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Candi Larson
· January 13, 2018
Very satisfied with my service. I've had RAA now for 5 + years and no problems. Yes, it may go out here and there, but the cost is great and tbh, if your life revolves around the internet then shame o...n you! Thanks RAA for the internet that is a great price and does what it needs � See More
Karen Glover- Banister
· January 13, 2018
We have had their service ever since they started up, probably more than 10 or 12 years. I'm not even sure how long it's been. We have had a rare outage here and there but it was always due to weather.... I could probably count on one hand how many times it's been down over the years. For us we are able to Roku and watch movies with no problem. See More
Jon Miller
· December 15, 2017
I’m not sure about all the low reviews from other customers, I’ve had a mostly positive experience in the little over 1 year I have had service with RAA. Cost me the same as frontier, which only can p...rovide .7-1.3mbps on average. With RAA it’s (for the most part) never went out, and has been a consistent 4-5mbps connection. Yes... if you don’t have an ideal view at one of their towers. You’re probably going to have to deal with several feet of cable running through your yard to where they CAN get a good view of their tower. Don’t hate the company... that’s just the nature of how this service works. It can be buried... since I have not other option for competitive speeds, I plan to bury my line in the spring.

Customer service? It seems a little hit or miss tbh but I’d still rather deal with them than any of the POS big name ISPs. Took an hour phone call with frontier to finally tell me they couldn’t give me more than the roughly 1mbps they were proving (even tho my plan was for 5mbps) so RAA is still bounds ahead of them there.
One time someone was mowing my yard while I was out of town and they ran over my line running through the yard. RAA was very quick to come out and replace it, and much to my surprise, they did it all free of charge!
Another time I needed service I had to call a few time to really get them on it... basically I think the whole operation is ran by less than 5 people so just appreciate the fact that they are providing internet in places that otherwise get the dirty stick from the big ISPs.

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Peggy Wallace Shaver
· August 3, 2017
This service was great when we first got it 3 years ago. We have had terrible internet speed for the last 7 months. We can't use our Netflix or watch videos on Facebook. I have called several times an...d been told the problem is a bird nest on a tower and the nest is protected so they can't repair things until the babies are out of the nest! We are going to have to cancel and pay for satellite internet. See More
Carrie Kay Morris
· December 7, 2017
I don't know if anybody else in the Steubenville Pike Rd is having problems like getting kicked out of your program, or it popping up saying too slow internet. Well it's been happening to us for month...s now. Nothing is being done, I've let them know of the problem but yet it's not fixed. See More
Cynthia Adams
· April 23, 2017
I called and cancelled my service. I was told you would come to get the equipment -- still no signs of you. I AM NOT responsible if something happens to your equipment. I no longer live there and I... was not even going to think about continuing my service with your joke of a internet service at the new house. Worst internet and customer service ever! Owner had the gall to tell me he would come out and bury the 100' feet of lines in my yard that was there for over 4 months "to silence me" Ridiculous and rude! This is not the company to choose for internet. See More
Heather Banks
· September 30, 2016
Struggling to get any kind of internet and having to worry about peak times/data usage was a horrendous problem!
We never had enough data to update anything or for the kids to ...use it for school unless we paid through the nose or stayed up between the hours of 1 - 4 a.m. �
RAA is awesome! We feel like we've went from the Stone Age straight to the 21st Century or like one of the "cool kids" now! I kind of feel guilty still when I want to watch a video because I'm so trained to be ever careful to not use data.
We now can do anything we want at anytime! RAA takes the internet monkey off your back! Not at all like the big companies that just want to get as much money they can from you in any way possible. Very fair and down to earth.
You will NOT be disappointed with their service!
Thank you so much RAA! We are truly grateful!
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Jenn Russell Sheppard
· February 16, 2017
I called on Feb 1st to see if I could get service in my area, here it is Feb 16th and I still have no idea!! I have called twice and I get the same story "We have not had a chance to make it out there... yet" ok that's fine don't bother I will stick with Time Warner cable at least I know I get service from them. Thanks but no thanks See More
Eric Ogden
· April 1, 2017
Very good service and did a great job installing everything. The technician was nice and very respectful! Not 100% sure why some people have issues with RAA, because for us they have been exceptionally good.
Petra Craig
· May 29, 2017
Excellent Internet and customer service. Have been a customer for about 3 years now.
Scott Strong
· January 22, 2016
Great company and great service at a fair price. .........................................................................................................................
Glen Starcher
· May 28, 2017
99% up time. Way better than anything else we can get out here.
Deborah Kanos
· October 29, 2016
Its been a month now since i spoke with someone regarding internet service and still no response to whether i am able to get service in my area.
David Turtle Mccoy
· February 24, 2017
Been good so far works fast and couldn't ask for a better price
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Hi all! R.A.A. Data Services is under social media reconstruction! Upgrades are in progress throughout some of our customer base so if you are experiencing any problems please do not hesitate to call at 330-271-9693! We do not always know about problems unless we are informed by you, the customer! Thank You for your patience!

RAA Services updated their cover photo.
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Today, after several installs, we spent our time in Summitville and Millport putting door hangers on residences advising them that Summitville now has hi-speed internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call today

New Tower on Summitville Rd. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Summitville, you are now within our coverage area!!!!!!

Please share with your friends !!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL TODAY