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Patricia McFadden
· October 16, 2015
Everyone of the church community was so very inviting and welcoming of our family. Pastor Farron is very down to earth and gives a wonderful sermon!
Scott Davis
· July 4, 2015
Yes we have the power and victory spirit and truth peace and comfort knowledge wisdom understanding hope love faith obedient God called me to preach in different churches across the United States Plus... police departments preacher for cops across the US for more information please call 304 669 8127 thank you See More
Emily Ferguson
December 8, 2012
I have never attended a better church than Restoration Church of Christ. The people of this church are amazing people! I love this church family....come and join us!!
Faron Franklin
· December 12, 2013
If the world has beat you down this is the place to find a lift up. Allow these folks to give you a hand up and restore you....Restoration Church of Christ. I love my church family!
Twyla Miley
February 2, 2014
Restoration Church of Christ is the place to be Sunday at 11am. Come visit us you will not be disappointed!
Sharon Drudy
· May 5, 2016
A church home filled with a loving family :) Welcoming to all!
Joyce Wolford Clay
· January 18, 2014
I feel so blessed to have found Restoration Church. It reminds me so much of my home church in WV.
Kathy Albright
· December 28, 2016
This is my home away from home, If you are looking for a happy , healthy place to go and meet wonderful ,friendly down to earth people that will never look at what you ware or who you are this is you...r new home away from home . God has blessed us with a group of people that care about each other and we are all there for one reason to worship our Heavenly Father . Our children and grandchildren are our future they enjoy learning about Jesus through the teaching of our faith of God's word . COME VISIT THIS SUNDAY AT 11:00AM YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED . I LOVE MY CHURCH FAMILY See More
Robert Franklin
· May 16, 2016
The people are loving and careing and you don't feel like a stranger even the first time. God bless this church.
Debbie Beebe
· November 3, 2014
I feel blessed that I belong to this church. I love my church family.
Laura Gumbert Arthur Moore
· September 30, 2013
Love the people of restoration church.w are a moving forward church. hopeful for big plans!
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