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Marcie Mos Dunning
· March 31, 2018
I took my 2015 Altima in for required maintenance yesterday. One of the most basic services was an oil change. I also requested the air in the tires adjusted which is usually part of the process. The ...service advisor Carlos advised me the tire pressure would be taken care of. Also at the end of service at the cashier counter as usual the service advisor confirmed the work done. Today I went to a different automotive facility to have a new battery installed which Nissan advised me I needed (but more affordable elsewhere). The service advisor at the other facility advised me my oil
Was on the low end of the dipstick!!!
The place was nice enough to refill my oil at no charge.
I called Nissan and spoke to the service manager ‘John B.’ Who stated ‘I don’t know how that could happen’ and next time “I will give you a free oil change” when I advised him I am relocating out of state he said “well I don’t know what else I can do for you then but apologize” uhh no offer of refund on the oil change that left me with dangerously low oil. Also, after being assured by Carlos that my tire pressure was adjusted. Uh, nope again.
The final kicker was after realizing that his apology was not as good as the almost 50 bucks I spent on the oil
Change John B hung up on me. Mind you, I was not yelling at him or cursing. I was speaking calmly. Shame on You John B , Carlos and Reed Nissan!
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Darvis Spears
· January 8, 2018
Came in not expecting to leave with a new car due too our negative equity and the outcome was completely different! Yemiy was a great salesperson and was upfront with her info. During the deal proces...s the numbers weren't coming out to our liking due too no fault of their own like I said because of the negative equity of the trade even with that Mike G. brought forth great deals and used all his resources to accomendate are financial needs, still it was a tough position for us. Then a down to earth very cool to talk too and conversate with by the name of Jay sat us down and talked to us on a more personal level to get a feel for what he can do and save not just today but in the long run and mentioned the insurance department within the building to possibly help not only save money but come out even on the trade in! Something we haven't thought of before almost walking away from the deal! So he introduced us too George also a nice gentleman and easy to talk too not just about cars but life like Jay. George worked his magic and saved us approximately $40 on our insurance a month!! That officially sealed the deal!! With the help of Yemiy, Mike G, Jay and George and that insurance department we walked out happy with exactly what we wanted compared to settling like we have in the past! Great experience! See More
Ryann Hartley
· March 26, 2018
I purchased a new vehicle at Reed Nissan in mid January. I still have no paperwork because “out of state deals” take time according to their Director. In the mean time, I have expired temp tags and vehicle to legally drive. I’ve called twice and was told both times that I would have new temp tags over-nighted. Still nothing. Today on the phone they told me they had them sent to my Grandma??? No clue where that came from. Must have been another out of state deal gone bad. He also told me he’s had deals take 6 months before. I’m DONE and want them to come get the vehicle. Mr. Director says that will cause me to have a repossession on my credit. I don’t recommend purchasing a vehicle here, especially if out of state. I’m beginning to understand my rights and will make sure I’m made whole. It’s always nice to see companies step up and fix things before they escalate to attorney general, dmv complaints, or legal representation but I guess sometimes that’s the route necessary. I will begin exploring all of those channels tomorrow. Sometimes, that’s what it takes. Disappointed and frustrated. See More
Jonathan Elipe
· December 29, 2017
While we ended up going with Mitsubishi, the entire process was made very painless thanks to Mike Jacovsky. During a long and arduous search process after a car accident that resulted in a totaled veh...icle, it was refreshing to find a Car Salesman that didn't wreak of dishonest intent and had a genuine interest in seeing us be able to afford and drive away with a vehicle my partner and I loved. He wasn't trying to just get us into any old car--he wanted us to have the best options that fit our needs.

Even though we didn't strike a deal, that definitely won't stop me from sending anyone who inquires about a Nissan over to Mike. So long as he continues his honest disposition, I think he'll actually be one of the first to be a truly honest, helpful and wonderful car salesman.


Roxana, who was assisting Mike, was also a dream to work with. Her hard work and determination to make sure we were happy with what we wanted to test drive just inspired us to continue to try and forge a deal with Reed Nissan. Her uplifting personality and demeanor made the long day not seem all that bad or long and made the car-buying/selection experience actually fun and filled with laughter! It's unfortunate she's not quite in sales yet, but I have no doubt she'll make people feel comfortable with the difficult choices which are necessary in a car buying experience.

Props to you both! You've inspired me to write this long review because you both left a lasting impression.
