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January 3

We've created a separate Facebook page for our spin-off project: P2P VPS

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The test network is alive!

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Chris Troutner

Great moments in internet history: Bringing the marketplace online.

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We're making steady progress on the P2P VPS marketplace:

Official Post from P2P VPS: Join our new slack channel, and say 'Hello'!Latest Updates: Demo of the new OpenBazaar Interface Docker Stack illustrated New Slack Channel!Next Steps: Update specifications Fix User Interface (UI) Create Listing Manager

I just finished creating this short, simple introduction video to my latest open source project! It focuses on incentivising people to use a decentralized internet:

You can also check out the Patreon page for the project:

This is an introductory video to the P2P VPS Marketplace.

The 'outstanding' filtered comments on this Slashdot article really get to the heart of censorship on the internet. What is your opinion if anonymity and censorship on the internet?

We're making steady progress on our newest project: RPi Broker, a federated marketplace of Raspberry Pis, promoting anonymous, censorship resistant servers. More info at

Update 09-08-2017 This video demonstrates the early prototype of the marketplace, as well as how a Raspberry Pi IoT device will be registered to the marketpl...

Tired of reading news stories of government censorship and corporate over-reach on the internet? RPi Broker aspires to be a censor-less federation of pseudo-anonymous servers. Check it out:

RPi Broker aspires to create a marketplace offering Virtal Private Servers (VPS), similar to Digital Ocean or Vultr. Instead of using a data center, the marketplace would instead use an array of psudo-anonymous Raspberry Pi or other IoT devices. Anyone with an internet connection and a device capabl...

We're growing rapidly and looking for help! Read our 2017 Roadmap blog post to learn more:

← back to the blog 2017 Road Map Written by Chris Troutner on 1/15/17 2016 was a productive year for RPi OVN, the RPi-Tracker, and Crumb Share. These ideas were born and developed, but it's largely been a two-person operation. 2017 is the year that we will launch to the public, and hopefully bring i...

How do I get paid?!

Find out how profit is shared and created at RPiOVN:

← back to the home page How it Works This page discusses how profit is created and shared among the members of How Profit is Created Revenue is created in two primary ways: affiliate sales and retail product sales. Affiliate sales make up a minor source of revenue, with retail product…

What is an Open Value Network (OVN)? Here is a blog post with reference links to a lot of great resources for answering that question:

← back to the blog What is an Open Value Network? If the term Open Value Networks (OVNs) is new to you, that's not surprising. They are far from a well-established business model, but the idea is beautiful and potentially world-changing. Here are a few links to bring you up to speed: Owning Is the...
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