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Mara Kent
· May 14, 2017
Ruby Skye should close soon. Terrible sound. All of the seating is roped off for VIP. We were there Friday night for what should have been a packed party but it... was sparse. Nobody reserved VIP seating so there was a ton of empty chairs just staring at my tired feet. How rude! But bottom line, the sound system was awful! I wouldn't pay to go see anybody play there. What a shame too. That place used to be legit. So much potential. See More
Kenny Young
· July 6, 2017
The Club Ruby Skye was suppose to remind of something. We saw some guys play. I would of loved to see a girl or woman perform some stronger songs. There wasnt a...ny fights or guys hitting on my X girl. We had some people try to take over for us before. We dressed fancy. I forgot how good it was. It was alot funner then walking to a car from a Rave. I didnt look up some song of my dreams on the way home It was just a different feeling then someone saying hi who didnt have the means to throw a after party.

We really wanted a after party too. . Driving home from a club drunk gets a little shakier then Normal. I think we owe Ruby Skye another one. Get all in shape and bring alot of $. i want to do something in town (after all there was alot of good people). I didnt forget there wasnt any fights, Or that i was involved in some huge treat.
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D Samson Slater
· March 20, 2017
Cons: Security acts like they dont even want to be working there. Securities vibes are a little buzz killer, because their not very nice.. Should probably have ...more seating areas for free, especially if you payed $40 for a ticket. And water should be free. Should have employees dedicated to cleaning up trash, because everyone kept just kept throwing trash everywhere. Also, parking was a major issue for me, took me 35 minutes to find parking.

Pros: i love how there was in and outs for the 21+ event. Great location, right in the middle of all the nigtlife in SF. Good sound system, i like the confetti alot. i also like the smoke machines. You guys know how the throw a good party.. Saturday and Sunday are the best times to go. Party starts to turn up after 11..
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Moreniita Riios
· March 18, 2017
We just found out that Ruby Skye is closing soon. Very disappointed because it is our favorite night club in the city. There's definitely no other club like thi...s one in the area. We are gonna miss all the staff there. Especially Tony at the front door. We always feel welcome whenever we go. He is very organized and nice.
Im pretty sure there's a lot more people dissapointed for this desicion :(
Att. Cesar, Ana, Arlyn, Julio, Eddy, Vanesa, Stephanie, Jesus......
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Marjorie Villanueva
· March 6, 2017
I wanted to point out the staff that works on stage & periodically picks up up empty beer bottles/cups are very attentive. I had asked one gentleman what time ...the performer would be here & was told "Don't know" & took that as the bottom line answer, but then a few minutes later he seeked me out & provided me with the answer to my initial question. GREAT STAFF! Very professional & ATTENTIVE.
Also ordered 2 long island Ice teas & it was NOT watered down. Very PLEASED! Thank you. ~m
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Jessica J Carrillo
· February 8, 2017
They "postpone" the Gucci concert and all they did was post a sign on the door saying No Show Tonight. They were on their social media page posting the day of s...o why couldn't they inform us? They didn't have a recording explaining anything on their phone line when they were informing us of other things. Then StubHub has the nerve to tell me they informed me when they actually sent the email the next day early morning. So I haven't actually been inside the venue but this is the experience I've been provided of so far. So I guess I recommend to always call and confirm with the venue to see if they will actually be having the event. Now I don't know why it was postponed but the way they handled it is terrible. I still can't get a refund because they haven't decided on a different date or whether it will be cancelled or not. They also have not provided an idea of when they would reach their decision or anything of the sort. See More
Just Wendell
· March 20, 2017
This was an awesome club in SF! I have been their many times and always have a good time; members are well dressed and well groomed of all ages.It's always classy; NEVER TRASHY -- believe me-- you've gotta' see it! You must go for yourself.
Caleb Rangel
· May 5, 2017
First time here, drove down from Sacramento. Amazing! I'm glad I got to enjoy Ruby Skye before they close. Hopefully I can make it a few more times before that happens.
Branno Kent
· May 18, 2017
If these walls could talk ��. There isn't much I can say about Ruby Skye that hasn't been said. This venue is truly special and holds a dear place in my life
Rachel Raven
· November 11, 2016
Get your shit together. Your security is ridiculous. If you don't want me hoop dancing please say so on the event page. I'm not trying to bring my hoop and be t...old I'm not allowed to use it. Also why host raves and then not allow flow arts?(gloving, hooping, etc). Gloving is an amazing art form and is a large part of rave/EDM culture. I really suggest you reevaluate the way you run your establishment. See More
Lala Lahkri
· November 28, 2016
I love the bartender from downstairs with the glasses.. she's super awesome. I get to come to the venue often just to chill with her!! Heather, you rock!! �����... BUT... securities at the front door are ruining ruby skye, it's actually a quality venue, but securities at the entrance are super rude and unprofessional, making us hate ruby skye!! Someone who's in charge should take a serious action on this issue, and make a great venue again where ppl wanna hang out at!! That's the only matter Ruby Skye need to fix. 9/10 securities are rude, unprofessional and retarded. Excuse me if my words are getting rude. These securities have been yelling n pushing me for no reasons for couple time already!! It just because I love the music and DJs , I get to come for! Otherwise No Thank you! I rather go somewhere else! See More
Monique Moss
· February 22, 2017
The DJ was Awesome!!!!x10
The wait was horrible had to leave out at 11:40 so we missed Slick Rick.... what kinda crap is that?
Just warn your customers. I was at 9 cause my ticket said that is when it started . This was not a party but a concert. Next time let us know . 9 means your main act gets on stage at 1230
I was pissed!!!!! The music is the only reason I have you guys 2 stars
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Nefthaly Ontiveros
· October 15, 2016
You guys need to teach your security some manners. I don't appreciate your big guys pushing me and basically everyone actually and saying MOVE! Simply to get th...rough. Oh yeah one accused my brother of touching him and yelled "dont fuckin touch me" ... like arent you here to prevent fights? (Wanted to throw him into the mosh pit �) Also get smaller cups for water that you can give out for free! Not sure why you're trying to dehydrate everybody; you guys don't let us out for air. You realize were packed tight and dancing? Super unprofessional.