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Mona S Howard
· April 10, 2018
The service is awesome. I have purchased two brand new vehicles from this dealership. The salespeople are the best. They are very attentive to your every need. They're very good about following up wit...h you about any services received. The service department is also awesome. They periodically check on you and keep you updated on the status of your vehicle. Very courteous and knowledgeable service people. See More
Erin Leigh Salyer
· February 3, 2018
I have been in the market to make a cash purchase used car. My mom and I have been saving for years and we are finally at a point we can buy. I did research and decided a Nissan Rogue SV is what I wan...ted. I went to Reed Nissan because they had a high inventory of this car online but unfortunately the manager is the reason I did not have a pleasant experience. The salesmen was fine nothing extraordinary but we went in and told them our maximum price with TTL but the manager kept coming over with a higher price trying to get more money out of us. I understand trying to make a sale, but we were very honest about our price and told them multiple times we did not have a penny more. After finding us a 2nd car they told us was in our price range and met our requirements, they came back with a number that was $925 over the budget we told them. We had to repeat ourselves again that we did not have anymore than what we told them. The manager then suggest that he would split that $925 with us and we would just need to pay $400 more than what we had told him. We explained AGAIN we did not have anymore money that what we brought it. He suggested financing and we told him we weren’t looking to finance and had a good amount of money to make a cash purchase. He then proclaimed we get a better deal financing than a cash purchase. Uhmmmm what?? How?!? Haha how is owing money a better deal? This is where my mother and I became upset. The manager then suggested “Well you two ladies are very nice isn’t there someone in your family you can borrow the $400 from?” I was in complete shock that he even suggested that like the $400 was no big deal. In the end we ended up walking away due to them not budging on the $400, even though the manager made it seem like such a small amount could easily be borrowed from a friend or family member. If your going into finance, you’ll probably have better luck since apparently a cash purchase is not worth anything at this dealership. See More
Michelle Tabor
· February 15, 2018
Came in for an oil change and left with a 2018 Nissan Rogue. This is now the 4th car that we have bought from this dealer. Yeimy is amazing and we only deal her each time. She knows what we like and w...orks with us. Also when entering the show floor we were greeted by Jay and he was great! Thanks again Reed Nissan Clermont for another great experience and this is the reason why we keep coming back. See More
Shirley Meyer
· December 11, 2017
Folks at the Dealership were professional and upfront. My Sales Professional Manolo Rodriguez was down to earth and courteous. His professional persistence is what ultimately led to my purchase. I ...had visited another dealership, but didn't feel as comfortable as I did at Reed. When I revisited Reed, both Manolo and Nick (Sales Mgr) were up front with regards to the deal. They got me into Tony in Finance fairly quickly, he presented my options (not too pushy), everything was completed in reasonable amount of time. I would recommend a visit here before you buy anywhere else.

Steve M.
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Emily Gibb
· December 19, 2017
I had my first car buying experience here at Reed Nissan. My car salesman, Rudy, helped me through the whole process from the negotiating, to the test drives, and everything in between. At the end of ...the day, I left happy with a 2017 Rouge Sport, and felt confident that I got a great deal and that my finances/monthly payments were where they needed to be. I would suggest Reed Nissan to new car owners like myself, because they took the time to explain things to me and help me find what I was looking for.
Also, less than a week after I bought the car, some debris hit my car on the lovely I-4, and knocked off a piece of my grill. Rudy ordered me the part and replaced it free of charge. This is how I KNOW they genuinely care about their customers.
