Griff by moonlight (by Dan Schafer '92)

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The biology department reunion is happening today! Alumni will give talks throughout the day; look for a listing at Reedfayre Central in Kaul and on the door of psych 105.

Also, there will be a lunch + open house and a dessert gathering this evening. Check in at Kaul to sign up.

Send photos! Current or past, of the retirees or of you, whether you can attend or not, to Suzy Renn, associate professor of biology.

David Byrne wrote this cool op-ed on biking; he won't be headlining, but you can dance to a giant projection of "Stop Making Sense" tonight at 11:45 p.m. in the SU.

Bikes can transform our world and make it better. New Yorkers are about to see how.

You are cordially invited to Centennial Fanfayre at 5 p.m. today!

Gather on the north lawn of Eliot (the site of the first commencements at Reed) to unveil the centennial oral history, "Comrades of the Quest," by John Sheehy '82 as well as to honor retiring librarian Vickie Hanawalt and president Colin Diver along with retiring professors Steve Arch and Steve Black.

Afterwards, enjoy the president’s reception in the quad at 6 p.m. and other evening fun, including dinner, Laugh Track, and Reedie bands.

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May 31, 2012

good times with the great griffin float (in process)!

Professor Emeritus Nicholas Wheeler '55 built a harpsichord over many years; today Bonnie Garrett, honorary alumna, will perform a recital of French and German music from the 18th century at 5 p.m. in the gallery.

Chris Lydgate '90 sez: "Hey, trivia fans--Quizmaster Marty Smith '88 will host a trivia session Thursday night at Reunions. Come on down and test your mastery of obscure 80s synthpop..."

something esoteric for everyone!

Stuart Margolis '93 plans to rawk on Friday night! #Reedfayre2012


Seriously looking forward to playing music at Reed College this Friday night. For the vast hordes of fans who are not alumni of this institution, I apologize. ... It is a private event.
It is also our last show with the illustrious Valley Boy, Dan David. Dan has been a huge asset and influence on the Hollowdog sound for years. His presence will be greatly missed be all. We wish he and Vicky all the best in their move to Ittoqqortoormiit.

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Have you heard about our great childcare offering, right here on campus, for Friday & Saturday evenings?!

Creative Childcare Solutions, Inc. offers safe and professional childcare during Reedfayre, 5-11 p.m., Friday, June 1, and 7-11 p.m., Saturday, June 2. Pre-registration required.

Our Rose Festival float was on TV! Love how lead instigator Rob Mack '93 is wearing his Nitrogen Day t-shirt.

Watch here, but see it unveiled live next weekend at Reedfayre!

It's the 100th Grand Floral Parade and Reed College is also celebrating a milestone - a 100th birthday.

In case you missed Chris Huson '82 and Big Boys with Poise on "America's Got Talent" last night, they'll be performing at Reedfayre '12 on Saturday, June 2!

Seattle men show their talents at Cirque de Flambe performance.

The Doctor wants you (audio clip madness)!

W-w-wind up your Reunions! Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen '63) here, calling all Reedies to join us at Reunions ’12: Reedfayre! It's like Renn Fayre, but with better wine and less mayhem. You'll greet old friends, meet new ones, and say farewell to President Colin Diver after ten sweet years.

Reserve a dorm room and get this t-shirt. Hurry and register today as supplies are limited!…/…/comrades-of-the-quest-t-shirt.html

A "Comrades of the Quest" t-shirt could be yours by signing up for a dorm stay during Reunions 12: Reedfayre! Stay on campus and a t-shirt comes with the deal. Pick it up at Reedfayre Central in Kaul foyer when you check in.

In honor of May Day... Comrades of the Quest unite (and register)! You've nothing to lose but your chance at a free copy of this new book.

Register for Reedfayre by end of day on May 1, and you will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of "Comrades of the Quest" (five copies will be given away).

Come for the food carts, stay for the reunion? Reedfayre '12 has much to offer, as does the city of Portland.

Yes, New York Times, Portland prides itself on "all things independent and artisan," but we knew that before a certain IFC series that starts with a "P" catapulted our fair city into the national spotlight. Even if you eschew the fawning praise of this "36 Hours in Portland" feature, please consider...
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Reunions '10 all-class dinner, photo by Ned Dairiki '60

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