I hate mint foods. I like Thin Mint cookies and those Andes Mints things and sometimes I like mojitos (but lets be honest those don't really taste like mint), but beyond that I think mint is gross. It is for toothpaste and gum, things you don't swallow. Why would I want toothpaste flavored ice cream? Gross. Get that shit away from me. The rest of the Day 5 production office is deeply offended that I have such a vendetta against mint. For the last several weeks they have tried to get me to eat mint Oreos and mint M&Ms in an effort to change my ways. Silly people. Realizing I would never willingly consume these items, they took matters into their own hands. I left the office to go do secret Day 5 things, and they performed horrific food surgery to remove the mint cream from an Oreo and insert it into an unwilling donut. They returned it to its original spot, knowing I would be none-the-wiser...and waited. Obviously I am currently plotting my revenge.

Had a fantastic time at #PAXSouth! It was great being able to actually full-on cosplay at a con, and I had a wonderful time being Kyoko and Lup this weekend.

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Finished it! Can't wait to show this bad boy off at PAXSouth next week. (Phoenix Fire Gauntlet, The Adventure Zone)

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After listening to the entirety of the Balance campaign of The Adventure Zone in under three weeks (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT PODCAST BY THE WAY), LoLink and I decided to whip up cosplays from it for PAX South. It requires a small piece of armor for me, so I'm learning new stuff on the fly. It's my first time working with foam and I'm pretty proud of how it's coming together!

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I'm running a mini-experiment on how music evokes images and emotions, inspired by a a show I've recently gotten into. Want to help?

Music is a powerful emotional tool. Instrumental pieces, with no words to tell you how to feel, resonate with something deep inside and can bring genuine joy or sadness that comes from somewhere I...

I started playing Persona 5 after all of the hype about it.

I have never played a Persona game, but after I became invested in the Danganronpa series I had many people recommend I check the series out. And then I didn't because damn do I have a game backlog...

Happy Thanksgiving from all the pups!

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It's important to know the difference between a fan-base and a community.

Building a community is the hot new thing on the internet. Or rather, talking about building and having a community. Okay it's not really new, but the concept has seen a huge surge in the last two...

The first stream is this afternoon! Stop by, say hello, support a good cause, and maybe play a game or two with me 💜

A fundraising page for LoZelda

I was a bit conflicted yesterday. #HereWeGo #OnePride

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Did you know you can see what streams I have planned by going to You can even set up reminders for yourself if there's something you don't want to miss!

I Dreamed A Dream

Much needed vacation is almost done, and it's produced some cool pictures. More to come later, and story time about our adventures will be had on the first stream back on Wednesday!

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Finished my Kyoko Kirigiri cosplay! Better pictures to come, but here's a peek 💜

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Danganronpa v3 is finally being released! Here's my plan!

It's been a while since I've posted here (but I am keeping up with updates on FB, Twitter, and my website!) BUT tomorrow is going to be a thing and I don't want anyone to miss it because I have personally been waiting for this for like a year.

This week I get to finally make my triumphant return to @belloflostsouls! Can't wait to get back into the tabletop shenanigans with the rest of that crew Make sure you tune in on Tuesday!

I used to be a very active person and was pretty fit for a long time. Then life happened, and then life really happened, and I fell off the fitness wagon hard. It's time I get back on it, but I also...