Dear Ratherboard Backers, and facebook Community,

Ratherboard's -and our- first Indiegogo campaign ends these days. Currently we are working on a concept of production in mid-sized quantities, to be able to come back to You as soon as we can.

This campaign had a fixed goal which we haven't reached, so Indiegogo will refund the contributions to our generous supporters and first backers.


We would like to thank You for all of Your support, feedback, and good wishes!

Your RB Team

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The RB project was invited to the Hungarian national television on friday (Hungarian language, without engish subtitle):…/ratherboard-a-jovo-elengedhetet…/
- with: Innomotion Studio

Ratherboard, a jövő elengedhetetlen elektronikai eszköze
Ratherboard - E3 extension board's intro video
Home gardening usecase example
Industrial system's control is one of the usecase examples of Ratherboard. Ratherboard is the first industrial grade motherboard for the Raspberry Pi. Don't forget to like and follow the Ratherboard facebook page! Check out further articles and a lot more!

Our future is in Your hands!

Dear RB Community, and Raspberry Pi Users,

We are almost halfway through our Indiegogo campaign, and a lot has happened during the last three weeks. We have managed to decrease the campaign goal, and we were also able to lower the perk prices to the total wholesale cost of all quality components.


We are sure that RB can manage its goal at the end of the campaign, as many outdoor RPi applications need waterproof cases with the various peripherals of the RB.

We have reached our marketing budget limit so our future is in Your hands! Please share the Ratherboard project with other RPi Users and fanatics!

We wish You a pleasant holiday for the weekend!
Your A-Team.

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Only for a limited time, we are lowering the price of Ratherboard all the way down to the cost of components!

Ratherboard should be alive. We don't want to waste the enormous amount of work we have invested, which is why we are trying to boost sales, and sell it just for the price of components. This offer will be available only for a limited time!

This way Ratherboard Eco will cost 120USD, and Ratherboard will cost 128USD - with the full connector set.


Sign up to this event for further details! Please invite Your friends also!

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Apr 9, 2017 - Apr 10, 2017
113 people interested

RB MAJOR UPDATE: Campaign Goal and Stretch Goals

As a consequence of last week’s radical price drop we are able to lower our campaign goal as well. We were able to manage the impossible: our fixed goal is now only 30 thousand USD!

Thank You very much for Your support! Keep going Ratherboard!...

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MAJOR UPDATE: Most Perks Are Updated! - To radically lower the prices we have decided to do the hardware testing and the packaging of the perks in-house by ourselves! That was or only and last possible chance to make Ratherboard even more affordable!

/That also means, that the originally defined all-in-one packages are not available anymore./
Choose Ratherboard, and finish your developments faster!

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Campaign Goal and Strech Goals

As we really love the Ratherboard we decided to: ...
- make the E4, E5, asd E6 boards available at the minimum campaign goal, so at the same time as Ratherboard and the first three exension boards.
- merge some of the strech goals, and radically lower their cost levels

Thank You very much for Your support! Keep going Ratheboard!

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Minor update:

We have added CAN (automotive) bus communication interface to the E5 future extension board's specification:

#Ratherboard, #RatherboardIndie, #RatherboardGeek
Do You Like RB? Join us, and use one of these profile pictures!

#Ratherboard, #RatherboardIndie, #RatherboardGeek

Check out the Developer company’s pack!
(5 x (Ratherboard + E1, E2, E3 extension boards + connector set + RB backer sticker)) + 3 extra connector sets.
A pack to start development projects, and produce prototypes. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Or a partnership?

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We continously monitor Your feedback to improve our communication, homepage and perks.
The most difficult task for us is to reach our target audience on the internet, as there are a huge number of RPi facebook goups, forums, etc. but some users of these groups interpret our posts as spamming because we are the developers of the product. Ratherboard is made for RPi users but the promotion is not accepted if it is posted by us.
During this week we were able to jump a step forward, as Ratherboard can be backed through GadgetFlow from today, including a special offer.

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#Ratherboard, #RatherboardIndie

Other ways of help

What makes sharing our page and posts a great help?...
If you share our content, you can show other people which aspects of the Ratherboard you like the most or find the most interesting. This way, we can grow the RB Community together, and we can achieve more during our Indiegogo campaign. Thank you for your help!

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#RatherboardUseCase, #RatherboardArticle, #RatherboardGeek
Check out our newest article: Using #Ratherboard with a security camera and as a weather station:

) you can watch a livestream (using Ustream), which shows a Ratherboard mounted on our office roof. The camera and the RB itself are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The RB is receiving the video from the camera and streaming it to Ustream.
Ratherboard shared their video.

During the first fantastic 24 hours all Ratherboard Developer's pack early bird packages have found their future owners!

There are still a lot of Standard pack early birds, and our extra T-Shirt offer is still alive until the end of the first 48 hours:

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
Posted by Ratherboard

#RatherboardGeek, #RatherboardIndie

The campaign starts on the 25th of March!
Buy a #Ratherboard during the first 48 hours, and receive an extra RB t-shirt!

#Ratherboard, #RatherboardIndie
Please share that RATHERBOARD HAS BEEN LAUNCHED! We really need YOU!

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#Ratherboard, #RatherboardIndie

Dear Ratherboard Community,

We have started!!! – this is very exciting!


Here is the shortlink:

During the last few weeks we have received an unbelievable amount of likes and you have shared our videos thousands of times. Thank You very much for that! We have also received great questions and feedback, so we were able to realise Your demand for the User Manual, and for some modifications on our homepage. Now, it's time for Indiegogo.

Please remain this active during the Indiegogo campaign as well! Thank You for being with us!

The RB team.

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Ratherboard is the first industrial grade motherboard for the Raspberry Pi | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!

The Ratherboard Indiegogo page launches tomorrow. Here is the exact time in a few time zones so you can be with us at the very beginning!

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