Strandberg Spark topic 4 starts today!

This video is a reaction to Strandberg Spark's 4th topic: Spring Holidays...of which I chose the 1st day of Spring. I'm from Maine, so I grew up with dramati...

I don't know if you all have discovered Strandberg Spark yet, but it's really fun! It's a new project that they started in January. There's a group you can join and the idea is that we will present you with a topic and everyone will create some kind of artistic response, whether it is with music or another medium. For each cycle we will also pick out our favorite videos and those creators will receive 'flint', which can be traded in for Strandberg goodies once enough has been collected. Overall though, it's just a good time. You get a chance to be creative and have fun, and you also get to see what everyone else comes up with which is a blast!

We just started a new topic cycle today, so here's a video of me making weird riffs. \m/

The cartoon clips are from Adventure Time! This video is a response for Strandberg Spark's 3rd cycle. There were two topic choices and I chose Som da Aura (p...