enough room for 2-3 people to walk side by side. No one was jammed against railings like sardines. Customer Service was unable to get a person in front of me to rectify the situation. Too many SRO tickets were sold. The rodeo chasing the almighty buck ruined our night. I bought tickets to a concert, not to watch a large screen. I could've done that at home for so much less money and hassle. Instead of enjoying my favorite artist I spent the evening angry, irritated, frustrated and upset. I had friends visiting that had driven 1200 miles to watch a TV screen. Then to top it all off, the show was limited to just over an hour. Customer Service told me "yeah, that's how it always is" and were very dismissive. An artist the caliber of Garth Brooks should not be limited to 70 minutes. I will never go back. Ever. See More
Simon VanDyk
· March 20, 2018
RodeoHouston is an event like no other. Whether you have been going since you were a kid or you are thinking about going for the first time, there is always something new to see or experience.
Amanda Joy Hahn
· March 19, 2018
I have been attending rodeo Houston for over 20 years and have been a volunteer for 10 years now. I love everything about rodeo, but this year I encountered MULTIPLE rude staff members. These were NOT... volunteers but PAID staff of NRG. I had to actually request a supervisor when dealing with a rude bag checker at the gates of the stadium (supervisor was extremely nice) and another staff member at the exit gate of the carnival leading to the blue and volunteer lots actually placed his hands on my boyfriend. We were going to file an assault charge on the man, because that was completely unacceptable, but it was the last night and honestly I was just fed up and wanted to ride some rides before going home...not spend the last bit of time doing paperwork, so that guy got lucky. Things that have gone on for years and worked just fine are being changed and I feel a large part is people feeling they have too much power and not knowing what to do with it. Lastly, parking. Stop closing off gate 8 when there are clearly spots all in the lot. That is a perk of volunteering. I had my day pass and v-tag and was forced all the way to the yellow lot because blue tags where being ushered into the volunteer area. This is not ok. Rodeo Houston does AMAZING things for our youth and is an awesome organization, I would hate to see it fail after all these years because of an abundance of rude, incompetent people. See More
Patti Miranda
· March 20, 2018
Had a great time at Garth Brooks concert, what a great way to end the Rodeo! The volunteers are so friendly, loved the fast service for the shuttles. But There should have been more gates open leaving... the yellow lot, took forever to get out! See More