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Clara Samantha John
· July 8, 2017
My right knee has been painful. I have mild osteoarthritis and I haven't completed a month of the Recogen yet but my knee feels a lot better.
Guek Moey Khoo
· August 20, 2017
Good thing are to share with my family and friend

You're on the right track by using Recogen daily, now it's time to do a little physical activity that helps strengthen the joints.

This week, it's doing wall squats. Here are the steps:
1. Stand with your head and back against a wall
2. Position your feet shoulder-width apart...
3. Keep your arms at your sides
4. Lower your body into a squat position
5. Hold the position as long as you can

How many seconds can you do a wall squat for?
Share it in the comments!

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Check out what Recogen can do to your joint. Your daily activities will never be the same again when you take Recogen. Share this with people you care!
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