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My move to northern Idaho is complete! Well OK I admit there are still a few boxes to unpack but I am 90% there. With the conclusion of this move, RMA has secured a space at the Custers antique show in Spokane Washington on April 20 21st and 22nd. I will be posting pictures of what will be in my booth and I look forward to seeing you there.

This is Rosalee ... the latest dog to receive help from Rescue Me Anteeks. Of course, it could not have happened without many other folks and groups pitching in to give this well-deserving pup a chance at a happy life. Her story is below in the video.

You know, I've always wondered why God allows bad things to happen. I've finally learned that it isn't about the bad thing happening ... it's about our opportunity to show our humanity, to make the world a better place, to put others before ourselves ... because that is the only way we will earn the right to get into Heaven. It isn't about religion. It's about faith and hope. Anyways, I don't mean to ramble on. If you get a chance to help someone today, take it. It will do you good.

Lucky dog in awful conditions gets rescued

Here is another preview of what will be in our July 21/22 garage sale. This is a rare antique Emerson Kicker wild oat separator.

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Fund-raising garage sale coming up in July. Here's a teaser of items that will be included.

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Collecting vintage kitchen utensils is a passion shared by many. For those who collect round graters, you know how hard they are to find. I recently travelled Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York and came home with these beauties. They are available in my space at Centralia Square Antiques, Centralia, WA.

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Check out my great items at the Centralia Square Antique Mall in Centralia WA

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Just wanted to share some good news on this 4th of July weekend . Cadillac is a sweet boy who RMA donated funds to. With our donation and the generosity of other donors, Cadillac was saved and has now for his new furever home. Bravo!!! Here is the update I received.

"Cadillac was adopted today by two very caring men who fell in love with Cadillac and they hope to train him to be a service dog. They are moving to No. Calif. The volunteers who spoke with them were impressed and so it is with a big sigh of relief and a tear in my eye that I say thank you for caring and good luck to Cadillac. "

This video is about showing sweet pittie with other dogs

Stevie is the most recent recipient of a donation from RMA. Here is his story.

His story is that he was living under a building in South LA that housed a laundromat. He would stay by the hot water pipes to keep warm at night, but would not venture out. A woman would leave food and water for him, and this went on for a couple of months, but Stevie never came out. We found out about him from a woman on the same block, and went down to see if we could get him out. We could ...not. It was too difficult to crawl under the building. It was too small of an opening. I felt so bad for him because it was raining and cold. We exchanged information with the woman, and a couple of days later I got a call that her friend, who has many dogs, sent her son under the house and he managed to get the dog. A rescuer in the making!!!

When we went to pick him up, we were sad that to see that he was an older dog because it was obvious that he had cataracts. He was terrified, and in horrible condition with poop stuck all over him, full of fleas, and he was really thin. He was absolutely catatonic and did not move the entire time that night. We cleaned him up best we could that night, fed him and put him in a comfy crate, where he slept all night. The next morning, I picked him up and took him outside, looked him over and noticed that his teeth were shockingly white. When we got to the vet, it was confirmed that he is not the senior dog that we thought, he is still a pup. A little over a year old and basically blind with juvenile cataracts that were now well-formed. UGH!!!

We really want to help him. It's so heartbreaking to see him with all his puppy energy, trying to play and not able to see. He has sort of figured out how to maneuver around his foster's home by using his snout, and we are getting him a halo, but he wants to be held a lot because it makes him feel safe. We would love to give this little guy a normal life. He is so cute, really affectionate, and would be incredibly adoptable.

His vet evaluation at ACCESS, Eye Care for Animals, determined that his problem can be fixed and he can regain his full sight. They have classified it as juvenile cataracts that developed during his puppyhood, sometimes it's from malnutrition, but whatever the reason, he needs surgery. It is expensive, but we decided to try to raise the funds and if we cannot raise all of it, we will fix one eye. It would be better than no sight at all. The surgery for both eyes is $4,000-$4,700. The cost for one eye is about $2,800-$3,400. The pre-surgical costs are $850.

You can donate to Stevie on the Tails of the City Los Angeles website.

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Check out new items in my Rescue Me Anteeks booth in Issaquah (Gilman Gallery).

Thank you again for your support and your purchases as RMA was able to donate $1000 to Saving Great Animals at their fundraiser last week.

*Free pearl earrings with your purchase of $25 or more. Visit my antique booth located in row C space 84.

Dec 18, 2015 - Dec 19, 2015Tacoma Antique Center At Fife LLCTacoma, WA

I am woefully behind on updating you on RMAs recent donations. Here are the last two pups RMA has donated funds to helping them have a better life.

Harvee and Katie pictured below respectively.

Harvee, just 4 lbs, had a broken leg fixed incorrectly resulting in more surgeries.


Katie, only 6 months old, is a street rescue from South LA. She was lying on the sidewalk as people walked by. She was covered with feces and flies. You can see her before and after pics below.

Thank you to Tails of the City for rescuing these pups and giving them a second chance.

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Rings will be in my booth by the end of the week. 18k...14k...10k... Sterling silver.

Over the last year I have been collecting antique and vintage jewelry from the 1920s through the 1950s including names like Eisenberg. I invite you to Gilman Gallery take a look at these beauties.

My rescue of the day... A fantastic pile of purses by Coach Perlina Guess and Tignanello. Soon to be in my booth at Gilman Gallery.

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