The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett
4/5 stars

As this continues the story of Rincewind and Twoflower, I had to read this to Master 10 also. And he LOVED it! Was very pleased and satisfied with the ending, and his favourite characters are the Luggage and Death.

The Shadow Girl by John Larkin
5/5 stars

A very powerful story of a young, very bright, homeless girl. It's quite a grim, dark, story, but the way this complex story is put together lifts it from the hopelessness that characterise similar tales. There were even places where I laughed out loud - The Shadow Girl's sense of the ridiculous is wonderful.
A fabulous, thought provoking, Australian story! Highly recommended!

Inspired by true events, a story of courage, survival, and a young girl who defies horrible odds to take control of her destiny. The un...

I had a few issues with this book, mainly some of the grammar, and repetitive phrasing, but Master 10 LOVED it, so I guess it worked for it's target audience. smile emoticon Recommended to anyone who's read the first 3 books in the series.

Still far from home after escaping slavery in the icebound land of Skandia, young Will and Evanlyn's plans to return to Araluen are spoil...

Again with 3 stars, only because I got to the end and discovered it wasn't Book 3 in a trilogy, but book 3 in an ongoing stupid fantasy series! Yet again!!!! And book 4 isn't out! Yet! I was NOT impressed! Sorry, Brent, but what is it with these HUGE books which belong to series, which never seem to end; and yet each book ends in a rotten cliffhanger. NOT IMPRESSED!
Other than that it was fantastic! Couldn't put it down.

As the old gods awaken and satrapies splinter, the Chromeria races to find its lost Prism, the only man who may be able to stop catastrop...

This only gets 3 stars because it's the second book in this series. It was fantastic right up till the ending and then ... I had to start book 3 right away!

Gavin Guile is dying. He’d thought he had five years left—now he has less than one. With fifty thousand refugees, a bastard son, and an ...

This is a REALLY great story!

Gavin Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world. He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all th...

Wow! What a rush! An amazing science fiction/horror story. Highly recommended if you like that type of story.

This morning, Kady thought breaking up with Ezra was the hardest thing she’d have to do. This afternoon, her planet was invaded. The ...

I really like this series by Tanya Huff. I've enjoyed all the ones before, and was really excited when I came across this on Amazon. It was worth the excitement.

Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr had been the very model of a Confederation Marine. But when she learned the truth about the war the Confedera...

An interesting read which I chose partly because of the title and partly due to the reviews on Amazon. It reminded me a lot of a short story, as it started the story straight away with no backstory and very little description of the characters. Most of that information was revealed as the story progressed. It took me a little to get into it, but by the end I was finding it difficult to put down. Recommended as a rather different little fantasy/murder mystery.

A MYSTERIOUS KILLING After years of waging a secret war against the supernatural, Marley Jacobs put away her wooden stakes and silver bu...

★★★★★ Another excellent story. Highly recommended!

Annabeth is terrified. Just when she's about to be reunited with Percy—after six months of being apart, thanks to Hera—it looks like Camp...

Noonshade (Chronicles of the Raven #2) by James Barclay.
4/5 stars
Taking the tension down to the wire as usual - and leaving lots of things unresolved... JUST to get me reading the next book! Love it!
Recommended to all who love dragons and fantasy quests with fighting! Lots, and lots of fighting.

Every Move (#3 in the Every Trilogy) by Ellie Marnie
4/5 stars
A very, VERY good final book in this trilogy! Well done Ellie!

Son of Neptune (#2 in the Heroes of Olympus Series) by Rick Riordan
5/5 stars
Rick Riordan just keeps getting better and better! Master 9 and Mister Much-older, are both really enjoying this story, and we all love the little sneaky laughs that Mr Riordan has put in that catch us by surprise.
We are really enjoying this second Percy Jackson series, and although Percy's tendency to promise things he can't necessarily control is a little frustrating, overall the story was great.
Highly recommended - especially for pre-teen and early teenage boys, although not limited to them by any means.

The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith
1/5 stars
I've been reading the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series, and thought I'd take a break by beginning this series by the same author. SO disappointing! Badly structured, annoyingly stupid writing, spelling and grammar errors, plus a boring plot with absolutely no link to the title added up to a decision not to read any others in this series.
Not recommended at all.

Dawnthief by James Barclay - Book 1 of the Chronicles of the Raven.
3/5 stars
I enjoy a good sword and sorcery novel, and that's what Dawnthief is. I also like the brothers-in-arms aspect of a satisfying action, adventure story, which again describes Dawnthief.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and I'm looking forward to reading book 2.

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus #1) by Rick Riordan
5 of 5 stars
I've just finished reading this to Master 9, who adored the first Percy Jackson series. I think Rick Riordan has just improved on the first series, and both Master and Mister would agree with me!
I'm really looking forward to book 2.

5/5 stars - The Touchstone trilogy by Andrea K. Host. Beginning with Stray, on through Lab Rat One and finishing in Caszandra - the Touchstone trilogy is a very well written and engrossing (or at least I found it so) teenage fiction series. It's the story - written through diary format - of a girl who's just finished her final year 12 exam and is walking home.
She walks through a fault in space and ends up in a different universe, or at least on a different world, with no on...e around and no way to get home. Her adventures and discovery of who she is and what she really wants are enjoyable and made me continue reading almost exclusively over the Christmas holidays.
I also really enjoyed the fourth book which followed the trilogy, actually called "The Gratuitous Epilogue" which was an excellent wrap up of all the relationships and storylines left hanging at the end of Caszandra.
Highly recommended - especially for teenage girls, but also, obviously, for older females who enjoy a good fantasy.

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