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50+ call for Warren to run on camera
Republicans want to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in order to please their donors on Wall Street. Senator Elizabeth Warren will have none of that!
This is why we are Ready For Warren. [Video courtesy of msnbc's The Rachel Maddow Show.]

The bill is just what we expected - a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, to be replaced with nothing, so that Republicans can give tax cuts to top earners. The only slight change from the House bill is that they want the worst damage to be done only after the 2020 election so they don't automatically lose the White House due to voter outrage, but voter outrage can still save the day - if you live in a state with a Republican senator, give them a call and tell them not to support this bill.

Everything you need to know in order to get involved can be found here at

Senate Republican leaders released their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and they want to hold a vote on the measure by the end of next week.

Always follow the money. Always.

Business records from the secretive tax haven of Cyprus suggest that Paul J. Manafort owed millions to pro-Russia interests before joining Donald J. Trump’s campaign.

Kris Kobach has been doing this for years via the Interstate Crosscheck List, now he's taking it nationwide in a (so-called) voter commission against illegal voting that meets for the first time today.

We can’t let the Trump administration get away with them. boils down what we know about this political scandal to its essential essence in order to explain why everything that comes out of the White House is now tainted, and why the Republican majorities that would rather steamroll their agenda forward so he can sign it rather than hold him accountable are accepting that taint upon themselves as well.

It is no longer possible to dismiss the Russia scandal as fake news.

Today in the continuing story of Donald Trump Jr. Admitting To Crimes On Social Media...

Trump Jr himself posted the damning emails on Twitter.

Courtesy of Neel Kashkari, who worked under Hank Paulson in George W. Bush's Treasury Department - not only is Too Big To Fail not a 'solved' problem, recent developments imply things are drifting back in the wrong direction again.

Regulators keep insisting bondholders will take losses, but then they’re reluctant to impose them.

While the President tweets out idiotic viral videos of himself body-slamming a news channel, remember that it's the corruption happening right in front of all of our eyes that he is trying to hide from view.

Oh, and that Mitch McConnell re-submitted at least one new healthcare bill to the Congressional Budget Office before the Senate left for vacation.

Donald Trump held a private, $35,000-per-person fundraiser at his own Washington hotel. We got the audio and are making it free here.|By Ryan Grim

If this were a trustworthy commission rather than a framework for additional voter disenfranchisement, this would still be a federal overreach. Instead, this commission on voting fraud intends to defraud voters of their franchise to support Republican candidates at the expense of our democratic principles.

President Donald Trump’s commission investigating alleged voter fraud in the 2016 elections has asked states for a list of the names, party affiliations, addresses and voting histories of all voters, if state law allows it to be public.

The CBO report has been released, and it's scathing - in order to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires, everyday Americans will be asked to pay more money for worse insurance. Millions would just wind up uninsured, despite all the spin claiming this is an effective healthcare bill. It's not - it's just a tax cut for a few at everyone else's expense.

CBO says "few low-income people would purchase any plan" under GOP health bill.|By Ezra Klein

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and the Republican Party have embraced the fact that some everyday Americans will die so their donors can get tax cuts.


I'm committed to fighting back against Donald Trump and the powerful interests that have rigged the system for the rich and powerful. But I need your help. Chip in today.

Take the next step and chip in today.
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A group of activists went to see Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to explain to him that his healthcare proposal will destroy their lives. Rather than engage with the protests of his constituents, he had them arrested.

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Put thirteen Republican men in a room for secret meetings that will reshape one-sixth of the national economy and OF COURSE this is what happens.

Thirteen male Republican Senators finally unveiled their long-awaited secret health care bill on Thursday, and it contains big plans to shake up women’s reproductive health care by taking federal funding away from Planned Parenthood and making it harder to get abortions, contraception, breast cancer...

“If Republicans won’t relent and debate their health care bill in the open for the American people to see, then they shouldn’t expect business as usual in the Senate,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

Senate Dems are preparing to go scorched earth. Here's how.
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders was live.
June 19

Taking your questions: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren discuss the Republican health care plan.

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Elizabeth Warren
June 18

From the time I was in second grade, I wanted to be a teacher. But our family was a paycheck-to-paycheck family. By the time I was a senior in high school, we d...idn’t have the money for a college application, much less the money to send me off to school. I was sixteen, angry and miserable.

After one especially bitter battle with my mother, I threw some clothes in a bag and ran out of the house. Hours later, Daddy found me on a bench at the bus station downtown. He sat down beside me, and asked if I remembered the time after his heart attack.

I remembered. I’d been 12 years old, and I’d seen how fast a family could be turned upside down.

Daddy said it was the worst time in his life. Worse than when the doctors thought the lumps on his neck were cancer. Worse than when his best friend died. Worse than when he was in a terrible car crash and smashed through the windshield and tore his shoulder open.

“Your mother was at home when they took the station wagon,” he said in a low voice. “And then they said they were going to take the house. She cried every night.”

He paused for a long time. “I just couldn’t face it.”

Sitting there on the bench in the bus station, he told me that he had failed and that the shame had nearly killed him. He wanted to die.

What happened? I asked.

Daddy sat silently for a long time, caught somewhere in his memories of those awful days. He still didn’t look at me. Finally, he took my hand in both of his and held it tightly.

It got better, he said. Your mother found work. We made some payments. After a while, I went back to work. We had less money, but it was enough to get by. We got caught up on the mortgage. You seemed to do okay.

Finally he turned and looked at me. “Life gets better, punkin.”

And he was right. Daddy and I headed home. It was a winding path, but I eventually made it through college and started teaching school. And once one door opened, so did another and another. Life got better.

I’ve carried that story in my pocket for decades. It was how I made it through the painful parts. Divorce. Disappointments. Deaths. When things get tough, I still hear my daddy’s voice, telling me to hang on. It’s a part of him that will always be with me.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies who are trying their hardest. Happy Father’s Day to every daddy who sets the example every day of what it means to care for the people you love. Happy Father’s Day to every daddy who tells a child, “Life gets better, punkin.”

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U.S. Senate Democrats was live.
June 13

#Trumpcare would raise costs and undo protections for people with pre-existing conditions, take coverage away from tens of millions of people, end #Medicaid as ...we know it, cut off access to critical health care services at #PlannedParenthood, and more— Senate Democratic Women share stories of women and families who'll be impacted by this devastating bill being written in secret.

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