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Linda McLean Paladini
· March 14, 2018
I wanted to thank Mrs Washington from Clinic A for her helpful friendly and personal assistance in getting information to the Carter Imaging Center. I it truly appreciated. She is truly and asset to... RWBAHC and Clinic A - to the patient's as well as staff. Thank you again Mrs. Washington. See More
Stacey Goeppinger
· February 21, 2018
I believe that if you are a soldier and/or a nurse practitioner then what are your credentials, what is yor level of practice.
Cassia Magnone
· October 7, 2016
It would be great if staff actually knew what they were telling people!
My oldest had an appointment yesterday so we went ahead and had him get his flu shot. I asked when the walk in clinic was and was told it had already started -- complete with times and verification it was open today. I was even given the forms to fill out and bring back with me because toddlers do not make on site paperwork easy. The nurse, who gave my oldest his shot at the appointment, knowing I had other kids also told me walk-ins for flu shots were available.
I get my not yet two year old twins into the car (which they did not want to be in), get to health clinic, and am told walk-ins do not start until the end of this month or the beginning of next month. The paperwork I had filled out is now useless and I immediately had to fight the twins back into car seats -- because anytime they're expected to get back in without at least 30 minutes of getting out, I have to deal with tantrums.
I'd be frustrated enough if it had just been me going in on my own; being turned away with a pair of toddlers and a 7 year old in tow because multiple staff misinformed me so I completely reworked the day's schedule to get us taken care of before the clinic becomes busy and wait times are long? Frustrated is an understatement!
The docs & nurses are, mostly, fantastic. Distribution of information to the staff so patients can be given accurate information is horrid -- this is not the first time this has happened (although it is the first time two separate staff have told me one thing and I'm turned away when I try to act on it)!
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Cari Hanneman
· February 10, 2017
The staff and physicians are great, but the pharmacy is so slow you might be better off paying a copayment and just going into town to get it filled.
Carol Minner Payton
· August 28, 2017
They were all quite caring. I was given a thorough exam and medication to take care of my illness. Very nice for the Weekend Clinic
Ken Scott
· June 17, 2017
Always great service at the pharmacy, labs, and x-ray, nice to be retired and enjoy these great benefits
Judi Khed
· October 30, 2017
SO Happy to be back with a Military Community. Have had GOOD CARE at RWBliss Medical Center, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!
Holly Holleman Whitman
· June 12, 2016
Craig worked at Raymond Bliss Hospital for about nine years, until he retired. He was well-respected, well-treated, and greatly appreciated. Some great people work there!
Robert Hollister
· June 14, 2017
I think the service time for prescriptions and refills is improving in the past six months.
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RWBAHC will be open on Friday, May 25, 2018 with limited services: Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology and FCC-A.

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