Curse of the Haunted Heater
What is a Home Energy Audit?
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Saving energy, helping the environment, and your local community? Yes please! Get our quick guide to all things solar:

If your electric bill gives you a fright, some energy efficiency upgrades might be just the trick you need.

It's frightening how much energy an older home can lose.

The furry members of your family have a built-in way to stay warm. The rest of your household will appreciate having the heating and cooling system working well before winter gets here.

Having problems with your heating and cooling system? Learn how to decide when it's time to repair and when it's time to replace.

Curse of the Haunted Heater:

You're watching your favorite tv show when the unspeakable happens. Your heater starts making noises reminiscent of a possession from the underworld. ​ #timeforanupgrade

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Is it better to lease or buy solar panels?☀️ Don't stress, we've started the pros and cons list for you.

Let's take a look at the benefits and potential disadvantages of each.

Keep the cold air where it belongs this winter—outside! Follow these tips to get your windows ready for the cooler months ahead.

Use our guide to help you make the right decision for your home.

Replacing windows doesn’t need to be a pane. 😉 Check out this article from This Old House for help with the planning process.

Styles and materials to consider before you decide which windows are right for you.

Cuddling with your pup is one way to stay warm this winter. Taking a look at your heating and cooling system can help too. Check out these tips to get started.

We’ve covered the basics of HVAC upgrades in this infographic.

Find out how you can best prepare your home for the winter months.

Expert advice on getting your home cold-weather ready.

In addition to great natural lighting and increased air flow, there are some wonderful benefits new windows can provide. Learn more on our latest blog post!

Replacing your windows can provide a host of benefits for your home and family.

Looking into solar panels? Use our quick guide to find the info you need:

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If your energy bills feel like they’re higher than they should be, consider having a home energy audit done not only to determine if your home is wasting energy, but how to fix it. Watch Landmark Energy Upgrades share how an audit works! #EEDay2017


Did you know today is #EnergyEfficiency Day? It’s easy to do your part with these simple energy saving habits. #EEDay2017

Easy habits for saving energy and conserving water.

Parents, try the downloadable coloring book, scavenger hunt, or other fun ideas on our blog to teach kids how to help save energy at home. #EEDay2017

Teach your children how to save energy and water with fun activities.

We are excited to share that finance industry leader Roy Guthrie is now the Chief Executive Officer of Renovate America.

Get the details on our latest company update:

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Ready for Energy Efficiency Day next Thursday? Join us in pledging to save energy that day and every day! See how you can get involved: #EEDay2017

Energy Efficiency Day (Oct 5) is a collaborative effort between organizations, business, utilities, and individuals to promote energy efficiency.