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Words to you have enough?

Ayurveda by Curejoy
February 3

I wish you enough.....

Inspired by this vulnerable, honest and open letter to the inner-soul of every woman written by the musician Alicia Keys:…/a…/alicia-keys-time-to-uncover/

Why the musical icon is embracing #nomakeup.

Have you worried about what will happen tomorrow? I have spent time and effort preparing for the unknowables. I am realizing though that true peace comes from settling into a state of "unknowingness" - if that's a word! Here is a video + article on how one can do that.

In our world, where planning for future projects and events is part of our everyday life, often stress begins to show up. We sweat over all the details so that we can design everything "perfectly". But no matter how much we plan and prepare, there is uncertainty in life. How to deal with this? In th...

Another key to our inner-peace is how we view our body. Here is a nice short video that helps you inspect your thoughts!

We look in the mirror. See our body. And we think that is all of who we are. We notice a change in how we look. And we feel bad because we don't like it. This is causes you stress and takes you further from feeling at peace and happy. In this article + video episode of the Happiness Forecast, I'm ta...

Great way to spend one's free time. Listen to audiobooks! And this one was recorded by yours truly for!…

Inspiration from Enlightened Nuns WH349 (Print and Free Audiobook)- In this booklet (and audiobook) Susan Elbaum Jootla explores poems composed by the Arahat bhikkhunis or enlightened Buddhist nuns of old, looking at these poems as springs of inspira

Look how the clouds are rolling in above the mountain. View from Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi. It is amazing to see this happen in front of your eyes!

To read Leo Babauta's writing is a mediative experience. This short piece from today is such an example. Plus it's really useful for creating our own sense of inner-peace. Check it out:

My first guest-post has been released today on I am super excited!!! (doing a happy dance!)…/the-benefits-sky-time-how-to-fi…

Do you feel at times that there is no pause in your day? That your day is either “on” as soon as you start the day or “off” at the end of the day when you turn in for a night of rest; but there really is no pause-button as you go through your day? This has become a part of our lives as schedules hav...

A simple reminder to all overachievers: assess your efforts and not just results. Watch the latest video to hear a story about the gardener who could not find flowers:

De-cluttering feels good - afterwards! If you experience jitters at the very thought of letting go of things you don't need or use, try to imagine how you will once the burden is off your shoulders. With that lightness in mind, it can be easier to approach decluttering in your home and life. What is your biggest challenge around decluttering?

When you declutter, what follows are some overwhelming benefits. Here are four, according to science.

"Instead of beating ourselves down,
we need to cut ourselves some slack!"

Do you have the thought, "I am not good enough"? A lot of people, especially women, do. And this single thought can derail any progress we've made in our business and personal lives. In this episode of the Happiness Forecast, I have a simple reminder for you: You Are Enough!!!

Hey y’all! (Collaboration Invite) + Please Share with Friends!

I have created a 6 Week Online Video Program called the Happiness Gameplan that’s designed to help women overcome negative though patterns, build a deeper sense of self-worth and learn practical tools to cultivate happiness.

It has personal stories from my life to inspire a transformation within you and share a step-by-step process of deepening a sense of inner-peace and happiness so that you can take steps toward...s creating your own version of success and increase your daily moments of happiness.

What I would love is to guide this journey with about 10-15 women through this online program. This is right for you if you are working on your dream project/business or figuring out what that could be and are facing voices of self-doubt, pressures from the external world and are looking for ways to get through it.

You will have the entire program for FREE including access to videos, all the PDF worksheets and two live calls. In return, you commit to going through the program, send me your weekly assignments, come on the 2 live calls and do written/audio/video testimonials. This is about a two hour commitment per week for six weeks. Or broken down weekly about 20 minutes a day for six weeks.

You will benefit from this program as you will go through a personal transformation that will help you create breakthroughs for your personal life and business. Plus, you and your business (with website link) will be featured as success stories (promotion on my site). I will also be delighted to give you first consideration for joint-venture webinars as affiliate partners.

This would be a wonderful collaboration.

Are you in? Please email me: if this sounds interesting. And we'll get the party started!

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You are allowed to feel how you feel. Click below to watch the video or read the blog on how you can move through tough emotions. And please share this video if you feel it would be useful to at least one person! Thank you!!!

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"In life there keep coming
autumns and springs.
If the mind does not waver,
you enjoy infinite happiness."
- S. N. Goenka

To remove ourselves from the center of things can give us a whole new perspective on life and even relieve us from some mental anguish. This is a fantastic little article by Leo Babauta that is bound to be useful today:

When we go about our day, we tell ourselves a story about what’s happening … and at the center of that narrative is a single person.

"...the world is a mirror of our inner world. Any negativity you experience in your world is a reflection of your thought pattern, words and speech." Life Is A Mirror and you can use this knowledge to create more positive situations in your own life. To see how I am using this and a free guide so you can too, check out the latest Happiness Forecast Blog + Video:

The world is a mirror of our state of being. What we think about and say often manifests directly in the form of people and situations. In this episode, I will show you how you can actively change your environment by actively changing your thoughts, words and actions.