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In case you missed it, check out "Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace – Where to Start with Mindfulness" https://goo.gl/p1VUjq

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Just published a new article: Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace – Where to Start with Mindfulness https://goo.gl/p1VUjq

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"It’s been proven to not only enhance working relationships but to allow people to become more focused –..." https://goo.gl/RenrhS

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"As the volume of knowledge held globally increases, and this knowledge and expertise gets held in silos..." https://goo.gl/cB4a7b #Trump

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Just published a new article: Collaboration and Mindfulness – How and Why https://goo.gl/cB4a7b #Trump #mindfulness #Collaboration

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"Each fitness method has its own unique benefits but both can leave you feeling more supple, energised..." https://goo.gl/Bz47hZ

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"Boosting spirits and encouraging team members not only increases productivity but also really creates a..." https://goo.gl/8F8MpQ

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Compassionate Mindfulness – Consciously Appreciating Yourself and Increasing Productivity https://goo.gl/RenrhS #Kindness #Change

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"Although some people are more prone to distraction than others (think of your scatty..." https://goo.gl/L2Xf1U #efficiency #Clarity

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"It is the easy access, consistency and the sociability that comes when doing the exercises with..." https://goo.gl/Bz47hZ #Officeyoga

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Office yoga and pilates can leave your office feeling happier, healthier and much more productive. Find out which practice is right for your workplace, and how it can benefit your whole team, in today's blog.

Office yoga and pilates can help alleviate the physical symptoms that we put on our body after long periods of time spent sat at our desks.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could achieve a better sense of focus and calm?

Compassionate mindfulness can enhance office relationships and lead to much greater workplace productivity. Take a look at our blog to learn how simple, daily steps can put you on the path to happiness.

When you’re kinder to yourself, you’re also far more likely to be more productive in the workplace.

How many evenings do you get home from work feeling tense and exhausted?

The truth is you need to slow the mind down to speed up, reduce stress and increase creativity. Discover more in this week's blog post!

How many evenings to you get home from work exhausted? Slowing down can reduce stress, increase creativity and lead to a much more productive workplace.

People spend more hours at work than they do anywhere else, so why wouldn’t they want that to be an environment where they know they are valued?

The corporate wellness we deliver, works. Find out how we can help improve workplace productivity in our latest blog post.

Corporate wellness is important. Think about it, when employees feel appreciated, workplace productivity rises.

Don't fancy trying these? Remember we offer both office and desk Yoga throughout London and the UK.

It's no surprise that sitting at a desk all day is not good for our health. So instead of feeling fidgety with discomfort, try these five yoga poses for...

Wouldn't it be great to have a massage every day? Ah just even the thought of it creates a sense a calm and relaxation. Yes we know it's also unlikely so for the days you can't have a massage here are some self-massage tips.

Go ahead, rub one out.
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Making a business case for workplace wellbeing initiatives continues to be problematic. Intervening in the personal lives of employees by providing a batch