Gary Banks

It is with much prayer and reservation that I address a Lie that has surfaced over the past month about my office, my staff and my intentions if re-elected for ...a third term 2018-2022 as Sheriff of Yancey County.

It is true that I have over 30 years in Law Enforcement with Yancey County and I am eligible for standard law enforcement retirement. I do still need one more term in office to receive the North Carolina Sheriff’s retirement benefit.

It is Not True that I have made plans with one of my Lieutenants or anyone else to replace me as Sheriff of Yancey County after the election is over. I will remain in the position as Sheriff until such time I am no longer prayerfully led to continue as such.

Please remember my family, my staff, my opponent, his family and I in your prayers during this election process.

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This week I met with a select group of sheriffs from all over North Carolina to brainstorm how to deal with concerns about school safety. This committee came up... with nearly 100 different ideas about things that needed to be done to help make our schools safer.
We then prioritized our top eight suggestions of how to best protect our kids and teachers.
The nearly 100 suggestions were great, but we know we can't do them all at once. The other ideas will not be ignored or forgotten. When it is practical we will ask those suggestions not making the top eight list be implemented. Those requiring funding or Legislation will be presented to our respective Legislators and Boards.
The suggestions given by the committee range from facility improvement, communication, mental health issues, information sharing, standardized training, school discipline and possible option of select trained persons being allowed to be armed as a additional layer of defense.

I am committed to achieving the highest level of safety and security for our schools and children.

Sheriff Gary Banks

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Filing for the 2018 general election in North Carolina for most of the races including mine ended today. In Yancey County no one but myself filed to run for Sheriff.

I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and support. I look forward to serving four more years in Yancey County.

Today I made it official and filed to run once again for the job of Yancey County Sheriff in the 2018 General Election.

Please keep my family and I in your prayers. It doesn't seem possible that it has been 36 years since I first became an employee of the Yancey County Sheriff's Office.

Thank you for putting your confidence in me as your Sheriff for the last 8 years.


D. Gary Banks
Sheriff of Yancey County

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It was a great night for our reelection kickoff dinner. Lisa Banks and I were happy with the turnout and the great Music from Judge Rebecca Eggers-Gryder and her band, Amantha Mill. We also enjoyed a tasty barbecue dinner served by Leigh Howell and the staff of Pig and Grits. I Would like to thank everyone for your support.

Lisa and I humbly offer our appreciation for the great honor that has once again been bestowed upon us. First and foremost, we want to praise God for his many blessings.

Next, we would like to thank our family, friends and supporters for all of your prayers and for believing in me. This year is an example of what hard work, perseverance and honesty can accomplish.

I have been blessed with a staff comprised of the finest people anywhere. I enjoy coming to work each day kn...owing we are a team/family with a strong bond and a common goal of service to our county.

Our freedom and right to vote did not come without great sacrifice. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out and exercised their right to vote.

We love Yancey County, especially the people. The overwhelming outpouring of love, support and encouragement will never be forgotten. I look forward to serving as your Sheriff for the next four years.

Thank You,
Sheriff Gary Banks

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Gary Banks

My Special, Election Year Blessing
During this past year I have attended many School, Church and Community events. At these events I have had the opportunity to... speak with a lot of people and have enjoyed myself. I have been blessed by all of the kind words of support.
This week I was especially blessed while I was greeting people outside the Board of Elections Office. One that stands out in my mind involved a special gentleman who went through ridicule and neglect, just because he wanted to vote for me. This man does not drive and needs assistance with basic care. He was approached by a person and offered a ride to the polls and asked if he was going to vote for my opponent. When he said “I like Sheriff Gary, he is nice to me, and I am going to vote for him” he was told to get his own ride. He was left crying as he watched them drive away, knowing they were going to vote and they refused to take him. He went to a neighbor’s house and tearfully told them what had happened. The neighbor offered a ride to town to vote for Sheriff Gary and he joyfully accepted.
I did not know this as I stood outside of the Board Office greeting people. As they approached I spoke to them and was asked if I remembered this gentleman. I did and he seemed to be excited that I remembered him. We only spoke for a moment and they went inside and voted and quietly left.
I only learned of what this special man had went through just to vote for "Sheriff Gary" later that day. I share this with you now with tears streaming, humbled from all of your prayers and kind words of love and support.
Thank You
“Sheriff Gary"

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About me;

I am a lifelong resident of Yancey County and the son of 9 term Yancey County Sheriff Kermit and Maxine (Woody) Banks. I am the second of four children and the only male. I attended school here for 12 years and graduated with a vocational diploma from Mountain Heritage High School at the age of 17. I have been married to my wonderful wife Lisa Banks for over 25 years. We are blessed with two adult children Emily and Andy. My family roots run deep in Yancey County. M...

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Date Training Certification Topics Hours
4/15/1983 Police Information Network Certification 40
3/1/1985 Police Information Network Re-Certification 4
9/30/1985 Basic Law Enforcement Technology 300
8/1/1986 Annual In-Service Firearms Training 8...

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Theme song "Bad Boys" is performed by Inner Circle and I own no rights to this music. This video is to introduce you to our Pro Gun candidate Gary Banks, who...

Sheriff Gary Banks is the most qualified candidate to lead the Yancey County Sheriff’s Office through the next four years.

Sheriff Banks public service career began when he started working for former Sheriff Kermit Banks at the Sheriff’s Office after school during his senior year at Mountain Heritage High School. He worked as a janitor and then a night shift dispatcher/jailer. He transferred from dispatching to a patrol officer role in 1985. Sheriff Banks worked in several po...sitions in the Sheriff’s Office including DARE officer and detective and rose to the rank of Chief Deputy in 1995 and Sheriff in 2010.

