It occurs to me that SOMEONE (me) forgot to post about this publicly on Facebook: I'm getting better.

I already chucked together a small, mostly vague post about this on my website, but I won't link that right here because I don't want to upset the algorithms of ye olde book of faces - I actually want people to see this, haha. But here's the long and short of it: I was really, really sick, and I'm not any more.

Some of you already know how bad it got, and how I couldn't get a...s much work done as I wanted because of it, how I couldn't even keep up with messages a lot of the time. Sorry about that!

But either way, I'm recovering now. Looking forward to being able to do more in the future!

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Just uploaded the video for The Ticketman from the new EP, Glow In The Dark! Likes and comments on the video are hugely appreciated, if you've the inclination

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January 21
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January 21
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hey here's some sweet new tunes for your earbuds

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A while back I covered On The Arrow by AFI, let me know what you think

[rolls in on heelies over a year after this song was requested, holding a glass of almond milk in one hand and throwing a peace sign with the other] hey what...

Hey all! On impulse, I covered a track from The Adventure Zone, then went ahead and forced my computer to spend like a day and a half rendering a fantasy jellyfish for the video.

If you've never heard of The Adventure Zone, it's a podcast in which three brothers and their dad play Dungeons and Dragons, and it's pretty much the best thing. You can get more info here: Definitely worth checking out

Hoping to really get stuck into a few more covers between now and like, the end of time. I've already got a shortlist in mind but if you think of anything you'd like to hear, let me know.

[clenches fist and whispers] for johann download this track here: The Adventure Zone is a podcast i...

"I can't watch the years alone, now
I know what was missing..."

WITHER by RACHEL ROSE MITCHELL from the album HEART OF MINE, released January 2016! This is the final track from Heart Of Mine and will likely be my last upl...

Lantern In The Night's video is now live on YouTube! Shout out to the fifty people who've seen it in the twenty minutes it's been online. You guys are speedy ninjas, but like, the friendly kind.

This is track six out of seven from Heart of Mine! Just one more to go after this!! If you haven't given it a listen, now's your chance Like Thorns, it's about realising that even though some people might treat you like dirt, you're worth more than that, and moving on no matter how tough it might be.

What do you think?

LANTERN IN THE NIGHT by RACHEL ROSE MITCHELL, symphonic rock song from the album HEART OF MINE. Like Thorns, which is also on Heart of Mine, Lantern In The N...

So in the near future I'm going to start posting music-related stuff on Instagram to @rachelrosemitchell instead of my personal account, @lehcarrose. I was just playing around trying to get a feel for the best places to record in my room, and checking the sound quality on my phone, so this video wasn't originally meant to go online. Then my dog helped. I'm sure you understand. Sorry about the mess (meaning both me and the stuff around me).

If you want to keep up with more of my music on Insta, go ahead and follow @rachelrosemitchell, hoping to start posting there for real soon. Got any song requests?

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Rachel Mitchell

I wasn't going to post this, but the dog happened. Playing around with camera angles and sound for short covers I want to upload to @rachelrosemitchell. Sorry a...bout the messy room, messy hair and scrappy old hoodie, this really wasn't meant to see the light of day, it's all Max's fault 😂. Song is It's Over Isn't It from Steven Universe. I got like half the melody wrong I'm aware lol
#itsoverisntit #stevenuniverse #singing #video #dog #dogvideo #cockerspaniel #spaniel #spoodle #cockerspoodle #limecrime #limecrimetruelove #limecrimevelvetines #acapella

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Finally finished the video for Lantern In The Night! Got a couple of days of rendering ahead but I'll let you know as soon as it's online

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A cheeky sneaky peeky, you say?

I’m having One Of Those Days so I got around to smushing bits and pieces of some of my works in progress together. Read on if you want. Today is cancelled. This morning I got up bright and early to do work. Having gotten a lot done last night, I was feeling pretty good about things. However, when I…

Plopped this right onto the internet last night

I'm so proud of this song c: I Walked Alone is from the album Heart of Mine! ♕ BANDCAMP ♕ ♕ iTUNES ♕ https://itunes.ap...

Had seriously hoped to have this video almost rendered by now but instead I haven't even got all the lyrics animated because After Effects keeps spitting this at me at every turn. Last time I tried troubleshooting the audio pitched itself down a major fifth and kept playing even after crashing to desktop. At least it's interesting.

Edit: "major fifth"??? Don't mind me, I'm braindead.

No automatic alt text available.

While you wait for I Walked Alone's lyrics video (or while you don't wait, your call), you should check out this song by Inventions. It came up while shuffling Spotify and I remembered how much I love it.

Invention's music video for 'Shadows' from debut EP. Available on iTunes: I can't wait till it's over now I'm in over my head Silhouett...

Hoping to get this finished tomorrow and rendered over the weekend so it should be uploaded early next week

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Slowly chugging along on the next album! It has a name but I'm not telling Today though, I'm mostly working on the video for Farewell Song.

In other news, on a scale of ten to ten, how much do you want this thing:…/listi…/288109871/wonderland-necklace…

Material - Acrylic Wonderland themed necklace, with mirror inset clock detail. Pendant measures 4 inches in length. Standard options are

The video for River Run Red is live! There's some cool effects in this one, if I do say so myself, haha. I'm having fun learning my way around After effects What do you think?

River Run Red is track three from the album "Heart Of Mine"! Please let me know what you think :) I told myself I wasn't going to make this video as fancy as...