Annie Evett is preparing for another workshop to promote Reclaim. This time its a regional ABA conference.. excited!

Our website is going off line for a bit - doing some overhauling..


Annie Evett has just finished an awesome workshop with ABA - thanks ladies!!

Annie Evett off to speak at AMA meeting and conduct a workshop..

Annie Evett has just put final touches on workshop notes and resources and is ready to go for tomorrows presentation.

Jodi Cleghorn (Author) and Annie Evett have been invited to speak to two upcoming ABA meetings - and one of them is a regional presentation!

One of our articles published in a New Zealand Magazine

Chicken Soup for Mothers. probably what the doctor has ordered. A review of this collection of short stories meant to inspire mums.

No – one would deny that the peaks and troughs experienced in motherhood has the ability to test ones emotional and spiritual strength beyond what we had pre-childbirth thought we were capable of. Mothers are very often not only time poor, but staved of the soul; having given out all their energy an

Just spoke for an hour on sex after birth at regional workshop for community educators

We have an article appearing in New Zealands' Kiwi Parent Oct/Nov on debunking the six week wait "Sex After Birth: Beyond the Myth of the Six Week Wait"

kiwi parent - supporting kiwi parents through the early years of parenthood.

Jodi Cleghorn (Author) is talking at the Tarragindi ABA Group tomorrow 9:45 - 11:00am. Annerley Baptist Church, Ipswich Road (off street parking parallel to Ipswich Road in Lambton) See you there for a frank and open discussion about sex after birth.

July newsletter just gone out with tips on how to schedule time, some inspirational quotes and two great short stories from Annie Evett and Jodi Cleghorn (Author). Are you signed up?

Tips for managing romance at the fast pace we all live our lives in.

Its undisputed that our lives and society has changed dramatically since the days our parents dated, making their advice and experiences outdated and irrelevant.
Our modern world is governed by industry, invention and technology with most of ou...

Jodi Cleghorn (Author) is talking at the Forest Lakes branch of the ABA tomorrow - about, you guessed it, sex after birth. If you're in the area and the subject interests you, stop on in. The meeting is held at the Salvo's Hall.

A quick look, via Essential Baby, at sexuality across the childbearing continuum.

Although everyone’s different, a new baby will inevitably have some impact on your sex life. Here Sarah Scheller O’Donnell explains what to expect before, during and after pregnancy

"All this raises the obvious question about whether low libido in women
is pathological or just evidence that female sexuality is different to
men's? Indeed, even if we accept that marital disharmony resulting from
mismatched desires for sex is a problem in need of address, is a pill
really the answer? And if it is, why medicate women? Why not give men a ...
drug to settle them down?"

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WHY can't a woman be more like a man? Henry Higgins posed the question in My Fair Lady and ever since Viagra began earning Pfizer more than $US1 billion ($1.2 billion) per year, the big pharmaceutical companies have been asking it, too. Why can't women's sexual problems be cured as simply and profit...

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