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Eli Howe
· March 13, 2018
Sometimes love don't feel like it should - got the R8 for my birthday after I tried a friend's and raved about it to my girlfriend. I have used stick rollers and foam rollers in the past, and they wo...rk well, but I love how the R8 makes it easier to hit every muscle. I don't need to lie on the floor and use my body weight, or my nearly non-existent arm strength, to get a good massage. This thing hurts so good! See More
Jack Doelcher
· March 21, 2018
Holy Crap....this thing is great, I'm 67 years old, I'm diabetic and in need of both knees and one ankle being replaced, 2 hrs ago the Roll Recovery arrived, I can walk again, my feet feel warm, blood... is flowing, WOW!
I sound like a shill, or someone out of a revival! Best purchase ever, I'm ordering another now!
Do not try to save money by getting the other product on Amazon, that one is a cheap piece of crap, no comparison!
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Alyssa Schmidt
· January 10, 2018
I have had so much trouble properly foam rolling/stretching my calves, which are very prone to tightness after longer runs. Using the r8 is the absolute best post-workout routine I’ve ever had! I feel... refreshed and ready to go and not nearly as tight the following day. I can’t recommend this miracle worker enough! See More
Ryan Hoke
· January 2, 2018
I've had issues with tight calves almost all my life, getting older hasn't made them better. I received the R8 as a gift this Christmas from my wife. I was so excited to get it, that upon opening it... I started using it. In just 5 minutes a day, my calves feel better than they have in years. Thanks Roll Recovery for making a great product. See More
Loretta Montgomery
· December 1, 2017
Overnight a difference.

I’ve rolled with sticks, and all types of foam rollers and I have never felt the type of relief I felt overnight after using the R8. Even some LMT haven’t given me the relief ...I felt this morning. If it compares to anything I would say it was like an ART massage for me, but no bruising. See More
Tammy Lee Koch Hamzavi
· February 14, 2018
This is the best roller I have ever used! As soon as I bought the R8, I threw my other foam rollers in the garbage. Thanks for making such a great product! I will be telling all my friends about it.
Missie Jacobson
· November 14, 2017
R8 best thing I have ever bought. It helped work put scare tissue on my hip. Helped me to run again! Now to look at the R3!
Yateesh Mallya
· May 9, 2017
I've been using R8 contraption for the past 5 months now which I purchased at RNR Vegas expo.

Best investment so far. I love it on how it tackles the tension in the quads, hamstrings and the calves ...

1. It pains at the start, but later you feel it so relaxing once you get used to it.
2. Portable and easy to carry in your backpack or gym bag.

I recently purchased R3 foot roller. Used it once so far and like how it loosens those tension on the soles. Can also be used on the calves, ankle portion. Portable and can be used at work too.

Must say, a great tool. I would defy recommend Roll Recovery to my friends(runners).

Keep up the good work.
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Allie Lundberg
· May 24, 2017
Buy. The. R8. I have been battling IT band syndrome for 3 months. I had been foam rolling, doing yoga, stretching, going to physical therapy, and pretty much everything with no relief. I bit the bulle...t and bought the R8.

I rolled with the R8 in the morning and before bed every day. After one week, I could run again pain free for the first time in months. With marathon training right around the corner, I am seriously so relieved and excited about how well the R8 worked. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!
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Saurabh Kakkar
· January 19, 2017
OK, so I ve been using the R8 Roller for last 15 days now.
I am not a pro athlete so I won't use fancy words or scientific things .. I will just say what I feel after using this .
Used it during my Strength Training( Legs and Arms), Endurance as well as during Functional workout and this product amazed me everywhere.

Legs and Arms Workout : used it before before warm-up sets and I could feel the difference immediately. Muscles become more flexible and got activated immediately which usually happens after two sets. Used it in between sets and the fatigue is gone.
Best part is after the workout .. the soreness is much much less the next day after legs workout which is usually the worst day... That means faster recovery. (No more Zombie Walking)

Endurance and functional : used it before my runs and Functional workout and the major difference is that I have better control on my muscles and muscles gets warmed up and activated much sooner which really helps in injury free workout especially during Functional.

