For the last seven years, all we've heard from the GOP about the Affordable Care Act has been "Repeal and Replace." Now, President Trump has moved on to "Destroy and Smirk." Yesterday he took away premium support for thousands of low-income families and shortsightedly allowed plans to be sold across state lines with no regulation--something Congress banned 25 years ago. If President Trump actually has a plan to fix American healthcare, I'd love to see it. In the meantime, he seems intent upon unraveling much-needed protections for thousands of American families while ignoring the terrible damage he is inflicting upon the health insurance marketplace.
Rep. DeFazio Speaks on War Powers 10-12-2017
Rep DeFazio Floor Speech on the #TrumpShutdown

Had a good and productive meeting with the interim VARHS Director Dave Whitmer. He briefed me on positive changes being made to improve management and patient care across the VA healthcare system in SW Oregon. Pleased to see real change happening.

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Elsie and Sophie, our DC office dogs, are proud to announce that I've been named a Humane Society Legislative Champion with a 100% rating!

(They also say, "We'd like some treats, please.")

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Today I met with the American Legion Department of Oregon to talk about policies that support and protect Oregon's veterans.

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Three months after President Trump signed the #GOPTaxScam into law, the results are in -- Investors and wealthy shareholders are reaping tremendous financial benefits while working families get very little:…/opinion/investors-republican-tax-…

Businesses are buying back stock to boost prices, giving dividends and pursuing mergers, not raising wages.

I visited the Eugene airport today to check out the brand-new TSA PreCheck lane and also got to visit the control tower. We need to ensure that TSA has the funding it needs to ensure that our airport runs as safely and efficiently as possible.

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On February 14, 1859, Oregon joined the union. Happy Birthday to the Beaver State!

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally one of the biggest tip days of the year for service workers, but this year, President Trump and his Department of Labor aren’t feeling the love. They are proposing a new rule that would allow employers to pocket worker’s tips, costing service workers nearly $6 BILLION in tips each year. Please SHARE if you believe service workers should be allowed to keep their hard-earned tips! #ProtectOurTips

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Today I stood with House Leadership to highlight our new infrastructure plan that will fix our nation's crumbling bridges, roads and harbors and create millions of family-wage jobs across the country:

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House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi was live.

Americans are tired of watching Republicans in Washington refuse to step up and fix our roads, bridges, and waterways. Now, Democrats are unveiling our plan for #ABetterDeal on infrastructure.

Devin Nunes has made it abundantly clear that he cannot be trusted to handle sensitive national security information in a non-partisan manner. I'm calling on Speaker Ryan to immediately remove him from his position as House Intelligence Committee Chairman and ensure the Ethics Committee begins a swift and thorough investigation into the misuse of his leadership position.

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This week, I had the opportunity to read the controversial memo authored by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. While I cannot go into details about the contents of the memo, I can say that it was a cherry-picked, highly-partisan document that compromises national security in order to protect President Trump and I am calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan to remove Chairman Nunes from this sensitive post.
Chairman Nunes’ has proven he lacks the ability to remain impartial and non-partisan in his role as Chairman, and even more concerning has used his leadership position to access and manipulate top secret information for partisan purposes, putting party interests over national security.

I was disappointed with President Trump's pandering, platitudes and props in tonight's #SOTU. You can read my full statement here:…/statement-from-rep-peter-defazi…

“Tonight, President Trump declared that, after his first year in office, his administration has made our nation a safer, stronger, and prouder America. Instead, I heard a speech short on policy and long on platitudes and props, one that outlined the many ways that the Trump administration and thei...

Bumbling from short-term fix to short-term fix is not only irresponsible, it's dangerous, leaving our nation vulnerable and our military under-prepared. The GOP needs to get their act together, do their job, and properly fund the government for an entire year.

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‪If House GOP is *actually* worried about the Children's Health Insurance Program, why have they let it remain unfunded since September? 🤔

22,000 individuals apply for Social Security and Medicare every day -- but their applications will be delayed until the #TrumpShutdown ends. President Trump, it's time to stop watching TV and do your job to end this Republican logjam.

The most basic function of the majority party -- particularly one that controls the House, Senate and White House -- is to write a budget that keeps the government open. GOP, you're 113 days late and it’s harming transportation, job creation and troop readiness:

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Posted by Peter DeFazio

The #TrumpShutdown is already impacting thousands of Oregonians - Community Health Centers, which serve 30,000 in Lane County alone, are unfunded. GOP leaders MUST stop pointing fingers and find a solution to this mess.