Video of members of the ADF Paralympic Sports Contingent competing in the Bronze Medal match, we are very proud of the team.
Special documentary - Coming Home
A few images from the 100th Anniversary Commemoration of The Battle of Fromelles at Sydney's ANZAC Memorial Hyde Park last Tuesday.
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Anne Lane
· March 26, 2017
I write in response to Lucy Williams’ recent comments on the RSL NSW Facebook page.

I do not know of your service background Lucy, but I am responding to your ...retort: re our military past.
What is your war experience? Did you experience mine incidents or contacts with incoming enemy fire? May I remind you that you are not the only veteran, if you are one, who feels hard-done by.

WW1 and WW11 were our worst war years and they should be remembered. Also, we should always remember that our Korea and Vietnam veterans were treated poorly for their commitment to our country, not least by the RSL, but also by our civilian population and our government.

I am a Vietnam veteran of a combat arms unit and President of an RSL sub-Branch and I am very proud of this. You are unfairly bagging ALL RSL sub-Branches. Might I suggest that you get off your ass and check around? There are a lot of sub-Branches that are bending over backwards to assist our recent/younger veterans.

So I say to you, join the RSL and then go about making changes for the better from within, and contribute rather than whinge. There were a lot of great people who gave of their lives so that you and I and all Australians can live in a time of peace and good fortune, and we will remember them.

Bob Chapman
President, Tamworth sub-Branch
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Lucy Williams
· January 15, 2017
I would like to see RSL NSW FB publish a more balanced version of the RSL. All you seem to publish is the 'glory days' (long since past) of war.

How about som...e stories about the current hardships faced by today's veterans, or the truth about where all the money raised is going to?

I'd like to see you address to stories like why the RSL spent $93k defending a committee member who should have defended himself. More transparency is required.

I'd like to know which organisations the RSL donates to (and have refused to, and why), organisations that are actively helping modern war veterans who have problems now. I'd like to know why legitimate organisations that are actively working with veterans now, to prevent the high rate of veteran suicide, get knocked back for donations from the RSL. I haven't seen any stories on that yet.

The constant whitewashing of the RSL image is the reason young veterans don't support you. You use our sacrifice to better your image, while missing your opportunities to help us. You have an opportunity to change that by engaging truthfully with us and presenting a more balanced FB page.

If we can't get the information from you, we get if from elsewhere, and from what I've seen, the RSL, and it's attitude towards modern veterans doesn't look good.
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Jay Devereux
· April 29, 2017
The sacking of Glenn Kolomeitz is a disgrace. He has been the breath of fresh air the RSL needed to move into the 21st Century and with this horrendous act the RSL has proven they do not have the interests of veterans as their main priority.
Teena Madelaine
· August 3, 2016
Myself and two girlfriends went to Our local Merimbula RSL for lunch today however never got quite that friend who is currently going through treatment ...for brain cancer was wearing a very stylish beret to keep her head warm as treatment makes one more sensitive to the cold. We entered the club and made out way to the restaurant,bought a soft drink at bar and went to find a table.the manager of the club was sitting in the restaurant having lunch with a lady. Manager stood up briskly and rushed over and asked my friend to take her hat explanation. If we had the opportunity to sit down he would have found she takes her hat off anyway when dining.his manner was so rude and Wehrmacht we did sit down we were stunned and asked ourselves what was that all about and how rude and odd his behaviour and attitude.being a small town my friends situation is well known to the manager and no small pleasantries were passed before the demand to take hat.i proceeded to politely ask manager why she had to take hat off.he was very long winded and bordering on argumentative about respect for the RSL etc etc.i believe most of us are well aware of what the RSL stands for and have the utmost respect and support with many of out family members being soldiers long ago. It is with disgust,hurt and shame for the managers attitude towards a very dear lady having a very hard could so easily been done with dignity,respect and compassion.i have taken this matter up with the board of directors and appropriate steps to ensure this member happens to another man or woman ever again. My friend genuinely asked if she should organise a medical certificate for next time as she enjoys the club.the manager stated no just call us a few days before!!! Outrageous!!! See More
William A Cooper
· March 18, 2014
right now not much. it appears we are going back to the old Vietnam days when i was refused admittance to my local RSL after i returned from Vietnam in 1966 an...d my father was a foundation member of the club.
not allowing old vets to march under their own unit banners is a disgrace and you should hang your heads in shame, any number of org's would put their hands up to assist and carry their banners for them. and you wonder why all you have in a lot of clubs are associate members and not full returned members .
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Angela Greenstreet
· May 1, 2017
This was taken off Post Traumatic Life's page. Take a read!!!