Overall it's a wonderful product .. I had my doubts before and even after ordering it specially when I have to import it and pay huge shipping charge .. but I think it's worth every penny I spent.

Thanks Team Roll Recovery .
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Ashlee Joy Sikes
· November 25, 2016
Wow!! #rollrecovery you are UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I have to just tell everyone that I have been using the program to assist in loosening up scar tissue that is contributing to my lymphedema. I have been i...n a breast cancer battle for over two years, and I have been trying everything to see if it helps. My dad called to thank the company and let them know what I was using it for and they sent me the entire line as a gift!!!!! I am speechless! See More
Justin Mckenzie
· July 14, 2017
I have only had my R8 for a week now and can say I have just found my love of my life ����
Amazing how much better my legs feel when running and even better after a run I roll them with my R8
Paul Sinclair
· November 29, 2014
Been using this (torture) device for over a year and love it. It's incredibly well made and feels like it will last for years. And most importantly, works very well on calves, ITB, inner thighs,, and glutes. I've tried every similar device (stick, multiple foam rollers, trigger point balls and wheels, lacrosse ball) and this is my overall favorite. It's a bit heavy to carry to races and on trips, and yet I usually brig it along because it's that good. See More
Stephanie Reutner
· July 18, 2015
This invention really does it right! I have been getting help from a physical therapist, especially dry needling. It got expensive going though and not handy to go in all the time. The roll recover...y system makes it so easy to work on problem areas great for PREVENTING problems! I am just a casual hiker but feeling good is wonderful and the roll recovery system helps me feel that way! Thanks for this great invention! See More
Eric Lubell
· April 21, 2017
Roll Recovery products are AMAZING. I especially love the R8 unit, which is perfect for working the muscles in nearly every appendage. Better yet, is the customer service from this company. responsive to questions and orders. The only problem is that they need to upgrade their supplier so they have inventory more often! Thanks Roll Recovery! See More
Pattie Himes McNally
· September 14, 2014
I've been dealing with very tight legs all season. Finally broke down and ordered this after reading several reviews. This thing saved me during the past weekend participating in the Reach the Beach r...elay that consisted of 3 legs of running in 24 hours and no chance to foam roll after running due to having to jump in the van to get to the next transition area. Even my teammates who were skeptical of it were rolling in the van. Thank you..... See More
Surg Runner
· January 11, 2015
Added the ROLL R8 to my LA Marathon training, with the hopes of avoiding the stress fractures and torn hip cartilage that set me back in previous marathons. I'm up to 16.5 miles in 2 hours without pr...oblem (further than I ran before both Boston and Philly). I'm actually shocked I don't have any leg pain whatsoever. My piriformis has never felt so great! My job leaves little time for training, no less recovery. The R8 gets the job done in minimal time. Love, love, love the Roll R8!!!! See More
Aliza Breault
· April 16, 2016
My husband just got a gift of R8 from me, his wife, for Boston and he immediately started using it. He said oh my this is way better than any roller we've had in the past! Ahh-mazzing feeling rolling ...out the pains with ROLL Recovery! Hey, I get to use it too!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ See More
Wendy Koch Bendersky
· January 24, 2017
I've always had tight ITBs. Being a mom of 4 kids, I rarely have time to foam roll let alone get on the floor and do it. The R8 allows me to quickly get a deep tissue massage while sitting or standing.... And the best legs feel AMAZING afterwards. Well done Roll Recovery. Well done! 👏🏼 See More
Dawn Kurt Beaumont
· July 15, 2016
Ordered this from Australia direct from USA and it arrived within 5 business days. The best tool I've ever used. Struggling to keep it for myself with my husband wanting it all the time
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