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Yu Hao
· March 5, 2018
ROC owes rent to us!
We rented an office from ROC last year, we paid 6 months' rent in advance, from 06/2017 to 12/2017, and last August another company becomes the new landlord of the office. That me...ans that ROC is supposed to give the 5 months rent from 08/2017 to 12/2017, a total of $3500 to the new landlord.
But they didn't not transfer the rent to the new landlord, neither did they give us the rent back. They avoided all the emails and phone calls from us. And there are some more tenants who are under the same situation as us.
We will fight until the end.
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Jeff Michaels
· August 29, 2017
Several concurrent lawsuits don't usually happen with companies doing right by those they do business with. Google the shady shit this company has been up to before working with them
Mike Parise
· July 10, 2017
We're still waiting to hear back from someone...anyone!...regarding our prepaid rent and deposit checks from 604 Arizona Avenue. Called and left messages. Emailed. No response. We'll go to court, of c...ourse, but this is a warning to anyone thinking of renting from ROC. Don't. See More
Marjorie Pumphry
· August 9, 2017
Too bad they closed their doors in the middle of the night, took everyone's deposit, locked some people out - and now they won't return deposits
Amanda Case Fosgate
· September 13, 2016
The company I work for is located at the Vine location off of Broadway. We are very happy to be apart of this amazing location!
Olivia Janisch
· October 16, 2016
Great space, fun environment, love the team that runs the space. All around excellent experience here.
Nicole Hake
· September 16, 2016
My company loves working out of ROC LJ..they have great customer service, fun networking events, and awesome receptionists!
Mallory McGowan
· March 22, 2017
Moved out of my office nearly 2 months ago and still haven't returned my deposit. Also won't give me an ETA on returning it even though I've inquired more then once.
Jaime Weis
· January 18, 2017
Honestly, ROC in Newport Beach is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Best office staff EVER #OfficeLove❤️
Jared Sanderson
· September 16, 2016
We love ROC LJ! Lucky to be in such a fun work environment-tons of great networking opportunities.
Li Jun
· September 16, 2016
the best workplace ever~ love it
Brian Meert
· November 5, 2014
I love this place.

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