I feel I need to get something off my chest and I need to do it while ANZAC Day is fresh in ever...yone's mind, I chose to do it in this forum as it's the largest audience I could ever get.

As you may be aware I attended the Dawn service and the march in Sydney city this year, the dawn service kicked off at 0430 and there was a fairly massive crowd there, security was tight and there was a large police presence which was great, well done to the police for this.

However this is where things went downhill. The dawn service was simulcast on 2gb and other radio stations and the MC was sure to let everyone know this, several times. I'm all for this, to get the service out to as many people possible but it really detracted from the service and it seemed the MC was over commentating on the events, to the point that when the simulcast ended he had a sign off that lasted about 2 minutes.

The dawn service is traditionally a short service with little pomp and ceremony. Show up say a couple of prayers, sing a couple of songs, lay some wreaths, last post, minute silence, ruse, end. It seems the Sydney service has forgotten this and now attempts to make the service into an 'event' and I thought it was almost disrespectful and at times bordered on being a commercial event. Sadly, I think, we will one day see sponsorship for these events, I hope I'm long dead by the time this happens......

So I persevered through the dawn service and even tolerated some dickhead chanting anti war shit (good job again to the police for shutting him down so quickly). We headed off had breakfast, enjoyed the amazing sunrise and walked around the city. During this time walking around I noticed many people (younger people 30-40ish) walking around and had obviously had a few beers/rums with their relatives WW2 medals on their left (the wrong side if the medals aren't yours). I didn't say anything to these people as I didn't want an altercation.

So I headed off to the form up point for the march, which was easy enough to find, at about 0830 ready of the 0900 kick off, while there I met some nice people and even ran into my boss from many years ago. But after waiting there for more than 2.5 hours waiting to march I gave up..... This greatly disappointed me as I wanted Ang and the boys to see me march and I wanted to march in what is arguably the biggest march in Australia.

To add insult to injury, once I got back to Ang and the boys I found out that WW2 veterans had marched first (good), then formed bodies (units and ships marching in uniform)(again good), then, this is where I get confused, police, ambos, firies, STATE FUCKING RAIL, schools, other groups THEN contemporary veterans (or if you don't like that term, modern veterans). This was a flat out fucking insult to all those who have served post WW2, this is where the RSL has a disconnect, if they want the latest crop of veterans to support the RSL how about you treat us as equals!!!! I'm all for the WW2 vets marching first and I'm not totally opposed to all these other groups marching but, for fucks sake, let each and every veteran march at the front on ANZAC Day, as the day is all about returned servicemen and servicewomen!!!

As I was walking away from the march, in disgust, I witnessed something that further enraged me (and I still feel guilty today knowing I didn't do anything about it, in my defence I was that pissed off at this stage I was likely to hurt someone) was that a school group who had saxophones and other brass instruments had laid the Australian National Flag ON THE GROUND and laid their fucking instruments on it!!!!! I was fucking livid!!!!! How dare they disrespect the ANF like that!!!! I had to remember that they were kids and wouldn't have known any better, however their teacher should have fucking known!!!!!

Anyhow, after all this we went back to the motel had a rest and a couple of beers which were well enjoyed after such a big day.

So I guess if you take anything away from this it would be;

1. If you are involved in organising an ANZAC Day dawn service please remember the tradition of the ceremony and please don't detract from what has been a part of the fabric that makes Australia what it is. Don't try and turn it into some extravagant event just to draw numbers. Please keep it as it has been for the last 100+ years.

