If you listen to RTR listen in at 11.30am today. I will be talking about the upcoming exhibit this Wednesday evening.

Not long now to the opening of my exhibit! Hope to see you there.

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Some shocking news today. Jeremy Junk (Delirium) has passed away. This man was an innovator, and a great DJ and promoter.He was responsible for my entire life changing direction. He gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. Ravephotography was originally conceived to share photographs from Delirium events. I cannot describe just how sad it is to here of him passing. He was a hard man to know; generally shy and a behind the scenes man. His passion for music and 'the scene' was infectious and effected so many peoples lives. I will miss your Jeremy. I will never forget that decade of my life. RIP.

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Hey Adrian. As promised, one of the early photographs that I have of you. The article will require a lot more chasing!

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Thanks everyone for getting me to the first 30 likes so damn fast. Much appreciated. For those that were too young to be at these early events you will see some mad photos and dress sense! For those that were there its going to be like having a flashback Thanks again for all the early support. Well and truly flattered.

This was not the first rave I photographed. I don't know if I can even find the film for that very first event. Yes, all these early events were shot on film...It is significant to me though as it was my first commissioned event from a promoter so I was nervous. This is the first frame I shot as I walked into the heat of the open warehouse space. As a result this image has real meaning to me as from that night on my live changed forever...

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Rave Photography Perth updated their cover photo.
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Important to include a big shout out to Luke Dudney (who just liked the page) who was instrumental in making become a game changer in database driven websites at the time. Remember, early 2000 is before we all had the luxury of using Word Press to build our websites. Luke hand wrote PHP code to do stuff with image meta data that was not being done outside big press agencies at the time. Hell, I think together we even made images display database code that no one was doing. It made the job of maintaining a growing website at the time possible. Thanks again.

Thanks for the early momentum guys! Up for less than ten minutes and already five likes. (Well four if I don't count my own!) Good to see you on board Simon. I was going through some photos and found some of you up in Geisha the other day so will have to post some up! was a website that I ran in the early 2000's. It was a collection of rave related events or what is now collectively referred to as EDM (Electronic Dance Music). It has been an idea of mine to at least put the archived work on a Facebook page where it is easier to access as well as easier for me to update. With that in mind it would be appreciated if you could look at liking the page so I can get it up and running properly.

Kind Regards.
The guy that ran
(Which is not currently up)

Well is really more of an archive now for the time being. That being the case I thought I would look at posting some images here. Well thats all for now Cheers, Duncan.