The cuteness. Heart full. Kids yoga - huge hit. Loads of goods collected for Texas Diaper Bank. Got to teach a fun class & take one. #trulymysanctuary #gratefulyogi #happyheart #choosejoy
Mornings with these two 😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏 #gratefulyogi #happyheart #choosejoy
Space. 2018 Yoga + Life Refining + Soul Aligning workshop at @thesanctuaryyogaroom happened yesterday. My 5th annual offering of this work focusing on the art & science of manifesting the life of our dreams felt amazing. I love to share this practice. I love meeting new people on this journey. I love reconvening with those who have joined me before - some have come all five years. So grateful for the opportunity to share this content that I’ve been studying and refining and modifying and fine tuning for years now. Feels soooooo good to put it out there. Huge thank you to all who attended. Have a fabulous 2018! #trulymysanctuary #choosejoy #beyourselffearlessly 🦋🌟🦋

Yessss!! And I can’t believe that #JoseAna will be back in #fortworth soon to teach their only 200 Hour TT this entire year. @forrestyoga changed my life. Hosting this training @thesanctuaryyogaroom is an honor. And for that, I’m one #gratefulyogi 🙏😘😘🙏

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The never ending joy of learning. 💕🌟🦋💗 #choosejoy 🎶

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‘Be the love you are looking for’

My favorite Valentines quote. Not just for Feb 14th, but for every day, each moment, each breath

#chooselove #choosejoy

Thank you @thiscolorfullifephoto
Love you @craigpaynterjr

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I was in Costa Rica this last summer. Costa Rica is a happy place for my heart, my soul, my me-ness. I love the green, the joy vibes, the commitment to health & kindness. And it brought me to thinking about my upcoming goal planning, soul aligning, life refining session of goodness that I would inevitably be hosting in January, my 5th annual, & a thought occurred to me... what if I wrapped a 100 hour advanced tt around it? And it felt good. Juices were flowing, ideas were flo...wing... yes, yes, I felt.

And then Jen @jenpastiloff and I connected. I could come in Feb 2018, she said. Yes!, I said. I could include this as part of my tt, said my soul. Yes!, said Jen. And the yes’s kept coming.

Our group was small for our tt. The workshops included were not. I was scared when I realized how intimate the tt would be. Will I still have material to offer, I thought?! Yes!, said my heart. So I proceeded.

And I did. It turns out, even if the group is small, intimate, connected, familiar, I have plenty to say, plenty to offer, plenty to share. And this particular group, good Lord... there are no words.

They are beauty.
They are strength.
They are softness.
They are innovation.
They are bravery.
They are truth.

I gave them every ounce of my light within. Their reflection of that light made us all stronger.

We laughed.
We cried.
We hugged.
We danced.
We planned classes.
We held each other.
We told deep and mighty truths.
We created healing.

We reflected back the beauty of the intrinsic nature of spirit to each other with grace, fearlessness & authenticity.

I have never been so in awe, nor so eternally grateful.
Thank you, my loves.
Thank you, all.

#rbytt #dreamcatchertraining #trulymysanctuary #gratefulyogi

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There are no words. Ok, maybe there are... Joy, Bliss, reverence, vulnerability, ecstasy, awe, disbelief, transformation, breakthrough, connection, freedom, openness, healing, heart... these are just a few. Gratitude... so much gratitude. And now, exhaustion. The most delicious, exhilarating kind. Thank you, friends. Thank you, @jenpastiloff Thank you, @leahinthecosmos Thank you, Universe. Thank you, @thesanctuaryyogaroom Night, night 😂😍🌟🙏🦋 #trulymysanctuary #choosejoy

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“We are all one genetic tribe moving through a huge and transformative period in history, the end result of which will be the realization of our unity.” ~ The Gene Keys, Richard Rudd

Thank you for the recommendation @jylmarieyoga

Love you, Cp. @craigpaynterjr


Pic: @thiscolorfullifephoto ❤️

#choosejoy #gratefulyogi #gratefulwife

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On the left. One of Daisy’s favorite books, Bark, George. On the right, my recreation of said book. I draw. She colors. Super great way to deter iPad time.

As a little girl, I loved to draw. As I became responsible, I buried that passion.

Of late, I’ve taken great joy in breathing passion back into this form of creativity.


Creativity is a human privilege. It is my experience that these skills and inspiration are of the Divine.

I am choosing not to abandon any opportunity to be a conduit for this energy ever again. It’s just too much fun.

Cheers, beloveds.

#choosejoy #beyourselffearlessly #gratefulyogi

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I do consider myself crazy lucky to lead this I life that I love so much. #choosejoy #gratefulyogi #happyheart

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You cannot please everyone. It dims your light to even try. All you can do is stay true to your heart, come from love, be compassionate, be kind, be honest (and be ok with not everyone receiving that honesty as you intend it to be, understand that that perception is a choice & most likely, it’s not about you) and let go. I do hope to instill this in Daisy. #choosejoy #gratefulyogi #yogamama #nurturethelightwithin

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As we shiver away here in Texas, here is a friendly reminder that I am leading a retreat to Panama in October (20-27). Head on over to @thetravelyogi for more details like registration, etc. cheers! #choosejoy #wherewillyogatakeyou

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Photographer: Make a crazy face.
Me: (thinks silently to self, No, thanks)
Craig & Daisy: (think silently to themselves, Oh, we’ve so got this)
Jagger: (somewhere in the middle)


😳 Aaaaand this is the result. Its as if they practiced in the mirror together. ?!

Thought I’d share... just in case you were starting to take it all a little too seriously today.

#choosejoy #gratefulyogi #likefatherlikedaughter

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