• Sheriff Banks is a Proven Leader who insists on honesty and professionalism from his deputies and staff.
• The Yancey County Sheriff’s Office is one of the most, well-trained Sheriff’s Offices because of his leadership.
• He has uncompromising values and consistently demonstrates his belief that all citizens deserve fair and equal treatment under the Law and will settle for nothing less from his staff.
• Sheriff Banks has operated his office with transparency. He does not cover up scandals but addresses them appropriately and in a timely manner.

“I feel my 30 plus years in law enforcement and the positive changes that have been made in the last five years make me the best candidate for the job.”

During his term, Sheriff Banks has empowered the Sheriff’s Office employees by giving them the tools and training to perform their duties safely and efficiently. North Carolina Department of Justice records show that deputies and investigators have conducted more drug arrests and seizures than ever before in the history of the agency. The office has also made advancements in technology to all divisions as well as increasing the number of marked patrols in neighborhoods.
Sheriff Banks knowledge of the county’s law enforcement system makes him the most qualified candidate.

“I will continue to use my thorough knowledge of the county government, legal system and the working components of the Sheriff’s Office. I am a partner with the men and women who proudly serve Yancey County. We have made great strides in the last five years, and we will continue to make improvements and continue our commitment to give our best for the citizens of Yancey County. In the past thirty plus years, I have worked in every aspect of law enforcement in Yancey County. I have supervised law enforcement personnel for over 19 years. I have chosen to remain here and declined other outside opportunities. This is my home. I have a vested interest in the standard of living and the level of law enforcement service provided to the citizens of Yancey County.”

Sheriff Gary Banks

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Compelling reasons to Re-Elect Gary Banks Sheriff of Yancey County

• Your family’s safety and security. Sheriff Banks highest priority is to protect the Citizens of Yancey County. This is proven by consistently having a low Crime rate. Sheriff Banks is constantly looking to develop new and innovative ways to deal with crime thru technology, training and leadership.

• Top in the State for DRUG ARREST’S. The Yancey County Sheriff’s Office consistently makes more drug arrests capita than any Sheriff’s Office in the State.

• Conviction Rate. Since being appointed Sheriff January 1, 2010 and subsequently elected, Sheriff Gary Banks Office has averaged 50% MORE DRUG CONVICTIONS than our neighboring counties.

• Holding Sex Offenders accountable. The Yancey County Sheriff’s Office is an active member of the North Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (NCICAC). Detectives have received hundreds of hours of training which has led to multiple arrests and convictions across western North Carolina. Once released, registered sex offenders are kept under tight scrutiny by the Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Unit.

• Implemented Deputies in Schools Program. Each school day deputies visit schools that have no School Resource Officer and perform safety checks to ensure the safety and security of our children, school staff and parents.

• A Professionally run Jail Facility. During the past 5 years Sheriff Banks has implemented Inmate Work Program, Medical/ Mental Health, Commissary and Phone plans or programs that continue to save Taxpayers money each year. The Yancey County Jail has consistently received high marks from the state for safety and efficiency.

• Fiscal Responsibility. Sheriff Banks saves Yancey County taxpayers over one million dollars each year through professional fiscal control and several programs and procedures he has implemented.

• An Equal Opportunity, Bi-Partisan Office. Sheriff Banks believes in hiring and promoting the best person for the job regardless of race, gender or political affiliation. Sheriff Banks has set the bar high, maintaining a staff which only the most professional, trained and honest persons are allowed to continue employment in his office.

• Friendly and Accessible. Sheriff Gary Banks is a friendly approachable person and a familiar face in all parts of the county. He enjoys interacting with the citizens of Yancey County and is always open to hearing their concerns.

• To Continue Proven Leadership. Sheriff Gary Banks has the experience, training and ability to hold criminals accountable, monitor registered sex offenders, continue to bring crime down and keep our county safe.

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About the Sheriff


Sheriff Gary Banks is a native of Yancey County. Sheriff Banks is married to Lisa Banks. They are the proud parents of two adult children Andrew Banks and Emily Banks. The Banks Family are members of Cane River Baptist Church in the Cane River Community.



Mountain Heritage High School
Class of 1982

Mayland Community College, Spruce Pine N.C.
Electronics 1982-1983
Basic Law Enforcement Training 1985
Criminal Justice 1988-1990

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
DARE Officer Training 1991
Junior High DARE Training 1994

University of Arkansas
Rural Executive Management for Law Enforcement 2001

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill N.C.
North Carolina Sheriff's Leadership School

Commission and Committees

North Carolina Sheriff's Training Committee

North Carolina Sheriff’s Legislative Committee

North Carolina Sheriff's Sergeants-At-Arms Committee

North Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Joint In-service Training Committee

Professional Associations

National Sheriff's Association

North Carolina Sheriff's Association

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I fully support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Our Second Amendment states:
(A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.)


“I will not support, assist or condone any unconstitutional infringement of your rights to keep and bear arm as set forth in the Second Amendment.”

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I am reposting a statement that I originally posted on September 15th after a rash of my political signs had been stolen or damaged.

(During the next few weeks many will be busy working for their chosen candidates. I would like to encourage all to be as vigilant as they want while staying within the boundaries of the law. I know that many of our signs have been stolen or vandalized but do not let this discourage or lead you to damage the opposition's signs.
Thank you
Sheriff Gary Banks)