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12 Great Places to Retire for Good Health http://ow.ly/1qfH30dXHME

These 12 cities, including some choice neighborhoods, give you opportunities to get fit, eat well, enrich your brain and sometimes simply kick back.

3 problems that can knock your retirement plans off track http://ow.ly/O4pf30dXHI7

High fees, missed employee matches and early withdrawal penalties could leave you with less than you expected for retirement.
cnbc.com|By Kelli Grant, CFP

Never worry again about where you put your important information and financial statements. The Generational Vault is here: http://ow.ly/n7it30dXHE3

Never again worry about forgetting where you put your trusts, wills, powers of attorney, insurance policy, investments and other critical documents...

Are you looking for financial clarity and multi-generational wealth? http://ow.ly/a7PH30dhz2Z

Our firm takes pride in providing comprehensive retirement planning services to our clients. We review our clients’ wills, estate plans/trusts,...

9 Essential Ways To Fund Retirement http://ow.ly/eBZ630dhyRw

Even if you're behind on your retirement savings, there are various ways you can save for and fund retirement. Here are nine ways you can do both.

Why women can expect a long retirement — and should save accordingly http://ow.ly/mpYW30dhyFt

Too many women fail to realize they could live into their eighties or nineties, or more — and that's how long their savings need to last.

Not Saving Enough for Retirement? Hit the Gym http://ow.ly/kLE030dhysJ

Healthier behaviors can help you stay on the job if you need to delay retirement.

5 Important Social Security Questions You Should Know: http://ow.ly/Mh2m30dhy6o

5 Important Social Security Questions You Should Know For many retirees, Social Security benefits form the foundation of their retirement income....

Six common myths that can mess up your retirement. http://ow.ly/F5FB30cbT1U

These misconceptions can hurt your retirement savings and make life tougher in your golden years. Here's how to separate fact from fiction.
cnbc.com|By CNBC

The Best Cities If You Hate Sitting In Traffic http://ow.ly/PBRN30cbSTv

How easily you can get around in the retirement destination of your choice? Check out our Forbes list of the 25 best places to retire without a car...

Your Vacation Isn't Worth Compromising Your Financial Security http://ow.ly/5Ify30cbSL6

A number of U.S. workers favor their smartphones, cars and vacations over their retirement plans. No, they aren't Millennials.

Take the Color of Money Risk Analysis and discover your overall risk preferences. http://ow.ly/Jdjd30cbSoM


How can you maximize your Social Security? http://ow.ly/LYpK30bmfcA

5 Important Social Security Questions You Should Know For many retirees, Social Security benefits form the foundation of their retirement income....

The 7 elements of a successful retirement http://ow.ly/4GFr30bmf4S

Retirement requires flexibility and a comprehensive look at your lifestyle.

6 Ways to Cut Your Expenses in Retirement http://ow.ly/FXvE30bmeLG

Are you worried that you won't have enough saved up to fund your retirement? Cutting your expenses may be the solution.

What does your financial picture look like? What are your overall risk preferences? Find out by taking this short, Color of Money Risk Analysis. http://ow.ly/tJbA30bmenM


The Secret to Spending Time Abroad in Retirement http://ow.ly/aedm30awfwo

Make the most of an extra-long vacation.