Redneck Batman Issue 5

Hey y'all! I'm right here!!!

7/21/2017: Let's All Get Excited For Redneck Batman By Daniel Dockery We've had a gritty Batman. We've had a Gothic Batman. We've had a cartoonish Batman. We've had a campy Batman. We've had a Lego Batman. And finally, after years of waiting and hoping and dreaming, we get a Redneck Batman. Rejoice....

Jeremy Kohrs the writer and artist of Redneck Batman will be at Phoenix Comicon Memorial Day Weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center.

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The Art of Jeremy Kohrs

Come on down Memorial Day weekend (May 25-28) to the Phoenix Convention Center for Phoenix Comicon 2017. Local artist Jeremy Kohrs will be there all weekend to help provide awesome nerdy artwork and comics. Booth number AA210

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The print copies of Redneck Batman Issue 5 are now on Etsy!
Get 'em while they're hot.

— Products shown: Redneck Batman Issue #5.

Look at what came in the mail!
They will be on Etsy soon!!!
Until then the digital download is still available.

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Where is Redneck Batman Issue 5???

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Redneck Batman Issue 5

I reckon y'all better prepare for what's comin'.

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Sorry for the lack of updates.
This year has been something else. I don't think I've ever been more busy in my life. After the holidays things should start to settle back down. I've started coloring Issue 5 again after a long break. If I can keep the pace, the new issue should be done by mid to late January.

Thanks so much everyone for hanging in there and being patient!

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Hey y'all be sure to head on down to Phoenix Fan Fest Oct 22-23. Jeremy Kohrs, the artist and creator of Redneck Batman, will be there all weekend with copies of the comic for sale.
Come hang out with us at Booth # AA428

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The Art of Jeremy Kohrs

I'm keeping myself busy the next few weeks. Between casting dice and coloring the new issue of Redneck Batman and working my regular day job I am wearing myself out. But I don't mind.

I got photoshop reinstalled on my computer! So coloring on issue 5 is officially underway!

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The last page of Redneck Batman Issue 5 has been drawn and inked!

However the hard drive crash really did a number on my computer. I was able to recover all of the important art files. But it may be a while before I can save enough money to get a good hard drive to replace it.

Once I get that sorted out, then I can scan in all the pages and start coloring. ...
If everything goes according to plan, I'm hoping to get the new issue done by this fall.

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I'm almost done drawing Issue #5. Only 1 more page to draw and ink.
It might be a while before I can color the pages though. I just had my hard drive crash earlier this week. Not sure how long it'll be before I get that back up and running.

Working on a crowd scene for Redneck Batman issue 5. They are pretty much the worst. Way too many people to draw. #redneckbatman #makingcomics #batman #superhero #sketchsaturday #workinprogress #lineart #comicink

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I've slowly been working on drawing Issue # 5. I've discovered for drawing crowd scenes, People of Walmart is very useful website for character design inspiration.