Hi folks, I unfortunately had to cut off sales in Europe -- at least until I can grok this whole VAT issue. So sorry about the inconvenience!

Okay folks, I have the new purchasing and content delivery system online -- this time as part of my primary blog site. Head on over to for the landing page.

For the time being, I've added a 20% discount offer for all items if you help spread the word! I've also included the Raising Base Units set in all the bundles.

Thanks again for your patience as I set this up -- and as I go through and clean up the content and fix things like old hyperlinks!

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Unfortunately, my content delivery system appears to be dying, so please bear with me as I find an adequate replacement. Ordering still works, so if you place an order and don't receive a link to the plans within an hour or so, then please message me here, and I'll get them to you directly as soon as I can. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Here's another desk someone built. It's Studio Workstation #2, and he did a very nice job with finishing -- painting the desk black and adding lighter trim to the edges.

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Awesome -- we hit 100 likes! For a limited time, you all can get a free copy of Studio Workstation #5 from the link below. The passphrase is "(c)1997 by Alex Franke" (without the quotes).

Here's one of Workstation #5 -- it's this set of plans I'll be giving away for a week once we hit 100 likes.

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Here's another build from back in the day -- sorry about the low quality.

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I ran across this photo today -- it's a Workstation #1 desk made several years ago by one of the old forum members. I'll post more as I come across them.

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Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and happy new year (if you recognize it)! We're almost half way to 100, and I'm still planning on the give-away when we get there!

I'll be giving away Workstation #5 plans free for a week once we hit 100 likes. Spread the word!

After a rather serious hack that left the old forums severely crippled, I've decided to try to use facebook as the support community instead. I'll start adding content as soon as I get more familiar with how it might best fit in to the facebook structure.