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Pamela Nelson
· January 2, 2018
My experience at REED NISSAN was excellent . We had fun we cut up but got down to business. Mario (Super Mario) was awesome in sales and Eddie the manager was soo nice kind didn’t rush you and really ...worked hard to get my deal for me and Chris in finance was very nice and very knowledgeable . Good time at Reeds ! Everyone is friendly there!!!! Which is an A + in Orlando � See More
Amanda Hill
· January 28, 2018
Visited the Clermont location looking to trade in my 2015 Nissan Altima for a Rogue. I was introduced to salesman Elton Bello, didnt have the vehicle I wanted however my experience with Mr. Elton was ...excellent and informative, even though I didnt get what I was looking for that day Mr. Elton took my information and assured me when they have some up coming deals on what I am looking for he will contact me and make sure I leave with the vehicle of choice. I would recommend Reed Nissan any day and ask to speak with Elton Bello very honest and caring person. See More
Javier G. Rentas
· November 28, 2017
I got to Reed Nissan of Clermont today after my car died on the street while driving to work. The service technicians try to fix my car but the motor was toasted. I needed a new car! That’s when I ...met Jose Martínez, salesperson who did an amazing job showing me and my wife the different models, features and prices. Jose worked with us for the whole afternoon. Then we met Jose’s manager, Jay Gonell who also treated us like family. He went out to the car we selected and showed us how to setup the car radio and paired it with my cell phone and guided us through all the features of the radio and navigation system. Jay offer us the end of year close out incentives and worked with us and the dealer manager to get the price and monthly payment we were looking for. This team, Jose and Jay are incredible and deserve a commendation! The final process was a breeze with F&I manager Carlos Vargas who preparared final paperwork, additional coverage and final payment. We are extremely satisfied with the exceptional service and we strongly recommend Reed Nissan of Clermont and the Jose, Jay, and Carlos team! Thank you for a job well done!
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Rebekah Selle Jenkins
· October 28, 2017
I received a recall notice in the mail from Nissan and called the general 888 number listed. They connected me directly to Reed Nissan and told them I was calling for the Takata airbag recall. He set ...the appointment for today, and when I got there, they explained that the airbags would be out of stock until Spring of 2018. Meanwhile they offer a free loaner/rental car, but my teenage daughter can not use it. So, that does not help me at all. Not to mention I wasted time, money, and gas....very very frustrated. See More
Roy Skeldon
· January 20, 2018
I just had the WORST car buying experience of my life at Reed Nissan on West Colonial in Orlando. I have purchased over 40 cars in my lifetime and I've had my share of good and bad experiences. I know... what to expect. The managers interacted with would the most rude, disrespectful, and discourteous individuals I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have purchased Nissan vehicles from Sutherlin and Universal. They were both much better to deal with. The advertised deal brought me in and I knew there would be fine print which made the advertisement a little sketchy but regardless the last two managers I dealt with there there are not worth ANY DEAL.Avoid Reed Nissan! See More
Lethesha Peekaboo Lopez
· October 19, 2017
I've been a customer for 10 years and yesterday I had one of the worst experiences in all the years I've been dealing with Nissan. I went in to service an on going problem and wanted to get out of my ...Nissan Murano (2016) because of the issues I've been having from the day I purchased this vehicle. Not only was i told that it would cost me ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE a month, but I was disrespected by Sale Manager Jay Vasquez. When I mentioned to him that it's not my fault the car is defected and I didn't think I should have to pay more money for a replacement vehicle. He told me that they are there to sell cars not keep them on the lot. This behavior is unacceptable and very unprofessional. I believe if I was another race the treatment would've been completely different. #unappreciatedcustomer See More
Michael Serviss
· November 13, 2017
I recently purchased my 9th Nissan and 7th with Reed Nissan.I have always had a great purchasing experience both with their sales and service departments. I enjoyed my last sales experience and Dewayn...e Loy is a true professional. Vince Mancuso and Brian Longacre are true professionals who go above and beyond to help!!! See More
Kelley Lord
· March 13, 2018
Worst experience buying a car ever! This dealership is now threatening to sue a retired injured military veteran and his family because the dealership is trying to force through a shady deal when the...y didn't bother to clear the title on the trade. This dealership sold us a vehicle with an illegally tinted front windshield and tried to change the interest rate on the paperwork. AVOID this dealership. There are plenty of fair and honest places out there to buy a car but REED NISSAN is not one of them. See More
Tami Martin
· March 24, 2018
Went in for routine service expected to get hit over the head with charges and a host of recommendations; however, it was not the case. Reasonable charges and they replaced my battery that was dying. ...I’m very pleased. See More
Jamey Harper
· October 21, 2017
Completely incompetent service staff. Returned our dangerous car to us claiming to have fixed it 8 times in two months. And when we said we were afraid to drive it the service advisor said not their p...roblem. If you love your family. Don't trust these people. See More
Andrileny Gonzalez Colon
· September 3, 2017
Jay was extremely courteous, knowledgeable, prompt and not pushy, gave me my space. He showed me what was in my budget and gave me information I requested , He never pressured me, he assisted me with ...making the best decision for me. I ended up purchasing what I was looking for, in love with my new car. I would definitely recommend Fermin Gonell and Reed Nissan!!!! See More
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