2. Parents, carers, teachers, adults PLEASE teach the next generation of kids about the importance of OUR national flag, let them know that men and women travel overseas and fight to keep you safe and there would be no greater honour than returning home in a box draped with the Australian flag. It's not just some rag that should be tossed on the floor, it's a sacred flag that should never be allowed to touch the ground, it's an honour to carry the flag at any event and it should only be flown during the daylight hours or, at night, if it has a permanent light on it. Please teach this!!!!! This is our culture!!!

3. Please teach the next generation how important ANZAC Day is to Australia, teach them about the origins of the ANZACs and teach them everything about the ADF right up to the modern ANZACs.

Finally pay your respects to those that have served, we were all willing to die for your freedom, I think that, at least, deserves a handshake or a pat on the back once a year.......
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Jack Andersen
· April 5, 2017
Have let down young veterans. Misconduct of the highest order
Mark Baxter
· January 23, 2014
I would like to see a couple of big tv screen placed on corner of Martin place and George street during dawn service. The small kids who make the effort along w...ith family and elderly to be part of the service deserve to be able to see as well as here what is taking place on the cenotarth . I ask if you agree like, share or email a local RSL
Thank you.
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Paul Copeland
February 9, 2013
Please sign this worthwhile petition to have our peacekeepers honoured in the respectful manner that they deserve! There are now 34,231 supporters, and need to ...get to 35,000 supporters in the next few days. Your support by signing and passing onto your friends will be most appreciated. Support our fallen Peacekeepers!

Please get this out to all of your friends. I will provide a report on the progress of this matter shortly.
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Adam Thomson
· January 15, 2014
Hey paul McKay is playing hide and seek with DVA.. Bet they can't find and help him before it becomes fun for the lads...Anyone know why Captain (army) McKay to...ok off ? I don't however, I don't like how there are no personal skills required, for the employee rd, some are good and bad so let's all find him.. Our private Ryan of mental health......! See More
Bronte Pollard
· July 1, 2015
Great work St Mary's SB. After a rocky couple years we are now trying to achieve the same thing. Vets young and old all are welcome at North Sydney sub-Branch.
Les Nicholas
· March 18, 2014
Like RSL,s all over Australia the powers that be only think of themselves and not of there returned vet members.
Glenda Miller
· April 27, 2014
You couldn't leave well enough alone...the result ? Diggers unsure of where to line up, no Banner AND Diggers almost missing out on marching. If you really did consider the older Diggers this would not have happened.
Jim Macken
· March 20, 2014
I agree with all these comments I think all who turn up and have the cheek to draw a wage within Anzac House should resign starting with Mr Don Rowe it will save more costs of a suite of rooms at Hyde Park Inn.I would rate it at minus 5 stars
Matthew Reynolds
· January 15, 2014
it seems to me that you are not interested in the actual returned service personnel then you are on your coffers, I would like an explanation as to why Sub bran...ches are being shut down. especially when a small towns community seem to support these groups more then the R.S.L. At the end of the day we will still be marching ANZAC Day, and there are many other groups whom are willing to help out returned soldiers to deal with there demons. VIETNAM VETS AND PEACE KEPPING ASOSIATION is more supportive to returned service men. and yes I am a returned servicemen how many of you administrators whom make these decisions are... See More
Harvey Porter
· September 7, 2013
They support servicemen and women, veterans, ex-service people and their families!
Chris Perrin
· May 30, 2013
Great work by a great team
Graeme Smith
· April 24, 2014
RSL, what a disgrace.
Aytuner Akbas
· December 28, 2015
Insanligin mutlulugu icin calisan insanlarin merhametinden dogan guzellik gelecek nesiller ic ovunc heykeli olur.Onlarin tasiyacagi en guzel onur madalyasidir.ATALARINDAN YADIGAR

On this day in 1942 Private Arthur Stanley Gurney, of 2/48th Australian Infantry Battalion, 2nd AIF, was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry and unselfish bravery during an attack on a strong German position at Tel el Eisa, Egypt. His actions enabled his company to press forward successfully to its objective, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy. (Source: Australian War Memorial).

