RXYZYXR - Denial of Death

New cover by Tema Mamay for the best russian hip-hop artist Oxxxymiron

► DOWNLOAD ●Тёма Мамай ( - drums ●Кирилл Александрович ( - gutars, bass, mixing

Another cover of our drummer Tёma Mamay for Animals As Leaders

Artyom Mamay (DDT, RXYZYXR) - drums ( Alex Silkin - Guitars, Bass ( Sound: Maxim Krav...

Hey fellas!!
Check our dummer's Tёma Mamay Meshuggah - Nebulous cover. Say what you think - Live Drums or Superior Drummer 2?

► Facebook: ► VK: ●Artyom Mamay (DDT, RXYZYXR) - drums ●Evgeny Zoidze-Mishchenko (Ungrace, Ele...

Hey fellas! Big up for Andrei Pitic who made a guitar cover of "We dominate". Thank you dude. Check this out


Check this out.
Metal podcast with bunch of cool bands in it.…/2013-03-17T08_27_28-07_00

This is the second edition of the tricky metal podcast, in which you will hear heavy bands from all around the world. After listening to the podcast you can also download the EP's and Demos that the bands have nicely put out for free! Check it out, and like me on Facebook!

Hey friends,
We finally released our album "LMNTS" on physical CD via Amazon. For those who wanted to have it:

Lmnts by RxyzyxrThis product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.


Hey guys! Vote for us at Got-Djent if you enjoy our new album 'LMNTS'…/which-are-the-best-djent-releases-of…

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We have a little present for you all. Our debut album "LMNTS" is available for free download ONLY at Got-Djent.

Check it out and spread a word.

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We are growing so fast, guys. 4000 followers! It's awesome. Thank you for support. Check out our drummer's YouTube account to see few covers and Playthrough videos

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Hey guys,
We uploaded our new album 'LMNTS' to bandcamp.
Also check out our drummer Tema Mamay playing 'LMNTS' compilation posted at…/rxyzyxr-drum-playthrough-video-compi…

Portal for the djent community. News, forums, web chat, browsable database of bands and releases, ...

Our new album 'LMNTS' on Spotify

Bandcamp is coming next.
Stay tuned.

Lmnts, an album by Rxyzyxr on Spotify

Dear All,
We are happy to announce:
"LMNTS" by RXYZYXR is available on iTunes:


Thank you guys for support, you inspire us to keep going!

1. The Beginning of Light
2. Multiverse
3. Cradle (Of)
4. Transcendental Needs
5. Machine Hearts, Machine Minds
6. The Lesser of Two Evils
7. Polar Knights
8. Denial of Death
9. Locked Inside
10. The Things
11. Just Because
12. We Dominate
13. Nonzero

We decided to give "LMNTS" for free when our Facebook account reaches 5000 followers.


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