I hate mint foods. I like Thin Mint cookies and those Andes Mints things and sometimes I like mojitos (but lets be honest those don't really taste like mint), but beyond that I think mint is gross. It is for toothpaste and gum, things you don't swallow. Why would I want toothpaste flavored ice cream? Gross. Get that shit away from me. The rest of the Day 5 production office is deeply offended that I have such a vendetta against mint. For the last several weeks they have tried to get me to eat mint Oreos and mint M&Ms in an effort to change my ways. Silly people. Realizing I would never willingly consume these items, they took matters into their own hands. I left the office to go do secret Day 5 things, and they performed horrific food surgery to remove the mint cream from an Oreo and insert it into an unwilling donut. They returned it to its original spot, knowing I would be none-the-wiser...and waited. Obviously I am currently plotting my revenge.

Danganronpa v3 is finally being released! Here's my plan!

It's been a while since I've posted here (but I am keeping up with updates on FB, Twitter, and my website!) BUT tomorrow is going to be a thing and I don't want anyone to miss it because I have personally been waiting for this for like a year.

This week I get to finally make my triumphant return to @belloflostsouls! Can't wait to get back into the tabletop shenanigans with the rest of that crew Make sure you tune in on Tuesday!

I used to be a very active person and was pretty fit for a long time. Then life happened, and then life really happened, and I fell off the fitness wagon hard. It's time I get back on it, but I also...

What's happening this week? Glad you asked!

TONIGHT - Yeah that's right I'm streaming tonight! It's been a while since we've seen Stardew Valley, so we're going to have some sweet farming action once I get home from work. I expect the stream will start about 8pm.

Wednesday - Workshop Wednesday be early and start at 3pm. Don't worry, it's not a permanent change! We just have adult stuff we have to do in the evening.


Thursday - Tiara Thursday will have a change of venue and be over on BoLS this week! I'm making my return to their studio and bringing tiaras for all.

See you later! 😘

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So much happening!

Games Done Quick is running a weekend-long marathon for Hurricane Harvey relief and is running two Zelda titles: Breath of the Wild on Saturday at 8pm Central and an awesome swordless vs randomized Link to the Past race on Sunday at 11am Central. For both events I will be hosting their stream and hanging out in our channel's chat. In light of the circumstances I will consider these my streams for the weekend and encourage you all to go support GDQ.

Monday 2pm Central we are doing a My Hero Academia chat in the Discord voice channel (accessible to Patreon backers and Twitch subs). It will be assumed anyone in the voice chat is caught up on the anime so spoiler restrictions are only in place relative to the manga. If you're a fan of the show and caught up, join us to share your thoughts!

Starting Sept 6 thru Oct 2 Twitch is offering the ability for new subs to any channel to support their favorite creators for half the normal price for the first month. If you've been wanting to show someone some sweet sub love or know someone else who's wanted to, this is the time! Hint: rtlozeHEART is going to be really useful starting Sept 26.

I got bad about exclusive stuff for Patreon backers and I have a plan for fixing that! I have too much cosplay and art stuff to work on to save it for streams, so now I will be filming time lapse videos of any of this work that takes place offline and posting them to YT for backers! I will also be doing more BTS photos of the progress of these things. If you have ideas for more that you'd like to see, let me know!

💜 you all

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Remember the baking stream? Here's the recipe for what we made so you can have delicious cheesecake too!

Dear goodness, I never posted the recipe for the cheesecake after the baking stream! How did you guys let me get away with that for so long?! In my head I had totally done it...but also in my head I...

I've been making some great progress on my Kyoko Kirigiri (Danganronpa) cosplay!

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Do you like cheesecake? Of course you do. You'll probably want to check out this post then 😁

This Saturday (July 29) is National Cheesecake Day! I love cheesecake, so this is pretty much a religious holiday for me. I, of course, must celebrate by making cheesecake. Duh. The fun extra part is...

Today was neat.

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Official Post from LoZelda: This is where I'd put an Oprah meme but apparently I can only have one picture attached to a post at a time.Literally 2 hours after I made the last post, the mythical sub button arrived! Honestly, I didn't know that was going to happen. Or maybe I did? Am I psychic? Are y...

I feel like a big kid now, I've got a subscriber button on my Twitch page! 😍

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A question for you all!

I'm starting to schedule out games I want to record for YouTube. I'm looking at ideas for both solo play and for another series with LoLink. What games would you like to see me/us play? Are there any...

We're just an hour away from going live with coverage of the Nintendo Direct E3 broadcast! I'm joining the crew at Constantly Calibrating for predictions, discussion, and analysis of what Nintendo is announcing for the coming months. Tune in so you don't miss any of the good stuff!

The Mental Health Breakdown: Episode 3 - Birthdays | Road to 500!

New stream schedule! All times in Central timezone.

Stardew Sunday - 2PM to 5PM
BoLS Tuesday - 5PM to 8PM (on, hosted on my channel)
Creative Wednesday - 7PM to 10PM...
Tiara Thursday - 7PM to 10PM

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The Mad Queen Lives...Or Dies. Probably Dies.

We did it. We finally did it.

*sigh* Well THAT didn't exactly go well... Do over! Website: Patreon: Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch...

Super excited to be joining the ConCal crew for E3 coverage this year!

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Constantly Calibrating
June 7

Constantly Calibrating will be covering all of the E3 Expo press conferences (or most) live! At we'll be providing live comm...entary while you watch along with us!

Join our assorted panels featuring members of our team and special guests like Casting for Two, Superblake, & LoZelda!

We'll be going live about 15 minutes prior to each event for predictions and random commentary, then staying on for a bit afterwards for final thoughts.

For more details and times, check the attached image or below:

Electronic Arts - Saturday at 12PM PT - Josh, Justin, and Superblake
Microsoft - Sunday at 2PM PT - Josh, Brad, Casting for Two, and Justin
Bethesda - Sunday at 7PM PT - Josh, Brad, Casting for Two, and Justin
Ubisoft - Monday at 1PM - Josh and Brad
Sony (Replacing regular podcast) - Monday at 6PM PT - Josh, Brad, Justin, and Superblake
Nintendo Switch - Tuesday at 9AM - Josh, Brad, and LoZelda

Hope you guys can join us for the fun and festivities of rambling E3 predictions!

#E3 #E32017

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