Image may contain: one or more people

On 22nd July 1942 the battle of the Kokoda Trail in New Guinea began. The Japanese were forced to try and take Port Moresby (vital to the defence of Australia) by land after their attempts to reach it by sea, at the battle of the Coral Sea, had failed. The only route open to them was over the Owen Stanley Range via the Kokoda Trail, which became the scene of heavy fighting and is one of the most significant battles for Australians in World War Two. (Source: Australian War Memorial; Kokoda Commemoration).

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Sisters Cawood, Deacon and Ross-King and Staff Nurse Derrer, were awarded Military Medals for rescuing patients trapped in a burning Casualty Clearing Station at Trois Arbes in France. They were the first bravery awards won by Australian nurses in action. (Source: Australian War Memorial).

Image may contain: text

Lest we forget - Remembering Olof 'Zac' Isaksson.…/olof-zac-isaksson-most-senior-offic…

Rat of Tobruk won the Military Cross at the 2nd Battle of El Alamein

Seven officers and six ratings were killed in the attack on HMAS Hobart. Though badly damaged the Hobart was able to reach Espirtu Santo the next day. She underwent temporary repairs and was escorted to Sydney, arriving on 26th August for extensive repairs which kept her out of service until December 1944. (Source: Australian War Memorial;

Image may contain: text

Fromelles was the first major battle for Australians on the Western Front and was intended primarily as a ruse to draw German troops away from the Somme offensive. Unfortunately the Germans were not surprised by the attack of the 5th Australian and 61st British Divisions and the Australians and British suffered heavily. The 61st British Division suffered 1,547 casualties; the Germans, little more than 1,000. (Source: Australian War Memorial).

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The Government’s number one priority is keeping Australians safe. The Prime Minister was at Holsworthy Barracks today, announcing the changes that will make it ...easier for Defence to work together with Federal, State and Territory Police in the event of a terrorist incident.

WATCH a short clip here:
READ more about the announcement here:

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A section of VFA-115 and VFA-27 F/A-18E Super Hornets execute a fan break over RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland at the conclusion of a 4-hour close air support training mission. The mission was conducted in support of Exercise Talisman Saber 2017.

Posted by Talisman Saber
Talisman Saber

A section of VFA-115 and VFA-27 F/A-18E Super Hornets execute a fan break over RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland at the conclusion of a 4-hour close air support training mission. The mission was conducted in support of Exercise Talisman Saber 2017.

Go behind the scenes with Royal Australian Navy elite divers

Talisman Saber

Go behind the scenes with Royal Australian Navy elite divers...

Australian Clearance Dive Team 4 joined forces with Hydrographic Survey Ship HMAS Melville and C...oastal Mine Hunters HMA Ships, Diamantina, Gascoyne and Huon for mine clearance and diving operations in advance of amphibious beach landings as part of Exercise #TalismanSaber 2017.

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On the 17th/18th July 1918 Lieutenant Albert Chalmers Borella of 26th Battalion, originally from Borung, Victoria, was awarded the Victoria Cross at Villers-Bretonneux, France. At 36 years of age, Borella was the oldest member of the first AIF to receive the Victoria Cross. He returned to Australia in November of the same year. (Source: Australian War Memorial).

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Anzac Live

Again, we are amazed by the raw emotion, beauty and power of the haka, especially in times of sorrow. These Kiwi soldiers stationed in Iraq paid tribute to a fa...llen comrade, 22-year-old Private Morgan Fraser, who passed away on Wednesday after mountaineering on Mt Taranaki. Private Fraser was part of Task Group Taji, a contingent of Aussie and Kiwi soldiers working to equip local soldiers in the fight against terror. Thanks to New Zealand Army and storyful for the video. #AnzacLive

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When the new fleet arrived in Australia on 4 October 1913 the day was declared a public holiday and was described in the press as the greatest day in Australia's history. (Source: Australian War Memorial).

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On this day in 1941, James Heather Gordon of 2/31st Infantry Battalion, was awarded the Victoria Cross for most conspicuous gallantry near Jezzine in Lebanon when his Company came under intense machine-gun fire. (Source: Australian War Memorial).

Image may contain: one or more people and hat