Only return for control weds if it's a huge headliner (meaning plur vubes), the regulars aren't too friendly either..
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Philip Darmstaedter
· October 31, 2016
Ruby skye is a great place; check out Wikipedia on the history of it though wiki isn't always the best place for source info I'm pretty sure it's accurate

They... bring some of the best artists around as you can view on their page directly and have been doing so for years

As far as security, this one time I texted my friend the electronic ticket ahead of time; my phone died right as I was pulling it up so I signaled him to come outside (which he was about to do) instead the guard simply told me they had my ID so they could look me up quickly and get me inside. He had suggested this in a friendly manner and I had minimal to no issue; it was fast. From there I enjoyed the night inside.

Generally if you respect the venue they will respect you back; it's a high stress job so keep that in mind as a crowd goer when you go in.

As far as water, they do offer free at the bar and as far as dress code it makes sense as good hygiene and nicely dressed inspires approachability; though you can still make it inside without having to necessarily wear a suit.

I do wish the crowd would be inspired to throw away their trash during nights; I ended up picking stuff off the floor and chucking it away so people wouldn't trip though I understand it's hard to do so while having a good time ; but they have trashcans as well that are available located near the bars.

I do hope one day technology can soften the sound of the steam machines soon as they tend to be quite loud here but do add to the aspect of the club

They are very open minded and the coat check team as well as front desk have been helpful when I've attended; I've had good experiences every time I've been there.

There's many more reasons I could list as to why I respect this place but I'll stop here as I suggest you go out and experience this yourself; remember from all sides treat people how you'd like to be treated.

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Brandon Iwahashi
· January 21, 2017
I usually don't write reviews on things, but Ruby Skye has been one of my favorite clubs for the last two and a half years! Control on Thursdays has brought ama...zing names to SF so I don't have to go to EDC or Ultra, and the best part is that they've brought out Hardstyle acts every now and then! I'd never thought that I'd see Headhunterz, Brennan Heart, Noisecontrollers, and Coone in the Bay Area!

Now as far as the security that everyone complains about, I've not seen how they are unprofessional. They're doing their job, and usually if you're being a hazard (in any way), rowdy, or rude, expect to have them say something or remove you. Treat them with respect and they'll show you the same.
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Alec Bugg
· May 11, 2017
awful customer service... absolutely appalling how this place is run. You won't be missed!
Yordano Rios
· March 16, 2017
Worst security team ever. The drinks are a scam. The bottle service girls come buy every 5 minutes to offer you molly or "E" and the bathrooms are the worst!
Cameron Rizzotti
· November 16, 2016
I've been to some good shows here, but security definitely prevents them from being great shows for sure! There's a difference from doing your job and being Their job is to ensure the safety of the event-goers, not to harass those having a good time and thus making it less than that. See More
Randall James Rhodes
· November 16, 2016
Ruby skye has some of the best talent come through but last night my group was assaulted by new security who doesn't even have the decency to talk to us like we're people
Johnny Sitnic
· October 22, 2016
Your bouncer is definitely not competent to do his job. When people are waiting you inside as a guest and the bouncer just tells you "f**k you" with no reason. It very weird to spend time and come to a place where other guests are waiting for you and where you're willing to spend money.
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