The VA is failing our veterans, taking years in some cases to pay claims for ambulance or emergency room care which threatens the personal credit ratings of veterans, and then paying themselves bonuses. No small business in Louisiana would ever dream of rewarding its employees for such poor performance. I offered an amendment that would prohibit bonuses for underperforming bureaucrats until the VA gets its act together and starts doing its job.
In case you missed it, yesterday I voted to make it easier for the VA Secretary to fire, demote and recoup bonuses from employees who don't do their jobs. Veterans have suffered long enough. I am glad to support this legislation and I urge the Senate to do the same.
This afternoon I voted to stop another harmful attack mandated under Obamacare. Since Obamacare was enacted in 2009, we have seen health insurance premiums increase year after year. This law is broken and it must be repealed!

Despite mounting evidence of Secretary Clinton's mishandling of classified information at the State Department, the FBI has reached the conclusion that Hillary won't face criminal charges. This is a gross injustice for the American people whose security she jeopardized by sending classified information over a private email server. Secretary Clinton has proven to the public that she cannot be trusted to keep us safe. We need leaders with integrity, and they must know that they will be held accountable for their actions, period.

The F.B.I. informed Congress on Sunday that it had reviewed newly discovered emails and not changed its conclusions about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private server.

It seems like we receive new information every day detailing the level of corruption at the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. The FBI must do right by the American people and investigate these allegations to the fullest extent of the law. Secretary Clinton must be held accountable for her actions just like every other American. No one – not even the Clintons – are above the law.

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