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There is a kinder, more respectful discussion to be had here. Join me.|By Kira Ayn Davis
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Hit the road, Jack.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Crowd at RNC
360's Katie Pavlich sits down for an interview with our #RSG16 keynote, TheBlaze's Glenn Beck Join us LIVE in the comments and submit your questions!

Here it comes!

This is a new development in the ongoing Russia probe.|By Susan Wright


If this viral video struck you as fishy, this is probably why.

The lie has already traveled halfway around the world.

from apple to banana to barbed suppository...all before your very own eyes

To listen, you have to close your mouth.

Smart move?

Pelosi is looking a lot like Julius Ceasar, and Democrats are looking a lot like Brutus and his cohorts.
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The discussion will be televised live, on CNN.|By Susan Wright

CNN thinks they're telling the truth (Nope)


Remember when the left hated the big banks and trusted Washington implicitly?

The Trump Swamp is the real threat

Many working within the White House have been unable to gain full security clearance, to date.|By Susan Wright
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State Governors decide how to allocate funds.

Would you let them on your property?

Dana is fantastic and will speak for what's right!

This evening at 9pm EST, Jake Tapper and CNN are hosting a town hall meeting with students and family members who were victims of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida, as well as politicians and…


Across social media, the faces of children are plastered in the forms of pictures and videos. These children are the survivors of a horrifying shooting in Parkland, Flordia, and many of them have…